2012 final mock draft


1. Colts: Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

2. Redskins: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor.

3. Vikings: Morris Claiborne, cornerback, LSU.

4. Browns: Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama.

5. Buccaneers: Stephon Gilmore, cornerback, South Carolina.

6. Rams: Matt Kalil, offensive tackle, USC.

7. Jaguars: Justin Blackmon, receiver, Oklahoma State.

8. Dolphins: Melvin Ingram, defensive end, South Carolina.

9. Panthers: Fletcher Cox, defensive tackle, Mississippi State.

10. Chargers (Projected Trade): Mark Barron, safety, Alabama.

11. Chiefs: Dont’a Hightower, linebacker, Alabama.

12. Seahawks: Ryan Tannehill, quarterback, Texas A&M.

13. Cardinals: Riley Reiff, offensive tackle, Iowa.

14. Cowboys: Michael Brockers, defensive tackle, LSU.

15. Eagles: Chandler Jones, defensive end, Syracuse.

16. Jets: David DeCastro, guard, Stanford.

17. Bengals: Luke Kuechly, linebacker, Boston College.

18. Bills (Projected Trade): Michael Floyd, receiver, Notre Dame.

19. Bears: Whitney Mercilus, defensive end, Illinois.

20. Titans: Dre Kirkpatrick, cornerback, Alabama.

21. Bengals: Courtney Upshaw, defensive end, Alabama.

22. Browns: Kendall Wright, receiver, Baylor.

23. Lions: Cordy Glenn, guard, Georgia.

24. Steelers: Dontari Poe, defensive tackle, Memphis.

25. Broncos: Doug Martin, running back, Boise State.

26. Texans: Rueben Randle, receiver, LSU.

27. Patriots: Shea McClellin, linebacker, Boise State.

28. Packers: Peter Konz, guard, Wisconsin.

29. Ravens: Stephen Hill, receiver, Georgia Tech.

30. 49ers: Bruce Irvin, linebacker, West Virginia.

31. Patriots: Brandon Boykin, cornerback, Georgia.

32. Giants: Quinton Coples, defensive end, North Carolina.

67 responses to “2012 final mock draft

  1. A mock draft that does not have Tannehill going at 8 to Miami? Didnt you right multiple articles stating Stephen Ross’ man cruch on the QB?

  2. yeaa again coples is not dropping anywhere near the 32nd pick and there’s no way the bucs take gilmore with the 5 pick that’s way too much of a reach and i don’t think the rams pass on blackmon because they need a good target for bradford…other than that though the mock looks pretty good

  3. Hope you’re wrong about the Bears taking Mercilus. He will not pan out. Book it.

  4. In a little bit none of these mocks will matter any more. One surprise team will draft up and this all will change

  5. Richardson and Wright for the Browns? Too good to be true. But man, if that happens, im sure Browns fans will be happy. And Colt might have some talent to win some games

  6. With the Number one pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Colts trade the number one pick to the Denver Bronco’s for QB Peyton Manning!

  7. Seriously Bruce Irvin for the Niners at 30? I think not! How bout Fleener if everything happened the way you projected, but my feeling is Kirkpatrick falls to the Niners and he is there man!

  8. RADRNTN NFL DRAFT 2012 (in order if on Board)
    3rd Rd- pick # 95
    FS – Iloka / Boise State
    TE – Orson Charles – Georgia
    CB- Ron Brooks- LSU
    WR – Eric Page- Toledo
    4th Rd- pick # 129
    Bobby Wagner – LB- Utah State
    Hicks – DT – Canada
    Rober Turbin – Utah State- RB
    WR – Brian Quick- Appalachian St
    5th rd pick -#148
    James Hannah – TE Oaklahoma
    OT – Tom Compton –South Dakota
    G- Joe Looney –wake forest

    5th rd pick -#168
    OC – Blake – Baylor
    S – Justin Bethel – Presbytirian
    LB – Travis Lewis – Oaklahoma
    LB- Tank Carder –TCU
    WR -Junior Hemingway – Michigan
    6th rd pick -#189
    S – Jazen Jackson –McNeese St
    ILB- Shawn Loiseau -Merrimeck
    G- Ryan Miller – Colorado
    QB- Kellen Moore – Boise St.
    ( trade for 7th) – Jeff Demps – Florida,
    Guys to sign who go undrafted.-Terrance Gannaway RB Baylor, Matt McCants UAB OT, William Vlachos C Alabama, CB’s Mike Harris Fl State, and JJ Jones Wayne State

  9. Bruce Irvin to the Niners????

    Irvin sucks as a run around the tackle with no pass rush moves undersized defensive end. At best he was rated as 3rd round talent and I wouldn’t pick him. Everette Brown and Quinton Groves all over again.

