Brandon Weeden lands in Cleveland


The Browns have said time and time again that they believe in Colt McCoy.

They may have been laying it on a little bit too thick. With their second first round pick of the night, 22nd overall, the Browns picked Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden and started the clock on a quarterback competition in Cleveland. Weeden’s arm is very strong and there’s not much question about his ability to make the throws he’ll need to make in the NFL.

The biggest question about Weeden is his age. He’s 28, only coming to play football after washing out as a minor league baseball player. Some teams were put off by spending a high pick on a player six years further along than his peers. The Browns think that Weeden will be worth the gamble. There was a thought that they could wait until the 37th pick to draft Weeden, but that gamble obviously wasn’t too their liking.

With Trent Richardson joining the team earlier, the Browns could well have drafted the key members of their starting backfield with two first round picks. A new day is dawning in Cleveland.

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  1. I actually like this pick. I’m sure I’m in the minority but if he’s still playing in his late thirties, then he’ll still being doing better than most.

  2. You gotta love Colt McCoy as a person, but it’s obvious he doesn’t have the arm to be a successful NFL QB. The Browns obviously came to that conclusion. Not sure if Weeden is the answer, but he has the arm and it’s worth giving him a try.

  3. Okay, he just got booed by Cleveland fans. Do we hear about this for his entire career? Will he hold a grudge against those “classless” fans?

  4. Cleveland is not a risk taker. They traded up one spot because they couldn’t wait to get Richardson. Then they draft Weeden when there is not a team in the league in need of a quarterback right now. Who was going to take Weeden? The Saints? Absolutely stupid

  5. stupid, stupid pick. too many other needs to fill other than QB. who’s he gonna throw the ball to? richardson up the middle, swing pass to richardson. factory of sadness continues

  6. With the possible reach here, the Browns better hope Weeden’s career resembles Kurt Warner’s or Roger Staubach’s more than Chris Weinke’s.

  7. BIG mistake. He won’t do any better than Colt without some more offensive help. Ownership, management and coaches there obviously don’t have a clue what the problem has been.

  8. This is why the Browns are the laughing stock of the NFL. This is why people from Cleveland are mocked and ridiculed everywhere we go. As long as he is on this team the Browns will be terrible. I am embarrassed to say i’m Browns fan and I will no longer defend this inept front office until Weeden is gone. Mark my words this time next season the Browns NEW coach/GM will draft the new franchise QB early in the draft and Weeden will be seen for what he is a waste of a first round pick and someone who does not deserve to start in the NFL.

  9. I’m currently working with Judd Apatow on the screenplay of “The 28 Year Old Rookie”

    With him landing in Cleveland this sucker will just about write itself!

  10. Yes, the Browns just drafted a 28 (29 when the season starts) year old qb in the first round. Best case scenario he starts at qb for 6-8 years. I understand the concerns, but listen…The last 6 qbs to win superbowls were E. Manning, P Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Brady and Rapelisberger. What separates them from the B group qbs in the NFL? Elite arms. Each one of them is capable of making downfield passes consistently, and in the 4th quarter. Weeden can make those passes consistently, but can he make them in the 4th when the Brownies are down and it matters? Maybe. We’ll get to see. But at least he can make them to begin with, McCoy can’t. I think McCoy is a great guy and teammate, but the last “game manager” to win a Superbowl was Trent Dilfer, and we all know how that turned out for C-town….Go Brownies

  11. Heckert and Holmgren are all in on this one. I believe they are giving up on McCoy too early. Fans will run them out of town if Weeden fails.

  12. Heckert, Shurmer and Holmgren have taken a QB when a WR or OL was clearly the first round need. OK, done and done. But they have set themselves up for a come to Jesus moment when the season starts in September. If this is not the smartest plan, they will lose all credibility with the fans.

    Wait, news flash from Cleveland…The Terminal Tower has just burst into flames and pitchforks can be seen in the glow.

    Let’s ee what happens tonight, tomorrow and when they start the season.

  13. Great pick for the Browns. They have either drafted their future starting QB or if not, at least a guy who will push McCoy to greater success. Win/win in my opinion.

  14. When I first heard the pick I was furious as I wanted Stephen Hill or Riley Reiff. I wasn’t upset because I don’t like Weeden (I think he’ll be a solid pro) but only wish we would have waited until the second round. If we can get Hill in the second round I’ll be happy.

