Browns trade up to the No. 3 overall pick


It was never a secret that the Minnesota Vikings wanted to trade out of the No. 3 pick in the draft. And they executed just under an hour before Thursday night’s start of round one.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Vikings and Browns have swapped the Nos. 3 and 4 overall picks. Per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns gave up selections in the fourth (118), fifth (139), and seventh (211) rounds to pull off the trade. Minnesota only moved down one spot.

The Browns are expected to draft Alabama running back Trent Richardson at No. 3. Per FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer, the Vikings hope to continue trading down the board, and they can still get LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne or USC tackle Matt Kalil if they stay put.

Cleveland made this move, apparently, in an attempt to prevent against the Buccaneers from jumping into the third overall spot. Tampa Bay, sitting at No. 5, was known to be interested in leapfrogging Cleveland to get into the No. 3 hole.

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  1. Today will be a wonderful day. Another superior human that has Steeler blood linking to our glorious ancestors will be drafting into our ranks where we will hone his skills into that of a pure Steeler. Whoa. We already know who we will draft. The physics of this world bend to us. These men will join us to defeat our enemies on and off the field.

    The Nation, now more than ever, is threatened politically. The league has been fully infiltrated by our ancient rival. The same rival that infiltrated the Nation itself during our birth. The same rival that keeps us from winning every game. We lose sometimes to give people a sense of hope, we lose sometimes because of sabotage. We applaud their efforts.

    They don’t understand that they are mere mortals and that they cannot alter the inevitable. These will be the last Steelers drafted into our ranks in the league know as the NFL. We will win this next Super Bowl despite certain arrangements in place by our enemies. We will leave and start our own league.

    A superior race, once one Nation, broken into eight. Reclaiming the game we created, we again set the standard, and the NFL gets on one knee and cries. We celebrate our endless success with a royal wave to our inferiors from afar.

  2. 2 extra picks for for dropping a spot? Not bad for the vikings, especially considering they didn’t want to pick at #3 anyways. If they want the OT they can still grab him at 4.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop down further, if they find anyone willing to make a deal.

  3. Browns are such a joke, all that to move up one spot for a running back. You see that and it’s no wonder they haven’t made the playoffs in a century.

    And we now know all the first three picks before the draft has even started…..

  4. Give up a 4th 5th and 7th to move up 1 place and pick a player that was still going to be there!! I really wish I was a Cleveland fan!

  5. We have so many holes to fill and we give up two extra picks for one spot – from my understanding the 3rd round pick and a 4th. Disgusting really – We would have got a top prospect regardless!! Typical Browns Front Office

  6. another draft blunder by the clowns, they could’ve stayed put and got Richardson and kept those other picks

  7. The browns couldn’t figure out how to get to the 2 pick…. glad they learned how to move up at least one spot and give away picks!
    Rams are going to rock this draft folks..

  8. Man. I was starting to hope for Richardson (I’m a Bucs fan). But I guess that’s out. As long as we still get Mo Claiborne. If we don’t get him it’s like 2007 all over again. That was the year we got neither Calvin Johnson nor Joe Thomas and got stuck with bust that no one was excited about in the first place, Gaines Adams. (R.I.P.)

  9. Three picks to move up one spot? I guess they really want Richardson. This works out great for the Vikings, because they’ll still be able to get Claiborne or Kalil, whichever one they want.

  10. Cleveland made this move, apparently, in an attempt to prevent against the Buccaneers from jumping into the third overall spot. Tampa Bay, sitting at No. 5, was known to be interested in leapfrogging Cleveland to get into the No. 3 hole.
    Tampa would want the 3 hole for the corner right? I guess to grab Richardson before Cleveland does; Richardson seems solid but a #3? Not a fan of this move…

  11. If the rumors r true that the bucs were trying to trade up to the #3 spot for Trent richardson, LeGarret blount is probably going to punch someone in the face

  12. Depending on compensation, this makes a ton of sense for the Browns. Reports are that it wasn’t a 2 or 3, which means lower round picks. Richardson is special and should be a stud at the NFL level. Browns NEEDED a RB and they get a great one. Hillis is gone and Hardesty was all that was left. Richardson instantly becomes the #1 RB there.

