Charges dropped against Maualuga, NFL discipline still possible


Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga got some good news in a courtroom in Cincinnati today, as a judge agreed to throw out assault charges against him.

Maualuga was charged with assault in February after a bar manager said that Maualuga punched him, but Maualuga and his accuser went to mediation, and after coming to terms there (presumably involving Maualuga writing a check to the bar manager), both sides told the judge they didn’t believe a criminal case should move forward. As a result, the judge dismissed it.

That does not, however, mean Maualuga is in the clear as far as the NFL is concerned. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said that merely avoiding a criminal conviction does not mean a player hasn’t violated the league’s personal-conduct policy, and Goodell has also said he will be particularly harsh with repeat offenders, which Maualuga is: He was previously fined two game checks and sent to alcohol rehab after a DUI.

Maualuga has been a starter since the Bengals drafted him three years ago and has missed only four career games. There’s a chance he’ll miss the start of this season while serving an NFL-imposed suspension.

18 responses to “Charges dropped against Maualuga, NFL discipline still possible

  1. What is it with Cincy? It seems like a perfectly nice town. Why do they always seem to hav the most problems? Last year they seemed poised for a SB run this year, but since the season ended, they’ve had defections, arrests, and it seems almost every article I read about them is about some other disaster. WHY?

  2. Stallworth, Maualuga, Patriots.
    It’s nice to know that just writing a check makes the crimes you commit so very minimal

  3. If Big Ben got 6 games…reduced to 4 with NO charges being filed then this dude should sit at least 8 games….sorry Bengals!!!!

  4. I wouldn’t call him a bust yet, but Maualuga has been something of a disappointment so far.

  5. Waiting to see how many whiny Bengals fans ask why he’s being shown in a Bengals uni.
    Oh well. This is actually a step up for them. At least he didn’t rape a kid like the last Bengal to make the news.
    Cue whiny Bengals fans…!

  6. And justice for all….as long as you have money.

    It seems weekly that an athlete gets in trouble with video, radar, breathalyzer and eyewitnesses evidence to document. Far too many of the cases get dismissed and they get of scott free.

    At least this guy got something.

  7. Nothing but a spoiled self-entitled diva. Brainless. An utter embarrassment.

    There is a reason this guy fell so far in the draft, and clearly he was over-drafted.

    When he was falling during draft day I knew the Bengals would wind up with this fool – because the Bengals draft too many damn fools.

    They’ve earned this reputation.

    He can’t be trusted to behave in public, let alone run a defense. There is no way Zimmer can trust him.

    I would be thrilled if the Bengals drafted Kuechly.

    Loose this weak link.

    I’m hoping against hope the Bengals don’t do their bottom feeding act today, and draft fools who fall and fail, like they have over and over and over.

  8. Come on who hasnt been in a bar fight one time or another… Who Dey!!! I want my middle linebacker punching people in the mouth maybe he can bring more of that to the field now. This is football not figure skating.

  9. Admittedly the Bengals have had their share of players getting into trouble but…It is a problem league wide. Since 2002 even the Pitts. Squealers have had 13 players arrested, a couple more than once and that isnt including the rapist and and the guy who shot himself.

  10. Why exactly is Nate Webster referred to as a Bengal? He played a whopping 4 games for Cincy. Nevermind the 63 games in Tampa Bay or the 29 games in Denver. It’s like calling Brett Favre a Jet.

  11. Roided up meatheads like Rey Rey have gotten away with this stuff for years. For Rey, it started back to his U$C days when he punched out a student and then claimed he “owned the LAPD”. Crooked $C alum lawyers represented him pro bono and he had no consequences for caving in the face of that poor 170 pound kid. Now in the NFL he’s continued that rage because he can get away with it.

  12. dayumyou says:
    Apr 26, 2012 1:05 PM
    If Big Ben got 6 games…reduced to 4 with NO charges being filed then this dude should sit at least 8 games….sorry Bengals!!!!


    outside of all of joetorontos posts (hey.. does that dude have PFT on all the time? some life he leads), this is the dumbest post ever

    Big Ben has multiple sexual assault accusations. Good grief.

    Also, there’s no proof Rey wrote a check.. that’s the writer taking a guess. Maybe, must maybe, the other dude admitted to stirring it up.

    Oh no… that couldn’t be the reason.

    Oh one last thing: Nate Webster spent 2 years in Cincy. After being drafted and spending 4 years in Tampa.

    I mean.. just maroons on here.

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