  10. Giants taking Coples at 32?? You guys should stick to something your good at… Isn’t there any breaking news coming across the wire about someone getting booed when they were shown on the jumbo-tron at a sporting event?

  11. Was sure hoping the bengals pulled decastro…our o-line needs help. Its nice to not have any die hard, glaring need….I wouldn’t mind a new corner. Jenkins at 22 would be nice.

  12. 15. Eagles: Chandler Jones, defensive end, Syracuse.

    —-Yeah, because we need another damn DE. I will OFF MYSELF if we do this. Trade up and get Cox, Brockers or Barron. I implore you, Fat Andy.

  13. I just hope I live to see the day where the Bengals select Jamarcus Russell III in the 2050 draft.

  14. Today will be a wonderful day. Another superior human that has Steeler blood linking to our glorious ancestors will be drafting into our ranks where we will hone his skills into that of a pure Steeler. Whoa. We already know who we will draft. The physics of this world bend to us. These men will join us to defeat our enemies on and off the field.

    The Nation, now more than ever, is threatened politically. The league has been fully infiltrated by our ancient rival. The same rival that infiltrated the Nation itself during our birth. The same rival that keeps us from winning every game. We lose sometimes to give people a sense of hope, we lose sometimes because of sabotage. We applaud their efforts.

    They don’t understand that they are mere mortals and that they cannot alter the inevitable. These will be the last Steelers drafted into our ranks in the league know as the NFL. We will win this next Super Bowl despite certain arrangements in place by our enemies. We will leave and start our own league.

    A superior race, once one Nation, broken into eight. Reclaiming the game we created, we again set the standard, and the NFL gets on one knee and cries. We celebrate our endless success with a royal wave to our inferiors from afar.

  15. It looks like the fellow on the left side of the picture altered the logo on his shirt to read “Play 80”, to gain competitive advantage. Short man syndrome.

  16. Can’t see GB taking Konz.

    1. TT feels that he has a possible center if needed already on staff in Evan Dietrich Smith

    2. Ted’s never drafted a Wisconsin lineman (before someone fires off – Tauscher was drafted in 2000, TT came on 2005)

    3. Ted’s a BPA guy, I believe there will be defensive help available that will rate out ahead of Konz.

    4. 12 picks and not a ton of holes, Ted could bundle and trade up to get someone they REALLY want for the D and fill up later on guys. Center isn’t a place I see Ted using a first rounder on – he’s lived on finding value in late rounds and C is a place he’ll feel comfort looking at late.

    Having said all that – I fully expect Ted to make me a liar.

  17. You really think the Packers will take a gurad(who actually is a center) over coples or someone else to help the pass rush. That is priority number 1!

  18. As a Jaguar fan, this one has my approval. Here’s to hoping Blackmon isn’t another Michael Crabtree or in the Jags case, Reggie Williams!

  19. I do NOT want the Eagles to stay at 15 and draft Chandler Jones, I want them to be the ones trading with Buffalo to grab Barron… the secondary got TORCHED last year, so in my opinion drafting a D-lineman is pointless…

  20. Please Browns, do not trade back into the first round to use a pick on Weeden (4th best QB). Pick RB, WR and TE if you get 3 first round picks.

  21. I like the pick. The eagles will take Harrison smith in the 2nd. and fellow eagles fans need to stop posting stupid comments, we have a legit secondary coach now.

  22. So the 49er’s are “drafting” a LB? That makes sense to draft somebody in the first round who won’t see the field for a couple of years. The last time i checked LB is NOT a position of need on a team that has the best LB core in the league! Harbaugh and Baalke both said that they are drafting who can step in and make an immediate impact. Lets rethink that #30 pick.

  23. The Seahawks are not taking Tannehill. I would not be surprised, however, if they didn’t pick up a Wilson or Moore or Foles later in the draft.

    Their first pick will be used for a front 7 player, or David DeCastro, if he’s available.

  24. Ever time you try to mock, you just muck it up even more!! Thank god the draft is almost ready to start!

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