    This also is a coup for the Vikings. They don’t want or need Richardson. Well as long as you believe AP recovers 100%. They move down only one spot, perhaps more if others are interested. Yet as long as they stay in the top 8-9, they will get one of the main 3 players they have graded out as a fit for their team.

    Win win for both teams.

  13. Great move Vikes, they have a ton of picks, AMMO to move up back into Rd 1 if someone is there they really want.

    I could see the Vikes trading back 2 or 3 more spots also.

  14. Just ask Jim Brown….it was just an ordinary back for an ordinary team….what a spectacular move..???!!!

  15. Wow! They better get Colt some offensive help. Did they lose their 2nd first round pick to move up one position?

  16. nineroutsider says:
    Apr 26, 2012 7:16 PM
    The Browns moved from #4 to #3 for Richardson. The Vikings weren’t going to take him. What am I missing here?


    The Vikings may not have taken him, but they would have probably traded the pick to the Bucs, who also wanted Richardson. The pick was GOING to be traded, so the Browns made the move to ensure it was them and not the Bucs.

  17. If they’re doing this for T-Rich, you have to wonder why anyone would want a running back so badly. The running game is a relic of the past. The Giants had the worst running game in the NFL this past season, and won the Super Bowl. Meanwhile the Vikings, with the almighty Adrian Peterson, went 3-13. Running backs might be flashy and they might sell tickets, but they don’t win games in the NFL.

  18. I think this is a little proof that the Running Back position isn’t as devalued as everyone makes it out to be..

  19. to many of you shouldnt even be on here..just sit back and learn… teams were trying to leap frog cleveland.. we beat them and we gave up extra picks heckert didnt want..he didnt want to draft 13 players this year.. go browns!!! 1 WR and were solid. browns will end up with best draft in round 1

  20. bronco fanatic – The Browns are keeping Tampa Bay from trading up with the Vikes to get Trent Richardson

  21. STUPID – now everyone knows why GB never let Holmgren be GM and why Seattle pulled that authority from him.

    At #3 you want a player to be there for a decade. RB – even special RB is a 6 year prospect at best.

  22. I think Minnesota loses on this one. Not because it was a bad move, but because they could have gotten better, but probably not as many, (they got a 4th, 5th, and a 7th) picks from another team wanting to move up.

  23. The teams that REALLY HATE this trade are all in the AFC North.

    Thirteen picks…why not get the difference maker?

    LOL @ Steelers, Ravens and Bengals…

  24. 7 Lombardi you are beyond annoying. Why is everything you say have to do with the steelers. I can’t stand your arrogance, last time I checked the almighty steelers got tebowed. I can’t stand biased fans! Get a grip there are 31 other teams in the NFL.

  25. I guess the people on here laughing saying they didn’t have to move and dumbest move ever didn’t read the whole post. They obviously moved up only one spot to get their man (Trent Richardson, apparently) so that nobody would leapfrog them. If you think they are idiots for taking Richardson, fine, but they are not idiots for making sure someone else didn’t swoop in and snatch their guy. And the term “Nation” for any fan base is totally lame. How many “nations” are there now? Be original.

  26. Browns gave up selections in the fourth, fifth, and seventh rounds to pull off the trade. Minnesota only moved down one spot.
    If they gave up all those trades to move “up” one slot then how will they draft Brandon Weedon ??? lol

  27. Why? The Vikes were gonna take Claiborne. The Browns just flushed 3 picks down the toilet.

  28. Browns are like the cashier who screws up and gives you too much change back. Thank you, Vikings will take it!

  29. Vikes fan here and this is a great move for them obviously because they can still get Claiborne or Kalil who seem to be their clear favorites. But even a 3-13 team can only draft so many late round picks before it becomes just plain silly. They already had 10 picks and are now up to 13.

