Browns may try for a third first-round pick to draft Brandon Weeden


The Cleveland Browns have two first-round picks tonight, their own (No. 4 overall) and the Falcons’ (No. 22). But by the end of the night they may end up drafting three players.

That’s a scenario envisioned by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, who thinks that the Browns would like to draft Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden but view No. 22 as a little bit too high to take him. So the plan for the Browns could be to bolster other positions at No. 4 and No. 22 and then trying to trade back up into the end of the first-round to draft Weeden before the night ends.

The Browns’ second-round pick is No. 37 overall, and Cleveland would be ecstatic if Weeden lasted that long. But if they decide they don’t want to chance that, trading the 37th pick and another pick to move somewhere in the 25-32 range could be the move for the Browns to make. The Patriots, who have the 31st pick in the first round, might be open to moving back six spots and getting an extra pick for their trouble.

Cleveland has a major need for offensive playmakers tonight. It’s possible that with the right moves, they could end up with a trio like Alabama running back Trent Richardson at 4, Georgia Tech receiver Stephen Hill at 22 and Weeden with a trade near the end of the first round. That would radically transform the future of the Browns’ offense.

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  1. Just my opinion (not a Browns fan), but that would be an excellent move. I’m a big Weeden fan, and I think he’s NFL-ready, both physically and emotionally (because of his age and experience).

  2. Peter King actually brought up the same scenario in his mock draft last Friday.

    Except he had the Browns trading with the Pats for the 27th overall pick (they for some reason only sent a third rounder to NE).

  3. I think Weeden will be there @ 37 but if they fell pressure you gotta pull the trigger. Come on Browns! Lets make this an epic draft! So excited for tonight!

    Go Browns!

  4. If Cleveland managed to draft Richardson, Weeden, and any of the big name receivers in this draft, I don’t see how they wouldn’t be considered one of the biggest draft winners of 2012.

  5. Cleveland should call New England because they are trading out of the first round completely

    27 and 31 are up for grabs

    *you heard it here first!

  6. The Browns could have a dozen picks in the first round, but that doesn’t mean anything. The Cleveland Browns just can not put a winning team on the field. It just doesn’t happen!

  7. The Browns completely blew it by not making the deal for RJ 3 when they had more amo then the Skins. Now they are in damage control mode. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  8. We’ll see if the Browns are foolish enough to part with next year’s 1st round pick to get this done 😉


  9. He’ll be there in the 3rd rd, why would they trade into the first? If they are going to give McCoy weapons to use, then use all three of their first picks on starters, then take a flyer on a system QB who is older than McCoy in the 3rd.
    Everyone is acting like these QBs are starters. Mallett was a better QB than everyone of these QBs except RG3 and Luck, and he fell to the Patriots in the 3rd.

  10. I’d throw up. Even if we got him at pick 37. Build around McCoy while he’s here and get a project QB late. We aren’t FINALLY getting our franchise guy in this draft . . .

  11. Cleveland going HAM in this draft.

    They could possibly draft three future pro bowlers.

    Cleveland finally gonna send some stars to… the NFL is getting rid of what!?

  12. I think after a person hits a certain age (mid-20s), age becomes just another number. I like Weeden over Tannehill because he is mentally ready to start on day 1 and has won some big games in college. Good luck to Weeden and if the Browns can ull of this scenario, more power to them.

  13. If they do this I will completely stop watching them. Weeden is nothing more than a backup and had Barkley and Jones stayed in the draft he would have been the sixth rated QB. I would never want the sixth rated anything in the first 2 rounds let alone a QB.

  14. He will be there for them in the 2nd round. If hey move up to get him they are stupid. Well, with that said it looks like they will trade up.

  15. I went back and searched nfl QB’s all the way back to 2002. Other than 2004 most years there were NO FRANCHISE QB’s some years it was only 1. At what point is everyone going to figure this out?

  16. jhart615 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 1:14 PM
    Hahaha I love the Browns…going for broke all in one draft. God Speed Cleveland.


    Going for broke? We have a stockpile of picks, we are loaded to do things like this and it wouldn’t impact us one bit except for getting the players they wanted. Gotta love the trolls that don’t follow football on this site.

  17. Not going to happen. They may take him in the 3rd round (if they’re desperate), but they’re getting a right tackle (Massie) or linebacker with their 2nd round pick (David).

  18. Take blackman,Weeden & a rb at 37. Saves moving up. However the Steelers would take your 2nd & 3rd for #24.

  19. I think Tampa Bay might jump in front of Cleveland and get Richardson..I hope not. I’m not a Browns fan, but as a fan of the Detroit Lions I can appreciate all you Brownies go through!

