Team needs: New Orleans Saints

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Their first-round pick is gone in last year’s trade to acquire Mark Ingram. Their second-round pick is gone as punishment for the bounty scandal. The Saints don’t pick until No. 89 overall, and they’ll need to make the right calls long after the elite players are off the board to fill their draft needs.

Defensive line: The Saints’ great offense last year saw them win a lot of shootouts, covering up the problems on defense. But the problems were real, and the Saints need to get better at rushing the passer with the front four, and at stopping the run. A third-round defensive lineman is a strong possibility for the Saints, and they’d probably like to use two picks on the defensive line. This need will become even more severe if defensive end Will Smith is suspended for his role in the team’s bounty scandal.

Cornerback: Jabari Greer’s new contract means the Saints have their best cornerback locked up for three more years, but the departures of Tracy Porter and Leigh Torrence in free agency mean cornerback is still a position where the Saints need some depth. A middle-round cornerback who can contribute on both defense and special teams would be ideal for New Orleans.

Wide receiver: The Saints have so many weapons in the passing game — Marques Colston, Lance Moore and Devery Henderson at receiver, Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas at running back, Jimmy Graham at tight end — that receiver might not seem like a need at all. But the Saints’ passing game relies so heavily on having so many targets available for Drew Brees that they’d like to bring in another receiver to fill the void left by Robert Meachem, who averaged 15.5 yards a catch and scored six touchdowns last season.

The Saints’ needs could change at any moment with an announcement of lengthy suspensions for defensive starters, and the Saints’ greatest needs — getting Drew Brees under contract and getting the coaching staff going without Sean Payton — can’t be addressed in the draft. After so much bad news for the Saints this offseason, however, they’ll take any good players they can get in the draft.

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  1. We are in major need of cornerbacks.That should be the only focus in the draft.Even with all the new addition of linebackers and depth,that wont mean anything if we dont have good cornerbacks.We are 30th in passing defense and as far as for will smith,we have cameron Jordan who would be ready to take his spot when and if needed to be and for wide receivers we have Adrian Arrington and Joe Morgan who will be competing for Robert Meachems spot.There always next years draft for those positions but cornerback is first priority or the saints are in trouble.We need more depth.

  2. What the Saints need to do is change its name to the NEW ORLEANS SINNERS!

    Their new helmet logo should be of a CRYING JIMMY SWAGGART with the words, “I HAVE SINNED!” written on it! It’s appropriate considering Swaggart was “sinning” 24 years ago with a NEW ORLEANS PROSTITUTE! She must have been BIG and EASY!

  3. I doubt anything the Saints do anything in this draft to overcome the difficulties of this offseason and its not over yet. Still facing player suspensions and now the growing suspicion that they were cheating at the front office level will keep a negative light on the organization for some time.

  4. Ethics … they need to draft some ethics. Both starters and depth. Don’t select any denial … they’re very deep in that. Same with apologists … they’re all set there.

  5. Wow!! Very insightful you are!
    Now go and hump a dolphin or something!
    Who Dat, We Dat! Bc we know you ain’t Dat !!!

  6. dolfan72, so the saints are responsible for jimmys downfall too? You should get a job at ESPN along with the other clowns.

    I love all the hate that everyone brings, just brings the team and the fans that much closer. Saints fans and players have a special bond that no other city has. They will pick themselves up and be right back in it just like every other year. This organization has been through hell and back since its been in the league. Some of it is caused by mistakes its made and some not but one thing that will stand forever is ONCE A SAINTS FAN ALWAYS A SAINTS FAN!

    So to the haters , Drew Brees will get signed , the saints players will be suspended , Loomis didnt wire tap, Goodell is not welcome in New Orleans (or anywhere really), Steve Smith will always be a punk and the fans will still be in the stands this season. Its going to be funny to watch all the other teams making excuses when we play them this year.

  7. DCBlueStar says:
    Apr 25, 2012 7:30 AM
    SAINTS TEAM NEEDS: A new NFL Commisioner, a time machine and a prayer.


    Last time I checked Tony Romo was your QB, I think it’s your team who needs a prayer.

  8. dolfan72 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 7:41 AM
    What the Saints need to do is change its name to the NEW ORLEANS SINNERS!

    Their new helmet logo should be of a CRYING JIMMY SWAGGART with the words, “I HAVE SINNED!” written on it! It’s appropriate considering Swaggart was “sinning” 24 years ago with a NEW ORLEANS PROSTITUTE! She must have been BIG and EASY!

    I’d say U need to worry about your own team fin fan. When was the last time your team did anything??? Ask J lo or Jimmy Buffet to run your draft for ya since your current regime can’t. Another idiot spewing ignorance on this site hiding behind a computer screen. What a waste.

  9. The Saints need everything that has happened in the last few months to be a bad dream and to re-sign Drew Brees ASAP. Otherwise, they could resort to becoming the Aints again.

  10. How about you change your name to dolfan72douche? It’s appropriate since you’re a douche.

  11. The saints will be fine everything is coming out of the woodworks to stop the saints but they still look strong to make a superbowl run ya dig!!!!!

  12. Hey, Dolphan… Why don’t you worry about your own crappy little team. If anyone’s overdue for a logo change, its Miami. A smiling dolphin with a football helmet? Really?

