Report: Burfict, Hosley failed drug tests at Combine


Well, it’s time for another memo from the Commissioner.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports and NFL Network reports that Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict and Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley failed drug tests at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

For Burfict, the news cements his dramatic fall from grace.  Though a failed drug test standing alone won’t necessarily get a guy stricken from draft boards, for Burfict it could be the thing that keeps him from getting drafted at all.  By anyone.  (Other than perhaps the Lions.)

Glazer reports that Hosley sent a letter to teams apologizing for the positive test.

Meanwhile, in the month since Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to our report regarding cornerback Morris Claiborne’s Wonderlic score with a memo reminding all teams of the confidentiality of pre-draft information, three additional breaches have occurred.

In each case, the reporter passing along the confidential information leaked by one or more NFL teams was employed by or affiliated with NFL Network.

94 responses to “Report: Burfict, Hosley failed drug tests at Combine

  1. Is there a grander failure than being promised millions just to behave for a few months, and then going out and acting like a complete moron? The only thing Burfict has left to check off the list is punching a clown at a birthday party.

  2. We will need to issue memo number 300 reminding teams about memo 1 to 299 about not releasing or discussing any issues that are covered in memo 1 to memo 299.

  3. Burfict wants to clear up some of the negative buzz surrounding him. While he did acknowledge being overweight, stupid, and a chronic drug user, he denies having raped and bludgeoned scouts sent to interview him. “There is no proof.”.

  4. How big an a$$ could you be? The combine isn’t a surprise. It’s scheduled. And if you fail a SCHEDULED urinalysis you are either dumb or dumber.

    I liked the stuff when I was younger, but now I have a good paying gig, a mortgage, a wife. How would I explain to my wife that we can’t pay our $1300 mortgage because I couldn’t stop smoking weed? How could I even form my mouth to say the words? So I quit. FOr the betterment of my career, my family and my house, I quit. I got 20 years ’til retirement and then I will put Rastas to shame, but until then I have more important things to do. This dude is an idiot, as well as anybody else that failed at the combine.

  5. I don’t even feel bad for burfict any more. Nfl isn’t for him. I just he stays or of legal trouble as well

  6. Has there ever been a greater pre-draft fall than Burfict? At the beginning of the college season he was pegged as a surefire 1st rounder.

    Now, he will be likely if he can get a job at McDonalds.

  7. Until there are strict controls for the information put in place and serious consequences for revealing the information there will be no change. I expect to know every draft pick before it is stated.

    Besides, all the teams know they failed, what harm is there in telling us?

  8. I was high on this guy for the Panthers for a long time, I’m glad all this has come out before the draft 😡

  9. Who’s dumber, these morons for jeopardizing their careers, or the morons who are going to say “Legalize it”?

  10. I typically could care less about positive drug tests, because what people put into their bodies is no concern of mine.

    But I absolutely would NOT draft a player who failed a test at the combine. Not because of the drugs, but because of how monumentally, catastrophically stupid someone has to be to fail a drug test they knew was coming for years, right down to the exact week of the exact month of the exact year that they would be taking it.

    You just can’t have kind of stupid in your locker room.

  11. “Meanwhile, in the month since Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to our report regarding cornerback Morris Claiborne’s Wonderlic score with a memo reminding all teams of the confidentiality of pre-draft information, three additional breaches have occurred.
    In each case, the reporter passing along the confidential information leaked by one or more NFL teams was employed by or affiliated with NFL Network.”


    Better get your house in order…

  12. If I were a GM I could get past a-lot of Burfict’s problems except for his results at the combine.
    That guy is very weak for an NFL player. He really struggled at the bench press and he has no body definition. He will get eaten alive in the NFL. He will sign as an undrafted FA and be out of the league in two seasons.

  13. Vontaze, Vontaze, Vontaze. I give up.

    Not much left to say anymore. Sort of the final nail in the pro football career coffin me thinks.

    But his name is still cool.

  14. The Lions will take him and they’ll have a wrecking crew on D. Marijuana issues are so annoying. Testing positive at the combine is pretty tough. You gotta be pretty dumb. Bring back the Whizzonator!

  15. Burfict will be a super late pick. Probably in the 7th round. I could see a team with a strong LB personality taking him. Like the Ravens (Ray Lewis) the Redskins (London Fletcher) or the Bears (Urlacher). Some team like that will take a late gamble on him.

