Bruce Allen confirms RG3 will be pick No. 2


As if any confirmation was needed regarding the Redskins’ plans for the second pick in the 2012 draft, Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen provided it.

Appearing on NFL Network’s 2012 NFL Draft Kickoff Show, Allen says that Robert Griffin III will be the selection.

“The exciting part about what we were able to do was we fell in love with both quarterbacks [Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck],” Allen said.  “We knew we wanted to move up.  The Colts didn’t want to make a trade and the Rams having a franchise quarterback allowed us to pinpoint the number two spot.  But it’s not just this year for either one of those quarterbacks; it’s the body of work that they accomplished in college football, it’s what we found out about them as individuals that really set them apart from everybody that we had graded in this draft.”

The Redskins apparently would have been happy with either guy.  “They both have terrific talent,” Allen said.  “First of all, it starts with their leadership.  As most people will tell you, that position takes more than talent; it takes a leadership and a drive and a toughness that other positions in other sports don’t require.”

Still, it sounds like the Redskins preferred Griffin.  “[W]e think that Robert fits our offense to a tee,” Allen said.  “We’re excited about being able to complement him with what we’ve already been able to do with some of his special talents.  Obviously his charisma is going to be embraced by the Redskins Nation.”

He’s going to be embraced for much more than his charisma, given that he’ll be the 27th starting quarterback in the 27 years since Joe Theismann suffered a broken leg on Monday Night Football.