Cowboys consider Barron, Brockers, DeCastro, Glenn

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With the 14th pick in the NFL draft, the Cowboys seem to have settled on four players they may select: Alabama safety Mark Barron, LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers, Stanford guard David DeCastro and Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn.

That’s the word from Ian Rapoport, who has spent the week at Valley Ranch covering the Cowboys for NFL Network. Those are the four players the Cowboys seem to be giving their full attention.

It’s been widely reported that Barron is the player the Cowboys really love, but it seems unlikely that he’ll be there with the 14th pick. If the Cowboys really love Barron, they likely need to move up to take him.

If they can’t get Barron and turn their attention to Brockers, DeCastro or Glenn, however, there’s a chance the Cowboys could trade down. At least one of those three is likely to be on the board in the late teens or early twenties, so if the Cowboys can move down, acquire an additional pick and still get one of the players they prize, that would be a good option.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likes trading picks, and he said he could see making a trade tonight.

“If we had a chance to gain on it and add value, we wouldn’t hesitate at all to trade down,” Jones said. “And, again, I don’t want to be just totally generic here, but certainly if it’s there and we have an opportunity, we would give some picks and go up.”

If the Cowboys don’t trade up for Barron or roll the dice on a trade down, pencil in Brockers, DeCastro or Glenn at No. 14.

34 responses to “Cowboys consider Barron, Brockers, DeCastro, Glenn

  1. If any team allows this fragile old man to trade up and get Barron, they will for ever be my 2nd most hated team. Behind America’s Team*

    * If you live in a a trailer park located in America and still rock the Dallas Starter Jacket

  2. The “Boys must be smoking some real good stuff!

    At 14, they don’t have a prayer of a chance in getting Barron, unless of course, they ask Tebow for some divine intervention!

  3. DeCastro is a mauling guard that loves to run block, but can pass block well too. If the Cowboys want to keep balance on O and they should given the fact that Murray looks like the real deal, they should take him.

  4. Replace Glenn with someone else and you’ve got your list. People question whether DeCastro is good enough to go at #14. Glenn isn’t as good, and won’t go at #14. Not even an option unless trade down about 10-12 spots.

  5. Barron is Roy Williams 2.0. The guy can’t cover college players, he won’t fare to well in the NFL.

    He was aided by the likes of Upshaw, Hightower, and Kirkpatrick (3 other first round picks). He’ll be far less useful in the NFL. He should drop into the 20s.

  6. I say trade up and get Barron. I would rather come out of this draft with 4 players that actually improve the team then draft 8 players and either cut them or place 4 of them on the practice squad. If we can’t get Barron then grab Decastro. Just please don’t reach for Brockers or Poe. I have had enough of these developmental players. One sure thing is better than two maybes.

  7. Hopefully they’ll all be gone before JJ gets to pick and nobody trades with him so he can select another unknown bust.

  8. “Mr. Ireland, there’s a Mr. Jones on the line. Something about your 8 for his 14 plus his second rounder”.

  9. Barron is Roy Williams 2.0. The guy can’t cover college players

    You’re not supposed to sniff paint dude.

  10. It’s funny how Goddell sent out a memo to teams to keep their potential picks quiet but yet their own network is reporting this stuff (as I think they should).

  11. Recent mock drafts have SEA, KC, and BUF all taking Barron.

    And he does make sense for all of those teams.

    So if Jerry is serious about getting him, move up.

    He did it for Dez; make it happen again.

  12. I’m loving the misinformation.

    1. The Cowboys love Barron, when that’s not their guy.
    2. The other teams ahead of the Cowboys, knowing that Jones is a gambler, threatening to take Barron before the Cowboys to entice a trade.
    3. The media spreads the misinformation like wildfire and everyone in the NFL is having a good laugh at the expense of dimwitted reporters.

  13. I don’t see the Cowboys making a sexy move to move up. Brockers or DeCastro – (who will probably not be there at #14) and Harrison Smith in the second round look pretty good to me.

  14. Note to Jones. If you want to avoid yet another first round bust, my advice is to hire a band of ninjas to sneak into the Giants’ war room some time today, shoot blow darts or that sleepy-time Penguin umbrella spray in the room to knock everyone out, and then steal their draft board.

    Otherwise, we all know that whoever you draft tonight will be a Bengal in 3 years.

  15. Honestly, you have spent the last weeks telling everybody how great it is that picks will not be leaked. Then you proceed to use the day leading up to the draft to do exactly that.. Good Job

  16. Im an Eagles fan and i hate the Cowboys probably more than anyone but I honestly think they should go after DeCastro.

    Hes gonna be a pro bowl guard for the next 15 years and with the defensive line like the giants eagles and redskins have I think you gotta protect Romo as much as possible because in my opinion if you give Romo time in the pocket he can be a good QB no doubt about it.

  17. sb50

    An actual hater giving props to Romo. You are official the best Eagle/Giant/Redskin fan! Decastro would be nice, he would really round out the O line along with competition for the other guard and center. Man I would really like to get a center though. Maybe they can trade back in the 1st get Decastro, then trade up in the 2nd and pick up Harrison Smith from ND at safety? Need more secondary help.
    Please don’t touch Janoris Jenkins! Bad news…5-6 years he will be pushing Cromartie for paternity cases and likely out of the league with multiple drug busts. On 2nd thought if he falls to the 3rd, maybe?

  18. I’m sure it wont happen, but Fletcher Cox is the best case scenario for the boys. I thinks its worth giving up your 1st and 4th round picks to Jacksonville for him. That D-Line would be nasty!!! I’m just dreaming though…

  19. Jerry “wink of the eye” Jones here is what you do, hire an independent outside consultant (you are incapable of making sane football decisions) and have them find the best available GM money can buy, then whatever team he is associated with give them the pick for compensation. Let him run your team and spend your money and go set in the owner’s box and go away like EVERY other owner in the NFL. Then maybe you can turn this once storied franchise back into something other than the laughing stock it has become because of YOU!!!

  20. Just look at what super NFL insider Charley Casserly did at Houston: two first pick of the draft players, and the top pick in each of the other rounds in each of those years, and one playoff appearance. Oh, and neither top pick is still with the team.
    Yeah, an NFL insider can do a lot better than Jerry, NOT

  21. daysend564 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 12:24 PM
    Barron is Roy Williams 2.0. The guy can’t cover college players, he won’t fare to well in the NFL.

    He was aided by the likes of Upshaw, Hightower, and Kirkpatrick (3 other first round picks). He’ll be far less useful in the NFL. He should drop into the 20s.


    the same can be said of any of those players benifiting each other, a good safety usually covers up for others mistakes…not the other way around. Barron is a stud.

    Cowboys and Dolphins swap 1st’s and Miami gets a 3rd…….Cmon Jerry make it happen

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