Colts reportedly interested in trading picks, Dwight Freeney

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The transition to a 3-4 defense has left the Colts with a lot of work to do on the defensive side of the ball.

According to Peter King of, an ideal world would see them trade back from the 34th overall pick to pick up extra picks in the second and third round that they could use to address the many needs on defense. That’s not the only thing they’d do to increase their options in the draft in such an ideal world, however.

King reports that the team would “love to get a good pick” for Dwight Freeney. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about trade talks involving the 32-year-old defensive end, who would move to outside linebacker in the Colts’ new scheme. There was a lot of trade chatter after Robert Mathis signed his new deal, but nothing came of it.

We’ll see if that changes during the draft, but the market might not be strong. Freeney’s set to make $14.035 million this season, a big number for a team to take on in a trade. We could see something similar to what happened with the Falcons and Asante Samuel, but that trade only landed the Eagles a seventh-round pick. That payoff wouldn’t seem to fit the criteria laid down by King for a Freeney trade.

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  1. well if he could get a 5th round pick for d-free that would be a dream, but with his salary, he wouldve been better off releasing him , unless theres a team that alread said they would give him a pick for freeney, i guess us colts fan will wait and see

  2. I could see a team like the Ravens (who actually have a lot of immediate & long-term needs) trading out of the 1st Round to get more picks & using one of those mid-late round picks to trade for Freeney.

  3. Rookie QB? New coaching staff? New defense, with the team not yet having all the pieces to run a 3-4? Hope for the future, yeah, but GAWD, the Colts are going to stink again next season.

  4. Chicago needs to take a look at Dwight. The Bears have a few solid years left in that defense. If they’re serious about winnning now, I say you take the chance on him. You’d obviously have to renegotiate that contract. Briggs would be pissed and would ask for a trade if they paid Dwight $14 million! lol!

  5. The Lions should look at him…they could get him for the 54th pick…it makes since…they could use a better edge rusher and they run a Tampa -2 style defense…they need a better pass rusher in their division.

  6. DFree is my favorite Colt of all time, but I’d love to see him redo his contract so that he’s more trade friendly. Would love to see him win another Super Bowl. Dude is a class act and a sure HOF’er.

  7. I’m sure he would be more than open to renegotiating his deal to get far away from the team that has gutted the entire organization and won’t win enough to get out of the top three picks for the next four years. Why end your great career as a loser?

  8. Well they better get to work on contacting teams and negotiating his pay cut! No one in their right mind would trade for a old vet making that kind of coin. That was the whole basis of the Samuel trade. No way ATL does it (even for the measely 7th they gave up) without Samuel re-doing his deal. And IF the Colts are fortunate enough to find a trade partner, I highly doubt they’ll get anything more than a 5th or 6th for Freeney. Teams are smart enough to know the Colts are in a bind and will likely cut him in a few weeks so why give up anything of value for him?

  9. You heard it here first! Lions GM Martin Mayhew to trade Cliff Avril to the Patriots for one of their 2 first round draft picks and then our 2nd and 3rd round picks will go to the Colts for Freeney and the Colts 3rd round (swap positions), 4th rounder, and 7th rounder.

    Written in Stone King Arthur!

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