Dolphins have discussed trade down with “at least” three teams


Numerous reports and predictions Thursday have confidently claimed that the Dolphins will use the eighth pick in the draft to reunite quarterback Ryan Tannehill with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, Tannehill’s college coach. At the same time, there is a realistic — and reportedly growing — possibility that the Dolphins will never make the eighth pick.

Citing multiple club sources, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have spoken to “at least three teams about moving back.” Salguero states that this “definitely has a chance” of happening.

If the Dolphins aren’t sold on Tannehill as a franchise quarterback, they should pass on him. Adding picks to move out of the eighth spot would make that decision even more appealing.

It just might not go over too well with the owner.

38 responses to “Dolphins have discussed trade down with “at least” three teams

  1. This is the best move they can make……If they trade down they obviously gain an extra pick and Ryan Tannehill will most likely still be there in the mid teens. Once Miami passes at 8 it will freak other teams out considering that Mike Sherman is Miami’s OC

  2. If Stephen Ross wants Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins are going to choose Tannehill.

    Any other selection at 8, or even a trade down, proves your reports to be completely wrong.

  3. Good job miami! Trade down, get extra picks, and get a good pick later in the first round maybe even tannehill…

  4. I think Stephen Ross might finally get it. The Dolphins know deep down that Tannehill is not a top 10 talent and if they drafted him at #8 they would have to play him sometime this season. And I honestly don’t see any team trading up to grab Tannehill. He will slide tonight. Watch.

  5. Seeing as how I haven’t heard of one other team who is willing to use that high a pick on Tannehill, maybe they think they can trade back and still get him.

    Makes sense. Which means they won’t do it.

  6. I’d like to go back to my previous post on Dolphins v Tannehill;

    “Dolphins Plan to Draft Someone” (check)

    Quote Miami Herald (check)

    Finish with a Ross comment (check)

    I’m telling you, I’m the next Ms. Cleo

  7. This is what I fear as a Panthers fan. I think we may need the Dolphins to stay put and reach on Tannehill in order for one of the elite talents to fall to us at #9. Damn coin toss…

  8. Unless studs like Luck, RG3, Blackmon, Kahlil or Richardson fall to #8, the Dolphins should trade down. Especially if they are targeting Tannehill. There are too many holes to fill on this team & you can use the extra picks.

  9. Armando has no idea what he’s talking about…. However if hell just froze over and he’s not drunk and he’s correct… Then good for the phins…. It doesn’t pay to spend all those bucks on first rounders when you can get more at the lower rounds and get more rolls of the dice for the same bucks….

  10. Those two schmucks couldn’t get people to follow them out of a burning building. The Dolphins are doomed as long as they’re in charge.

  11. Pats trade with Seattle for 12th pick. This enables the eagles to trade for the 8th pick (cox) and the Dolphins get THill at 15 plus another pick!!!! Just sayin!

  12. I could see the Chargers trading with Miami. They want Barron badly, that would put Miami infront of the Browns second 1st rd pick where Tannehill should still be available.

  13. Of course Ireland will talk to teams about trading down, that’s what GM’s do..

  14. @ billsfaninmiami, this article was written about what the dolphins are trying to do in this years draft. why should they as you put it. enough about the dolphins. take your buffalo loving butt on a site that deals with the bills then. cant understand why all these jets , patriots and bills fans all feel their opinions really mean anything anyways. with the exception of new england, none of the afore mentioned teams have done diddly just like the fins.

  15. If Blackmon and Floyd are gone, then this is what we should do. If one or both are still there we have to take one of them with the pick. If we could trade back and still get Floyd and gain a pick that would be ideal.

  16. eaglesx24 says: Apr 26, 2012 5:07 PM

    If they trade down it may be the Stupidest thing the dolphins have ever done …
    Disagree. Now that the hype has started to die down, there doesn’t appear to be too many potential landing spots for Tannehill…at least not high in the first round. Even if Tannehill is their guy, the Dolphins can most likely trade down and pick up extra picks and still get Tannehill. Who is going to swoop in and steal him? The Chiefs might be interested in developing him as a replacement for Cassel, but they have other more pressing needs and they wouldn’t be using Tannehill this season anyway. So, if the Dolphins move back they could probably still get Tannehill (for less money) and get more picks to fill in other holes on their roster.

  17. doug1grohlin says:
    Apr 26, 2012 6:17 PM
    They can trade their spot to the Bears for two 3rd rounds.

    Y0u won’t be making jokes next season when Marshall drops ball after ball after ball. You have to see who Miami drafts before you can determine the team that got the better end of the deal.

  18. I would have put all my Fins gear in a box if they take a 2-3 year project qb at 8. Playmaker required for a top ten pick, oh wait, now Ireland is going to hedge his bet. He doesn’t even have the stones to take best available.. wow the Fins must not have many needs..

    Ireland built a “power” team with a focus on defense… how’d that work out? 1 playoff appearance. Now Ross is trusting him to build a West Coast offense with… I don’t know what on defense.

    Word is out on Ireland. He’s a clod. Doesn’t give respect to vets and asks rookies about their mothers being hookers… who would want to come here, the free agents that have come here during his tenure haven’t had other comparative options.

    It’s a joke… Mr. Ross, the real fans don’t want a club to party in at the stadium instead of watching the game, they don’t care about celebrity owners, and we certainly don’t care about just getting any QB… we want to win or go down guns blazing like the Marino years.

    Get rid of Ireland already. Bill Polian is out there, plenty of proven guys are out there. Please look at Ireland in Dallas and here, how many playoff wins? appearances? You would have had everyone’s attention by cleaning house completely. Instead you kept the head and had surgery on the body… and holy cow, an unproven coach that wasn’t even calling plays as an offensive coordinator. Who was heading up that search? Oh yea, the guy who needs to go… and anyone with half a reputation wouldn’t want to work with the guy.. because of his league wide reputation.

    Ireland has been on the local talk radio lately, and he doesn’t come off much better when he tries to communicate to fans.

    Results alone Mr. Ross… he doesn’t build winners even with Parcells… he hasn’t landed anyone significant in free agency and he certainly isn’t building a team like the Packers or the old Colts through the draft… why doesn’t his performance specifically speak to the reason the Fins are now a fringe franchise. Sad.

  19. Why do they bring in horrible QB’s year after year and complain about them not being able to replace Marino? As I’ve said before, it would be better to take a shot and miss than to not take a shot at all. Take Tannehill with your first round pick this year and see how it plays out, they have to take a QB with upside in round 1 instead of all these generic bums they’ve invested second round picks in the last 10 years that did nothing.

  20. Jeff should call his buddy Jerry jones sitting at 14 and get some picks or even players for that matter and either have a chance to draft m. Floyd or tannybust. I rather see Floyd. Makes sense for both teams. Cowgirls get Barron the safety and we get FLOYD

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