  16. Somewhere a voice from above that sounds like Al Davis is telling Reggie “take him, take him, trade up, mortgage the future, i dont care just get him.”

  17. I think it actually lends the NFL Network a lot of credibility that they are reporting against the interests of Goodell and the league.

  18. Man, I was actually hoping that my team would take a flier on Burfict despite his poor combine numbers because of his on-field production. Not now.

    What a dummy

  19. So, let’s review. Burfict ran an OK 40 for a 330 lb offensive lineman, but wants to play LB, where players are generally a full half-second quicker over 40 yards. He bombed his interviews at the Combine. The tape shows an aggressive guy who can make big hits but seems to completely lack discipline. Now he’s tested positive, which pretty much confirms the lack of discipline.

    No team should be stupid enough to waste a draft pick on him. That said, I bet nearly every team will try to get him as a UDFA. I hope my team does. What is there to lose? If he’s as bad as the last few months suggest, you can cut him in August and spend next to nothing. If he turns out to live up to the potential he teased people with for a while, you could wind up with a productive contributor for next to nothing.

  20. Two words – Golden Seal

    Any athlete that knows he has a scheduled urine test and likes to spark one up on occaision should know these two words.

  21. It’s possible that no one will put Vontaze Burfict on a NFL Training Camp roster.

    Trust me, it has happened to well-known or successful college players!!! Google up Adarius Bowman and then you’ll know what truth I am bringing up!!!

  22. I used to feel bad for Burfict missing out on round 1 money and the potential to be set for life. But then I realized that this MORON would burn through that much cash in a matter of minutes, and he’d be flat broke soon anyway. Getting drafted would just have postponed the inevitable…a career of burger flipping and/or incarceration.

  23. Notice it is always the black players who get caught on the combine drug tests?

    How stupid can they be? I know they want to “keep it real” with their “homies” but damn, use your freakin’ head!

    These kids have agents, parents, and girlfriends that should be telling them to sit tight until after their NFL career is over. I have no sympathy for idiots like this. I hope they don’t get drafted at all.

  24. HAHAHAH… “other than perhaps the Lions” Hyuk, hyuk. That’s right, the Lions are the ONLY team in the league that’s had players arrested for drug use. Oh, man, your material is so fresh.

  25. Why do people care that it was leaked? I certainly don’t. The story is that these dummies failed a durg test leading up to the biggest day of their lives. I seem to recall the NFLPA having all kinds of leak issues during the lockout and D Smith was livid. Leaks aren’t an NFL problem… it’s a human weakness.

  26. “Yeah. I got the memo. And I understand the policy. And the problem is just that I forgot the one time. And I’ve already taken care of it so it’s not even really a problem anymore.”

  27. imagine that, another Mike “Vikings fan” Florio piece with a shot at the Lions…seriously just get over it Mikey

  28. All of your eggs are in one basket, you have no other sure future. Why in the world would you jeopardize it for weed? You couldn’t stop for a couple of weeks, knowing that a drug test was coming?

    Its their fault, no one else’s.

  29. I wish the Lions draft this guy, preferably in the second or third round. Waste a draft pick this guy will be out of the league in three years.

  30. Maybe there is something that I’m missing here, but I really don’t understand how can an athlete fail a drug test at the combine. You know a drug test is coming, so you have to be really dumb to smoke and risk failing. Or, I mean, are they really THAT addicted that they can’t stay away from their pot just for a couple of months so they’re clean when they’re tested?

  31. “This dude is a Tom Petty song… Free Falling!!!”

    I was thinking more along the lines of “The Price is Right” fail horn.

  32. No human being has a right to be this clueless. Next to chump in the dictionary is this guy’s picture. Those have to be the most expensive “hits” in history. How would you like to have this guy’s future?

  33. Last year, the Ravens drafted a guy with a fair amount of baggage and character questions in Jimmy Smith. Since then, there hasn’t been the slightest hint of any trouble from him, which means Ray Lewis and Ed Reed set the kid straight. But I don’t want the Ravens going anywhere near Burfict. He shows too much stubbornness and childish behavior, such that he clearly needs to grow up before being taken by any team at all, not the other way around.