  20. That’s ridiculous. If they think Weeden is a franchise QB take him at 22. There other receivers out there at 37… such as Rueben Randle and Alshon Jeffrey.

  21. Not sure every team takes a QB believing he is a franchise QB that will play 10-15 yrs for them. I think sometimes teams take a guy because they need something better than what they have. You can’t keep putting mediocre QB play out on the field because there was no “projected” franchise QB available when your number came up to make a pick.

  22. But wait a minute. I thought you guys just reported that the Pats want to trade up not down.

  23. Seriously? He looked horrible against Stanford, and he’s 30!!!!!!!!!! He’s going to peak at 33… and retired at 34!!!!!!!!

  24. What’s that old saying about people that don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it………… Anyone remember trading back into the first for Brady Quinn?

  25. I don’t see them trading back into round 1 for him. Stay at 37 and get another instant starter there. I need to see them getting 4 starters with their first 4 picks. This team can’t afford any projects or 30 year old rookies.

  26. Calm down folks.

    Holmgren won’t allow Heckert to draft a relatively high profile QB to compete with McCoy. He knows guys like Weeden are available every year. This year is all about giving McCoy weapons and a chance to prove whether or not he is the guy.

    The Browns will take a flyer at a QB somewhere around the 4th or 5th round, and that’s it all.

    If the Browns trade up or down, it won’t be to get a QB in the 1st or 2nd round.

  27. If the Browns get Trent Richardson, Stephen Hill AND Brandon Weeden that would be an awesome draft for them. Weeden may be old, but he doesn’t have as much wear and tear as players his age, so they could easily still get 10 good years out of him.

    Even with Hill though, their WR core would still be pretty weak, so they’d need to draft another WR later in the draft and hope he turns into a solid WR2 or 3.

    But getting those 3 in the first round would set them up with an awesome core of offensive playmakers to continue building around.

    As a Bengals fan, I hope they don’t get Hill or Weeden.

  28. No – he is not 30. He’s 28 and has been beat up the same amount as any other QB in this draft. I like him over Tannehill any day.

    That being said, I’m hoping to trade back into the First, but not for him.

    #4 Richardson
    #22 Hill/Jeffery/Wright
    #(somewhere else) Cordy Glenn or J-Martin

    Then Colt won’t have excuses next year, unless one of those guys busts.

  29. You can put all the lipstick you want on a pig and it’s still a pig! Even if they pull it off they’ll still be the Browns and nothing can change that fact. This is karmic revenge for the Browns having fired BB way back when. I know the old Browns became the Ravens but karma is stubborn that way.

  30. Vikings should offer the Browns this package deal:

    Trade #3 for #4, which gives the Browns T Rich, and Joe Webb for their #22 pick. Webb is better, more athletic, and more experienced than Weeden, and would challenge McCoy this year.

    Vikings could then still take Kalil at #4, and pick up a WR and a DB with #22 and their 2nd round #35. Essentially the Vikings would be trading a Webb- a luxury as a back-up they cannot afford, and trade him to fill another hole with a first round pick. Makes sense for both teams.

  31. Let’s give it about three years before we start calling teams winners and losers at the draft.

    There should be two grades.

    1. Did you accomplish what they needed with the draft?

    2. How did those players turn out?

  32. Wasting a pick getting another QB. More offenseive help for Colt to succeed. Some people NEVER learn.

  33. I think they should just go ahead and take him. He won’t be a QB they need to wait around forever on and his age really doesn’t matter. Sure he may not be playing for 10 more years, but outside of the top 10 picks, do you really expect that from anyone?

    If he can be a quality starter for 3-7 seasons, that would be so much more than they’ve had in a long time, and he costs less and comes with less risk than Tannehill. They should pull the trigger, and this is coming from someone who criticizes the Browns to death.

  34. Not gonna happen! Heckert would never do that! Trust me on this one. If anything, they will trade down and draft cousins later if weeden is gone.

  35. Not a Cleveland fan by any means, but I do believe Colt McCoy is a good quarterback, and loading up with offensive weapons is the way to go. Trent Richardson and then Floyd, Wright or Hill, etc
    Or Blackmon, and then Doug Martin. Someone who is not great but good at everything and can handle 20 carries. I would then draft an explosive game changer such as LaMichael James in the 2nd round (i know a bit early) but he is someone who will give the Browns a new dimension in their offense.
    Screen plays and such that can help McCoy out immensely, a player capable of turning broken plays and near sacks into touchdowns.
    Don’t give up on McCoy yet by drafting another qb so early. Maybe take Cousins or the big kid from Arizona St. later on.
    If that doesn’t work, than you have a shot at Matt Barkley next year.

    Good luck Cleveland.

  36. Pretty sure he will make it to 37. No reason to move up for a guy nobody else wants….

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