    I’m guessing this is all an attempt to stockpile ammo for subsequent trade ups. Drafting 13 guys means you have to dump 6 dudes you wouldn’t normally dump just to give those 13 a sniff in practice.

  30. Great move for the Browns- that’s why you stockpile draft picks, to use them as ammo to get the player you really want. People won’t be calling this a dumb trade in a few years when Richardson is the best back in the NFL.

  31. I don’t see why Browns fans are not liking this move.

    I’m a non Browns fan and this is a smart move. Richardson is awesome and Browns had 13 picks anyway.

    Win-Win for both teams.

  32. @7thlombardiontheway

    Does it bother you that you were swept last season, Tebow’d out of the playoffs by a backup QB? Turd.

  33. Not bad…three lower round picks to cement the back they wanted. Browns still have 5 of top 100 picks. Get 3 offensive weapons and two more defenders and this would be a decent draft for Cleveland.

    Plus it now makes others want to jump to take the next 3 prospects (Claiborne, Kalil and Blackmon). Who else will look desperate?

  34. I’ve been a Browns fan my whole life. It is increasingly hard to root for this team. The browns have more holes than a room full of secret service dates. WTF am I missing on Richardson. He plays a position with the shortest shelf live in the NFL, where history has proven you can find RB talent anywhere, yet they give up draft choices to move up one spot. Stand pat and take the best CB in the draft!

    Reminds me of the idiotic move by Butch Davis to trade up 1 spot to draft the chosen one. Thank God for the Buckeyes.

  35. This was a good move. The Browns absolutely couldn’t risk losing out on Richardson. The Vikes could have really stuck it to them but didn’t. The Browns still have a 4th, 5th and two 7th round picks left and they weren’t going to hit homeruns with the ones they gave up. Good business decision. Look for more moves.

  36. I know the trade value chart is outdated, but the points to make this trade is 400.

    The Browns gave up 143. Way under value to move from 4 to 3.

    It seemed like the Vikes didn’t want to move to 5 and risk losing their guy, and the Browns had fears that Tampa would ruin their party. So they conpromised.

    So as the dust settles, it is truly a good deal for both teams.

  37. Do the Browns even have an offensive line that can open holes for him to run through or will they be so far behind that they have to resort to the passing game and he gets 10-15 touches a game?

  38. Where are all the people saying the Browns gave up their 1st, 4th,5th and 7th round picks? Somehow deleted in the article is that fact? Didn’t the Redskins swap this years first round picks but somehow came out that they gave up 3 first round picks? Ahh its easier to hate on the Redskins then it is the Browns. Maybe Mike Holmgren thinks the Redskins will forget to draft RG3 and they will get him?

  39. Makes no sense unless there was an offer the Vikes had from someone else and Cleveland wanted to beat it. But for a RB when there will be guys like Blackmon & Claiborne available? He must be special or the Browns are dumb.

    Oh and @7thlombardiontheway – the Steelers have still been bad more than they have been good. It took them 40 years to even get to the playoffs even when there were hardly any teams in the league. They weren’t so great in the 80s either when the Bengals & Browns owned the division for the most part.

  40. Get Richardson, put him on the madden cover in 2013 and let the Cleveland sports curse continue.

    Maybe the Browns can work on joining the rest of the NFL by having cheerleaders and a logo instead of having an orange blob on FOX when they show the scores, wasn’t till years ago they finally put up a ring of honor with famous players inside the stadium.
    Clueless franchise with Lerner as an owner.

  41. Vikes had Browns over a barrell if the Browns really wanted Richardson as the Bucs really wanted him also. Look for Vikes to try and trade back again as everyone they want is still on the board, Kalil, Clayborne and Blackmon but I don’t see them seriously considering Blackmon but if a bluff works so be it.

  42. I’m amazed at all of the retards who don’t realize that I’d the Browns hadn’t traded up, the Bucs would have.

  43. Dumbest “mover” ever there Lionpride? What the heck are you talking about — are you thinking the Browns are going to draft a delivery boy or something? Someone with lousy dance moves? What?