    Having said that, I still have to stand in awe somewhat of how he’s fallen from a projected first round pick to someone who won’t even be taken at all this weekend.

  34. godofwine330 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 12:31 PM

    I got 20 years ’til retirement and then I will put Rastas to shame…
    Will you then change your screen name to “godofweed420”?


  35. joetoronto says:
    Apr 25, 2012 12:34 PM
    “Who’s dumber, these morons for jeopardizing their careers, or the morons who are going to say “Legalize it”?”

    How about the guy from Canada?

  36. Burfict’s fall is so thorough, it’s almost comical! I almost WANT the Texans to draft this guy in the seventh round now. Everybody watch: he’ll probably end up signing with a team as an undrafted free agent and just kill it. Ten straight years as an All-Pro MLB!

  37. bearsrulepackdrool says: Apr 25, 2012 12:34 PM

    He might as well go to the NFL Draft carrying a giant red flag.

    That is funny but he is from LA man, he might never make it out of LA running around with a red flag!

  38. Marijuana is stupid. Just in general. Why is your life so boring that you must turn to it, especially when you’re a highly touted pro prospect.

    When all is said and done, it’s your choice to smoke weed, and it’s my choice to not, but when you’re heading to THE BIGGEST JOB INTERVIEW OF YOUR LIFE you should probably hold off on it. Just a suggestion.

  39. jenniferxxx says: Apr 25, 2012 1:05 PM

    Goodbye NFL … hello Piggly Wiggly.

    First off jen what you know bout some east coast Piggly Wiggly, AKA Hoggly Woggly, AKA N!ggly Wiggly. LOL You from carolinas possibly?

    Second I dont think they have those in Arizona

  40. i’ll take him… i read an article that since the combine..he has taken a turn for the better.. after the combine and by the time he held his pro day, he reportedly quit all the bs (weed, partying), he lost 12 pounds and ran a 4.8 40-yard (down from a LB worst 5.1 at the combine… so it appears he is trying to turn a new leaf on his own.. in any event, he has first round talent…id take 6th/7th round flyer on him.. the chances of getting a guy like him with first round talent to turn his personality around is just as good if not better than the chances of getting any valuable return out of a some 7th round talent from new mexico state etc.

  41. People need to finally, FINALLY, get off this “all he needs is a strong locker room” thing.

    The reason players like Ray Lewis are so great is because they have motivation and discipline to pursue the goal. You can’t teach motivation. Besides, Burfict has had a coach, why would he now start to listen to anything?

    Not to mention the fact everyone says his tape is poor and he bombed the combine measurables. All he has are a few SportsCenter highlight hits. That is like taking a basketball player with a few highlight dunks.

    What more does anyone need to see to get the picture here?

  42. His on field production was afwul and had terrible combine numbers. Maurice Clarrett comes to mind.

  43. I can’t believe there is someone that is actually making the drafting of maurice clarett by denver look like a smart move? What a complete and total *ssclown burfict has turned into, but of course, this was not completed overnight. I’m certain his parents must be proud of his apparent success. Somebody please Q up al sharpton that he is being held down by the man.

  44. I posted a comment a few days ago defending Burfict as a possible late round pick who wasn’t that bad. I would like to now officially apologize to PFT nation. You guys were right and I was wrong, defense withdrawn. How do you fail a drug test scheduled months in advance? It’s like getting fired on your day off…

  45. someone wrote past performance predicts future behavior…well if we are talking on field performance only, he should still get taken in the 2nd/3rd round even with all this BS… between the lines, he is a dominant LB… if you take away 3 or 4 personal fouls and some bad press, he’s a mid-2nd round pick even with the bad combine…that being take a flyer on him in the 7th round

  46. So the league itself is breaking it’s own rules! Where have I seen that kind of corporate behavior before? Oh, yeah, Wall St. When you make the rules, you can’t be punished because you did it! The perfect “crime.”

  47. southpaw2k says:Apr 25, 2012 1:20 PM

    Last year, the Ravens drafted a guy with a fair amount of baggage and character questions in Jimmy Smith.

    If Smith had run a 4.75 40 as a CB, do you think Baltimore would have gone anywhere near him?