  15. Not sure if this was the right pick but you will not know until the season starts or even another year or so….i would normally say a few seasons but since he is already a few years older then most i dont want to get too gutsy with this analysis…who knows he may be the first player to be a rookie and retire all in the same year

  16. Well, Stephen Hill is still available for 2nd round tomorrow…if my Brownies can land him, I’d rate this draft an A on those three picks alone. Assuming, of course, we land Hill…

  17. I look at the teams drafting behind Cleveland, and I don’t see anyone taking a QB…could have got him in the 2nd rd…unless the Lions, Pats, Giants, or Packers were going to draft him.

  18. Just makes no sense. Feel bad for Browns fans, but why not take Hill here, and pick Weeden at 37? There were no teams between the two spots that would have taken Weeden. Though the way it looks now maybe Hill slides. Good luck.

  19. Weeden would have been there in the fourth round im sure he is nice but enough already cant just keep starting over. If the front office had any class they would apologize tomorrow all fans and resign tomorrow. Be men and admit you have no idea what you are doing. You drafted Richardson you gave up way to much but ok you are all in this year so help McCoy you drafted him. In fact if I remember Holmgren forced that pick he knows what he is doing right. I believe Colt did all he was asked to do was the good soldier and was never given anything to succeed. Be a man Holmgren admit you are lost and dont have a clue and move back to Seattle.

  20. Jax had worked a deal to trade up with Houston for weeden… Gabbert is worse than McCoy. Browns got wind an pulled the triggger – perfect move as hill or Martin will both be at 37. Remarkable how well Heckert maneuvers… Brilliant really

  21. I love Colt but he’s done a lot of struggling, even with Texas he struggled. The kid gas heart, lots of it. Maybe Weeden pushes him, helps him, provides a solid back up. Give them a chance. There will be plenty of picks and walk ons to find receivers. Get those lines shored up, some defines and get some nuts on those guys. They’re supposed to be pros. Make the coaches turn all of them into MEN or get rid of them. Think victors instead of victims. GET PLAIN DAM DOWN RIGHT MAD. MAD DOG MAG MAD. JOSEY WALES MAD IT IN THE HEART AS MUCH AS IT’S IN THE TALENT. COWBOY UP BROWNIES. ITS TIME. Steelers have dominated you for over 30 years. PUT AN END TO IT DAM IT

  22. jluns275 McCoy was a 3rd rounder, not a second, so the reach wasn’t as far as you think.

    shovelface55, I agree that Weeden has a cannon arm that McCoy doesn’t, but who is he going to pass the ball to? H&H messed this pick up, if Jacksonville wanted him, let them have him. Cleveland needs weapons to score with. Lest we forget that McCoy was thrown to the wolves his rookie year, and he came out of that alright (beat New England, and New Orleans, would have beat the Jets with their stellar D, if Chansi Stuckey wouldn’t have fumbled, and had a decent game against the Steelers, it was his first start!) Last year he had no chance. Steinbach going down forced Cleveland to play A. Rooke Jason Pinkston, who is going to make mistakes, and Shawn Luavo, who was on his back more times than I could count and B. Attempt to start with bum legged Pashos/Artis Hicks. C. we led the league in dropped passes D. Hillis decides to be a diva, Hardesty tore his calf, and we were forced to start a practice squad RB from Houston for almost half the season. Saying that our QB play was the reason the offense struggled suggests that A. you don’t really understand the game of football, or B. you get all your information from Trent Dilfer and Adam Schefter. If you want to know the real reason the offense struggled (and I’m being nice about saying struggled and not terrible) blame Mo Massoquoi, Evan Moore, and Greg Little for dropping passes in the endzone, and Shurmur not knowing how to control the clock from wiping his ass. It’s a little hard to complete passes and win games when your lying on your back almost every play, running for your life, or watching your recievers lead the league in dropped passes.

    Cleveland should have taken Jonathan Martin, or Stephen Hill, or I’ll even say it, draft Weeden, man up with your 9 other picks, and trade back into the 1st and taken one of the above mentioned like Minnesota and Tampa Bay had the balls to do.

  23. my fellow browns fans stop being so negative WEEDAN CAN PLAY HE HAS A BETTER ARM THE McCoy simple put all wee need are some WRs and RT and more db’s

  24. I am beyond pissed at this pick!!! makes NO sense.he cannot block,catch or play LB.the Browns screwed up big time.the reward does not outwgh the risk in this instance.we still need a ton of players to get better and by the time we get better (if we do) Weeden will be 31 or 32.we need o-lineman and wr to bad to draft him.he is just going to be running for his life like colt and throwing to wr who cannot catch the ball.I have had faith in H & H all the way until this pic..I am. just about done

  25. Couldn’t possibly have made a worst pick. There are only 5 players on their roster younger than him. 1 is a kicker 1 is a punter. Terrible teams find ways to be terrible at everything they do.

