Browns expect Colt McCoy to make “big leap” this year


Browns quarterback Colt McCoy struggles to throw the football outside the numbers. He is unavoidably small in the pocket and has been prone to injury, including last year’s well-publicized concussion. McCoy has a 6-15 record through two seasons. His 6.3 career YPA is minuscule, and McCoy regressed from his rookie year to last season.

But the Browns have done nothing to improve the quarterback position this offseason. They seem to still like McCoy. And that’s what ESPN’s Bob Holtzman confirmed live from Browns headquarters on Thursday, while explaining why Cleveland won’t be drafting a quarterback high.

“They expect McCoy to make a big leap from last year to this year,” Holtzman reported. “They are comfortable if he’s their starting quarterback.”

Recent reports suggest that Cleveland has an affinity for Brandon Weeden out of Oklahoma State, although Holtzman hinted that, based on his information, we shouldn’t expect the Browns to draft a quarterback before the third or fourth round. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. Viking’s Speilman should offer the Browns this deal: trade #3 for the Browns #4 pick, so the Browns get Richardson; and trade Joe Webb for the Browns #22 pick. Webb would challenge McCoy for the starting QB role. Vikings get another 1st round pick to fill holes.

  2. “They expect McCoy to make a big leap from last year to this year,” Holtzman reported. “They are comfortable if he’s their starting quarterback.”

    If they expect McCoy to make a big leap forward, then why are they stating :if he’s their starting quarterback”??

    Which way is it?

  3. Give him some weapons and don’t panic and take Weeden, because at 29 he needs to play immediately. And if…and I say IF McCoy would be ready for a big leap you would never find out.

    There will be other opportunities to get a QB, that can sit and learn for awhile.

    Get a project in the third or fourth like Holtzman suggested in his report.

  4. I still think he’s got the goods to succeed in the league. He’s got a ton of heart and desire, and contrary to popular belief – he CAN throw the deep ball.

    Who was he going to throw it deep to last year? We had no receivers that could a) get open, or b) catch.

    We add Richardson, Jeffery/Wright, and a starting calibur RT and I think he proves doubters wrong.

    If he doesnt – then we got a nice team all warmed up and ready for Barkley.

  5. Translation:

    We want you to think we’re happy with our QB situation so the Buccs think we will draft a WR to help Colt out, and won’t be tempted to trade up to #3 to take Trent Richardson.

  6. A big leap for McCoy would be to go from incompetent to competent. They better hope it’s a HUGE LEAP.

  7. The Clowns have not provided any protection or weapons for McCoy at all. How can he be successful with an offense populated by scrubs and losers?

    Give the kid a solid O-line, 3-4 good WRs, a TE, and a running game and he will blossom into a solid NFL QB.

  8. Rest of NFL teams expect all their players to make same said leap thus neutralizing McCoy’s leap.

  9. Who, exactly, is supposed to make McCoy look good? Chris Ogbananna? Ben Watson? Mohammad Mossaquoai? I’m not sure any qb could be successful with the skill position players the Browns have right now.

  10. Colt is most likely not the guy but Weeden is awful. If they take him its a wasted pick they could of used on an offensive skill position or O lineman.

  11. If you ain’t getting RG3 or Luck, it makes no sense to draft a QB in the first 2 rounds, IMO. Draft skill with the high picks. If it works out with Colt, great, if not you’ll be be deciding between Barkley or the 2 Tyler’s.

  12. He will if you idiots get him some playmakers and stop the ridiculous talk of taking another QB to replace him. Another QB will struggle too without some offensive help like Richardson and Blackmon.

  13. With a full arsenal my QB beat Brady and Brees (and but for Stuckey drop would have beat the red hot NY Yets).

    He had #4 and #5 RB on the depth chart for a majority of the year, a converted rookie RB (Little) and a kick returner (Cribbs) as his two WR’s. Oh yeah, the right side of the line looked like most of the abandon buildings across from the Huntington Bldg.

    Not saying my guy is the guy….but lets not cut him loose yet.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks McCoy is a decent QB? I mean, look at the talent around him. The best (using that term loosely) is a punt returner. No running game either this year. No real talent anywhere actually. Almost any QB would struggle there.

  15. Browns should grab Weeden. McCoy doesn’t have what it takes. I’ve watched every snap he’s taken since Texas and I am 100% certain he’s a backup at best.

    Unlike McCoy, Weeden has an NFL arm, is bigger, smarter, and he doesn’t sound like a hayseed when he talks. He’ll get instant respect because he’ll play well, while McCoy gets praised for being a “winner” and “leader” for being the ball-distributor at Texas.

    Weeden can be the real deal; McCoy is a mirage.

  16. The Cleveland FANS will take a Big Leap off a tall building after another slow start. Another questions: Where was all the confidence in McCoy when they tried to move up for RG3?

  17. Stop hating on McCoy. Seriously, you expect every player to come in from a lockout, with a new offfense, and do good. Some players were able to do it, some wern’t. McCoy is the latter. His rookie season he was very promising. He now has a whole off season to get used to his team, methods, terminology, timing, and more. In addition, if they give him weapons, it would give him a much better chance at suceeding. I wonder if Aaron Rodgers would have played his 1st & 2nd year how he would have done. Remember, Manning didn’t turn around the Colts in 2 years, Brady was a backup, and Warner bagged Groceries.

  18. doctorfootball says:
    Apr 26, 2012 2:41 PM

    A big leap for McCoy would be to go from incompetent to competent. They better hope it’s a HUGE LEAP.
    Last year (2011), McCoy’s numbers were almost identical to Joe Flacco’s, and McCoy doesn’t have nearly the amount of help around him Flacco does. Funny, most people consider Flacco a pretty decent QB. The year before that (2010), McCoy was statistically better than he was in 2011.


    I think “doctorfootball” here should be sued for malpractice. Get a clue, doc.

  19. Ya gotta remember to that his receivers couldn’t catch a snow flake in a blizzard either. This greatly reduces his numbers. He had some nice throws but when the receivers don’t catch it what can you do. I’m a Stiller fan and I am rooting for colt

  20. The only thing that worries me about this is that our brain trust felt our receivers (mo mass & robiskie) would make a big leap last year and we all know how that turned out

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