Seahawks not planning to move Kam Chancellor from safety

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Earlier this month, we brought you a report that the Seahawks were contemplating taking Alabama safety Mark Barron with the 12th pick in the draft and then moving Kam Chancellor to outside linebacker.

While Barron is a talented safety, it seemed like an odd choice of things to do with a safety who made the Pro Bowl in his second NFL season. Seahawks General Manager John Schneider agrees with that school of thought.

“We usually try not to move Pro Bowl players to different positions,” Schneider said, via Eric Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune.

The Seahawks could find themselves in an enviable position if they want to trade down from the 12th pick and Barron is on the board. Much speculation has focused on the Cowboys at 14 as a landing spot for the draft’s top safety, so a team looking to swoop in could grab him and provide Seattle with more picks to use to stock their roster.

Seattle has bigger needs to fill on their team than adding to one of the strongest positions on the roster.

14 responses to “Seahawks not planning to move Kam Chancellor from safety

  1. This was such an asinine report in the first place. Chancellor was one of the best safeties in the league last year, and Earl Thomas is the next Ed Reed. No reason to look at safety when they can’t rush the passer or protect the QB.

  2. The Seahawks shouldn’t mess with that secondary filled with 3 Pro-Bowl playmakers . Draft Kuechly/best available pass rusher.

    Seahawks are an underrated team going into this season (with Flynn at QB).

  3. Alternate headline: “The Smoke We Were Blowing in Seattle 20 Days Ago, Seems To Have Dissipated…”

    C’mon man! Use some common sense when you research this stuff!

  4. Seahawks should take the best pass rushing DE available after they trade down and get extra pick. If they don’t trade down, take the best DE available or Kuechly……..Can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

  5. Of course, this leaves open the possibility that Seattle may elect to draft Barron and go with a 4-2-5 defensive look that’s unlike anything ever seen before.

    Not likely, I’ll admit, but with the prevailing trend towards pass-happy teams winning Super Bowls, and the growing importance of tight ends, someday, some defense is going to try a radically different approach to stopping the air assault.

  6. Here is what they need to do..

    1. offer the New York Giants a 2013 3rd rounder for Osi Umenyora.
    2. draft either Kuechly or Decastro (whichever is available) with the 12th pick..
    3. find another STEAL at linebacker in the later rounds again!!(see K.J. Wright)
    4. use the later rounds to find another reciever/tight end…

    The Seahawks are set to SHOCK tons of people the next several years with a GROSSLY UNDERATED MATT FLYNN!!!

  7. This guy hits like a Mack truck. But still, why mess with success? The Seahawks have a set of safeties that 31 teams wish they had.

  8. Thank God! That was one of the dumbest reports I’ve read in ages. Of course another famous “it’s been reported that…” piece when first reported.

  9. Just think how many more turnovers our Corners and Safeties will produce with a legitimate pass rusher chasing down the QB forcing him into bad throws! With that said, I’m still hoping we get David DeCastro.

  10. Seattle will be somewhat competitive, but poor results at the OL (bad luck and/or bad scouting) will keep this team from being better.

    They are very close to building a very good defense. The re-signing of Red Bryant was a very underrated move, both safeties have panned out nicely, and Brandon Browner has thrived in Pete Carroll’s system.

    I don’t think that Kuechly will be there at the 12 spot, so they should draft the best pure pass rusher available.

  11. Seattles defenseive backs are some of the best/strongest in the NFL shouldnt be concerened or worry about that in the draft. DE, LB, or depth in the O line needs to be the focus

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