  26. Worst pair of draft picks of the year.

    What a waste. A draft full of talent and they get an aging QB and an overrated RB.

    This is why Cleveland sucks every goddamn year.

  27. Remarkable how well he maneuvers? Started with 13 picks and hope blew 4 in round one on a talented running back and old qb. Weeden may end up decent but odds are against it did not get any oline help or recieving. If this was H and H’s plan then maybe should have done something in free agency. Oh yeah youth movement building thru the draft. Maybe Friday things will get better. I keep reading about the players available at 37 but can only have one cant get Hill and Massie for that pick can you? It is Cleveland guess we can just wait till next year. Our superbowl and we score first but find a way to screw it up just before halftime.

  28. “brenenostler says:
    Apr 26, 2012 10:18 PM

    I wonder if Colt McCoy is throwing darts at a picture of Weeden right now.”

    Yes, and he’d end up missing half the time.

  29. Good for Weeden! Great guy, overcame his critics and should compete for the starting job. Sure he might’ve been a reach at 22 but McCoy just doesn’t have what it takes. Looked like he wanted to crawl to momma after James Harrison knocked him into another world! Weeden isn’t that old, and I suspect a lot of hate will come from people who realize he will make more money in his rookie contract than most in 15-20 years. You are trained to be skeptical of athletes because you and the media wouldn’t hold the bags of most these guys. But yeah, keep those age jokes coming, and if some of you (God forbid) ever have kids I sincely hope you don’t tell them to quit pursuing their dreams because of what other people say. Good night!

  30. Browns fans on here are so impatient. Holmgren said he had a 5 year plan, the same 5 year plan that took the Packers and the Seahawks to continued Post-season success and Super Bowls.

    Those fans that think they can run the organization better are delusional.

    What you are seeing is a top rated Defense now being given a RB, and a QB with an arm to handle Cleveland weather and all the NFL throws.

    If the fans and the owner can be patient they will enjoy continued success, but — if they act like they have in the past, booing QBs after one year, calling for changes in coaches and management after 2 years and pretending that they kow more about rating draft prospects because they read internet sites—they will never rise out of the mud.

  31. Only knock on Weeden is age…if he was younger he would be a top 10 pick according to most ‘experts’. I don’t see how age is such a factor here, he is more mature, has a strong arm, and if you get 6 years out of hm as a starter you’re feeling great.

  32. In other news, Weeden announced his retirement at 28 years of age. He said he was getting old and wasn’t up for playing the Steelers and Ravens D’s 4 times a year. Before making the decision, he consulted with Colt McCoy and James Harrison.

  33. Weeden is a great pick for the Browns. They need a fresh arm, and need to win now. If Weeden had been 24, he would have been a top 10 pick easily. That’s how good he really is.

    Drew Brees joined the Saints at age 27; Aaron Rogers became a starter the year he turned 26. And let’s not forget that Steve Young was a backup until he was 31 years old. Jim Kelly was an NFL rookie at age 26, and Warren Moon took his first NFL snap at the tender age of 28.

    So for all of you cracking on the Browns and Weeden: get a little perspective and know the facts before you snark.

    Weeden is a huge upgrade and the Browns were right to roll the dice in his direction.

  34. Top rated defense? I know what the numbers say, but what do your eyes tell you? I saw a team who rarely came up with stops at crucial times. For crying out loud, they let Blane Gabbert drive it right down on them with the game on the line. Many other examples…clearly, not a top tier defense let alone a top 10.
    This is a desperate move. Nothing more. You don’t draft old, washed up baseball players in the first round!
    Colt was never given a real shot. Shame on the Browns! This doesn’t improve us one bit.
    Does this basically mean we traded Julio Jones for Brandon ‘the Browns are smokin’ Weed-en? Idiots. Plain & simple.
    That said, let the T-Rich era begin! Go Browns.

  35. Andrew Luck fever strikes again. Weeden’s problem isn’t that he’s six years too old, it’s that he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in the NFL. Just because one quarterback in the draft is a sure thing superstar doesn’t mean every other quarterback in the draft becomes magically better. Picks like these are how franchises manage to spin their wheels for years and years and years. Pretending a guy is something that he’s not, like a franchise quarterback, just because you have a need for one.

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