  44. Does anyone else worry that 7thlombariontheway might be the local neighborhood watch captain?

  45. I would assume the Browns arent taking a runningback then since they only moved up to grab a particular player with a team who is set at runningback. How far will Richardson drop then?

  46. Now turn around and trade the extra 5th & 7th picks to Pittsburgh for Wallace.

    13 picks is a lot.

  47. The Trent Richardson pick doesn’t make much sense to me, and here’s why:

    1. The Browns have enough needs that zeroing in on one player is myopic, especially since RB wasn’t even their biggest need.

    2. RBs are the most expendable position on a football team, so there’s no reason to draft a RB higher than the second half of the first round.

    3. They got impatient and traded up one position with a team that didn’t even need who they wanted.

    4. Just because you have a lot of draft picks doesn’t mean you should throw them around. If you were a billionaire, would you burn stacks of $20 bills in the fireplace just because?

    5. If you’re worried that somebody else could have traded above you for Richardson, refer to #1 above.

    6. Trading up is seldom necessary, and the best teams seldom do it. One team in particular stayed put and managed to draft David DeCastro.

  48. oh good Vikes..

    ahhh yeah.. the Bucs want to move up.. ahhh yeah.. they want RB.

    (never mind they were the worst defense in the league).. oh BTW, they picked a Safety.

    Read other posts.. RB are not that critical in this pass happy league, let only moving up for one, let only picking ALabama.. go study Mark Ingram, Heisman Trophy winner sophmore year, Championship team BUT picked in 2nd round by New Orleans.. oh.. 2011 stats.. less than 500 yards.

    Yeah.. Holmgren… Vikings got back at you (from Green Bay).. they (Vikings) still got to be laughing

  49. Obviously noone knew of the smokescreen the Bucs were throwin up sayin they wanted to trade up n get T-Rich. Everybody dogs the Browns for not taking any chances, and when they do and draft someone who will soon be the best back in the division, they get dogged for taking that chance. WTF do my fellow Brownie fans want? This is year 3, and Holmgen said it would take 5 yrs to make the playoffs. If you dont know football please don’t comment cause it’s gonna b 2 more yrs til we’re good. Accept it, sit back, and enjoy. We had one of the most exciting defenses last yr,now it’s the offenses turn, and T-Rich and Weeden will immediately make this team better, not to mention the RT with the third pick.

  50. Also how the hell are the Browns gonna trade a 5th and 7th rounder for Wallace when the Franchise tag CLEARLY makes it a mandatory 1st, and I would never do that. And any of you extremely arrogant Steelers fans, check your iq level. Are you guys that dumb that you can’t see that they are one year away from rebuilding. They’re older than a senior center team, and their days of glory are done for a while, especially since the Steelers GM obviously can’t realize that half their defense retired and the other half goes next year, but 2 offensive linemen with their 2 picks, yeah pure genius team you root for. see y’all on the field this year, be ready

  51. well now the grades are in, and the sports media sites give the Browns a “C” grade while the rest of the teams in the Divison get higher.

    An especially interesting ESPN site gives rankings before and after. Lets see ..Browns .. before the draft were at ’30”.. ,(Ravens moved up and Steelers moved up.).
    the Browns after the draft.. is.. ’30’.. NO CHANGE… duh

    Last time a RB was picked up in the first round was…. Reggie Bush.. 2006… (same year Vince Young was picked)

    It’s a passing league now.. and WR should have been grabbed ‘first’ or at least offense lineman.. and with Cleveland grabbing a QB at spot 22 , the best offense lineman FELL right into the Steelers lap, Big Ben had to fall off his bar stool !

    And with rival North division teams (Ravens and Steelers with top rated defense, T-Rich will be like his former ALabama RB drafted last year.. now with New Orleans, even was a Heisman Trophy winner in his sophmore year. Oh.. he had not even 500 yards rushing as Drew threw a ton of passes. ! lol

    Browns.. (alias… Clowns)

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