    Now, lets move on…

    They need a defensive end first and foremost. With or without Smith, we need some new blood. I believe the Saints have 5 lower round picks. At least 4 should be defense.

    Porter, though not a game changer since 2009, will be missed. His drop-off the last couple of years is easy to replace. Leigh Torrence = warm body. Losing him doesn’t make us desperate at the position.

    Under Sean Payton, this team has thrived on lower round picks, FAs & rookie FAs. The scouting team has been nothing less than brilliant. They are going to have to be on their game this year. Last I checked, they’re not suspended.

    With Spags and an influx of new talent, I truly don’t expect a drop-off. If anything, I expect more.

    I expect 80% of the posts here to be snyde drivel about how our needs are: We need to stop the bounty program, we need to move the team, or how we need to change our name/logo. Some of it will be funny. Most of it will be hateful and/or just plain stupid.

    Now that that’s out of the way, morons, the floor is yours.

  13. Seriously though…dolphins fans along with cowboys fans have no place on this board. You guys are like the fat girls who laugh when the hot ones when they slip up. Who dat!

  14. I agree with the comment about drafting cornerbacks. Especially to replace Patrick Robinson who continues to get beat every play it seems. Also need to replace Roman Harper soon. He’s a hard hitter but terrible in man coverage. Also he’s beginning to get old and can’t play to the ability that he used to be able to

  15. philwauke says:
    Apr 25, 2012 8:33 AM
    How about you change your name to dolfan72douche? It’s appropriate since you’re a douche.
    Wait – can you explain that again?

  16. Everyone lay off dolfan72. If you were a fan of that joke of a franchise, you too would rejoice in the heartaches of another fan base being crushed by the deeds of the its own franchise, with no fault of the fan base itself. Little people such as dolfan72 belong exactly where their team is: irrelevancy

  17. @jenniferxxx – You have way too much free time on your hands. Seriously, do you just stay glued to PFT, hitting the refresh button, hoping for another Saints article for which to offer your tired, overplayed and incredibly unoriginal comments?

    Your draft Needs:

    Round 1 – A life
    Round 2 – A hobby or perhaps a cat
    Round 3 – A sense of originality

    Lucky for you, there will be many more Saints articles in the coming weeks that you can use to to hone you craft. Good luck.

  18. DCBlueStar says: SAINTS TEAM NEEDS: A new NFL Commissioner, a time machine and a prayer.


    No one was more pleased than Goodell to see what I think will be a false wiretapping story push Bountygate to the backburner for a time.

    It is Goodell’s own gambling-centered injury reporting policy that made – and continue to make – Bountygate possible.

    At some point some intrepid lawyer may turn his sights on Goodell himself.

  19. jenniferxxx says:
    Apr 25, 2012 8:08 AM
    Ethics … they need to draft some ethics. Both starters and depth. Don’t select any denial … they’re very deep in that. Same with apologists … they’re all set there.


    Is there any team you actually root for? Every single post you put up is some kind of lame joke trying to rip a team. There is no rhyme or reason its EVERY TEAM. Do you even watch football?

  20. Team Needs: A swift kick in the arse for not having Drew Brees signed yet.
    Take care of the one man who can lead you out of another disaster again.

    Forget this whole intergity judgement everyone is passing around, the only mistake the Saints made is getting caught doing what all teams are doing.

  21. It’s amazing the deniability these Saints fans have by their giving “thumbs down” to every Bountygate/Wiretapgate reference.

    Your DC is ON TAPE telling players to target specific areas on specific players.

    Your team not only CHEATED, they LIED about cheating, and they have shaken the very core of what athleticism is: “Beat the Other Guy”, not “Maim the Other Guy”, or “Steal the Other Guy’s Information”

    Now the integrity of your GM is rightfully being questioned, and you all want everyone to just get on with football?


    Your championship is tainted, way more than what posters here felt about the Patriots.

    Deal with it.

  22. A coach, interim coach, interim interim coach, gm, owner, owners grandaughter, spy devices, integrity, morals, qb (contract), rb(concussion), levees, english lessons and humble pie. Anything else?

  23. dolfan72
    tell on what peak of a draft-2013 your team to aim? the first or the second? because on bigger you don’t count

  24. Lovin seeing my Saints Bretheren standing up and staying strong! We just need a CB or two, and the season to start. WHO DAT

    And a head coach.

    And a linebackers coach.

    And a GM.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot – a quarterback that’s signed.

    P.S. – Maybe you can get some CBs by trading some of your victim mentality. You have way more than you can possibly use.

  25. @4thqtrsaint

    Your coaches and disgruntled QB prove my point every time they open their mouths to the media. Grow a set and take it like a man…..maybe then you’ll get some respect.

  26. WOW you guys are so unoriginal and creative. I must have seen about 10 of you posting “They need to draft integrity” “They need to draft ethics”
    “a coach”
    “a GM”

    Seriously guys (and girl, jenniferxxx, if the surgery was deemed successful) try harder.

    When the Saints dominate your team this season like a pit bull dominates a shi-tzu come back with some more bounty jokes, then they’ll really be funny 🙂

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