    In Burfict’s case, it’s not just the baggage and the head-casery, although that has grown to alarming proportions. He’s also put up miserable athletic numbers compared to the vast majority of people who wish to play his position. The dude ran a 5.09 40, which is a full .56 seconds slower than Luke Keuchly, who will be a first-round pick. Teams can make a big deal between one CB who runs 4.40 and another who runs 4.55…how big a deal of it is to be the absolute slowest guy who tested at your position, a full half-second or more behind the top prospect?

  48. clearly he is a young dumb kid..he has cost himself a huge opportunity $-wise… i’m sure at least 5 or 6 nfl are looking at his screw up as their opportunity to get a 2nd round talent for a 7th round pick..the team who takes him with a 7th rounder can use a few % of millions they saved not having taken him in the 2nd round to hire someone to keep an eye on him/be an advisor…i saw a picture of where he grew up and what his mother’s situation is..not t judge a book by its covers, but it doesnt appear as though he has had much guidance…who knows..a little direction/perspective could turn him back into the form he was 12 months ago

  49. keep in mind he ran a 4.8 3.5 weeks later at arizona state pro-day…the media never mentions that not saying he should be taken in the 1st round, but there is no way he goes undrafted with his college resume

  50. I think Burfict can turn it around. If he gets mentored by great players like Ray Lewis or London Fletcher the kid can end up being crazy good. It’s just a matter of setting priorities. Talent is there. It’s easy to judge these kids, yet noone knows if there was ever a father figure in their lives… Not everyone grows up in functional homes with structure. Discipline begins at home…

  51. some perspective on his measurable…upshaw who will go top 20 did not run a cobine 40 and benched 225 20 times. upshaw then ran a 4.72 40 at a pro day…burfict did have a bad combine with a 5.08 and 18 reps but followed up with a 4.8 pro day 40 yd dash…so if you look at each players pro day 40 and combine reps…upshaw is 472/20 reps and burfict is 4.8 and 16 reps….so .08 seconds and 4 reps is the difference between 1st round and undrfted?? i dont think so… there is plenty of guys who succeed after having “attitudes problems” at the age of 21…burfict will go late in the draft and i like his chances of succeeding based on his on field performance (i watch allot of pac-12 ball)

  52. on the down side for Burfict, i am 29 years old, not in the best shape of my life, and never was professional level athletic prospect and i benched 225 14 times yesterday and im 6’0 240…its pretty pathetic that at 6’1, 245, 22 years old, a professional athlete prospect, and at a time when he should be in best shape of his life, he’d only beat me by 2 reps..ill get back to you all with the results of my 40 haha

  53. $10 says he gets arrested for armed robbery in the next 30 days, followed by rape, arson, and manslaughter after he gets to prison.

    Hey V, meet Paul Crew.

    Mean Machine! Mean Machine!

  54. latchbeam says:
    Apr 25, 2012 12:45 PM
    This dude is a Tom Petty song… Free Falling!!!


    Last Dance with Mary Jane is also appropriate.

  55. Hosely went downhill with VA Tech last year~~guess it was because he was playing at a higher level than the other guys……What did he do–send a block printed letter saying “I’s sorry I got caught with Mary Jane”. Having said all that, the Vikings will draft him to pair up with Simpson.

  56. In each case, the reporter passing along the confidential information leaked by one or more NFL teams was employed by or affiliated with NFL Network.

    Wait. What?

    So the NFL’S violating its own privacy policy.
    Way to go, Commissioner. You’re a clown. And your a clown BRFORE you outlaw kickoffs.

  57. my colts will make im mr illrelevant this year, last pick of the draft, take a chance on him, if he pans out, its all good, if not hey its only a 7th rounder last pick of the draft, most 7th rounders dont make nfl rosters anyways

  58. ASU alum/booster. All u can do is laugh. SO glad this kid left school early. Our program is better without him. Never understood the hype. He flat wasn’t very good. Some bozos still want their team to draft him. Understand this: forgetting the drugs, poor combine performance, poor discipline and everything else . . . he stunk it up on the field. Slow, didn’t make plays . . . His freefall began ON THE FIELD when he fell from pre-season ALL-AMERICAN to Pac-12 CONFERENCE HONORABLE MENTION. He will be more irrelevant than Mr. Irrelevant in this year’s draft. He stinks. Get over him.

  59. You just couldn’t resist throwing in a little dig at the Lions could you Mike?
    Well, I guarantee you we won’t be drafting him so gfy.

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