Dolphins take Tannehill at No. 8


With the eighth pick in the first round of the NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins taking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill made too much sense not to happen. And it did happen.

The Dolphins took Tannehill with their first-round draft pick, making him the first passer they’ve chosen in the first round since Dan Marino in 1983.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was urging G.M. Jeff Ireland to select Tannehill after the team missed out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn in free agency, Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill’s coach at Texas A&M, and Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin has a good reputation for working with young quarterbacks. There were a lot of reasons for this to be the Dolphins’ pick.

Now the question is how quickly Tannehill — who played wide receiver his first two college seasons and still needs some seasoning as a passer — can get up to speed and get to work turning around a franchise that has needed a quarterback for a long, long time.

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  1. There is not one bit of credible proof saying “Ross urged Ireland to take him” Please provide a source like any highschool student can do when citing a paper.

  2. Only attempting to stir up more media narrative to say hes not allowing his gm to do his job when he always says hes in charge.

  3. Love the pick or hate the pick (Iam not too big a fan of it) it is time to support Tannehill and hope he is the second coming of Marino. It is disappointing that he was booed at the podium but I kind of expected as much.

    Frustrated fan base=booing any pick Miami made.

  4. Now what are they going to do with Barkley next year?

    I’ll be surprised if the Fins win a game…

  5. I guess they don’t want to make splash. Back to the middle of the pack. Or less.

  6. The Dolphins took Tannehill with their first-round draft pick, making him the first passer they’ve chosen in the first round since Dan Marino in 1983.

    The first difference in the inevitable Marino comparasion is the fact that Marino was picked 27th, and there were only 28 teams back then.

  7. Just goes to show you why the Dolphins couldn’t land Peyton. They just don’t think like a football team. They bowed to mgmt pressure and fan pressure. Bad pick.

    (I hope I’m wrong, but I probably won’t be. You don’t take projects in the top 10, you take proven players or outstanding athletes)

  8. You aren’t getting anywhere without a good QB these days so I don’t blame them, gotta take a shot. He’s gonna be horrible though if they don’t give him any support. No WR”s or TE on that team.

  9. We had more information on this kid than any other team. It amazes me how many arm chair GM’s think they have this all figured out. QB’s don’t grow on trees. This kid has talent and just needs for his development to be managed properly. Watched him play every weekend. Tremendous athlete, high character, intelligent, beat RG3 in a shootout, accurate, mobile. He also had crap receivers and a terrible defense.

  10. Athletic, mobile, strong arm, accurate, high character, intelligent….beat RG3, had crappy receivers and a bad defense. Yep, sounds like a crappy pick;)…..QB’s don’t grow on trees. If they manage his development, then the ‘Phins have themselves a player.

  11. You have to take a chance sometimes. Nobody wins in this league anymore without an elite QB. Hopefully, if he’s brought along slowly, he’ll be the guy.

  12. This is a QB league and they needed a QB. If the coaches wanted him then it isn’t a bad pick and all of the arguments against this kid are based on a lack of experience. Sanchez and Newton both had less starts in college the only difference was they played on teams with a lot more talent so they won more games. This kid has possibly the strongest arm in the draft, is very accurate, has intelligence and an incredible amount of upside. Also with Sherman as his coach he can keep learning the same system he was learning in college. Why not pick him?? The defense was already the strength of the team last year, all of Green Bay’s receivers were unknowns until they blossomed in Philbin’s offense. They might be taking a chance but so are the Redskins at 2 RGIII is coming out of a spread offense who knows if he can make the transition from bubble screens to actually reading a defense.

  13. My biggest problem with this pick is what do we do next year as Matt Barkley is looking us square in the eye? Miami was the only team Tannehill made since to be drafted by in the top 10.

  14. bchapman2011 says: “It is disappointing that he was booed at the podium but I kind of expected as much.
    Frustrated fan base=booing any pick Miami made.”

    You do realize the Draft is held in New York, right?

    The namesake of the team that plays one state over? AKA Jersey B team?

    I’ve never seen a single televised Dolphins draft pick which WASN’T booed… and as a fan for over 40 years, I’ve seen quite a few of them. 🙂

  15. Finns are stupid this guy is not a pure qb everything he does is calculated you gotta flow freely in rhe big league he will panic as soon as he feels the rush of de’s and that will be his downfall in week 3 that is .

  16. Chad Henne, Pat White, and now a college wide receiver who plays QB. Three strikes, you’re out, Ireland!

  17. How come you lot on here know so much about Ryan Tannerhill??
    Worry about your own teams, and the Dolphins will worry about theirs. I’ve never read such garbage
    from these comments on here.

  18. Miami should have attempted to extend Moore’s contract prior to the draft as a safety blanket. He will never resign now that Miami is married to Tannehill.

  19. I am excited about this pick. Joe Philbin knows more about quarterbacks than anyone on this site. If anyone can turn Tannehill into a stud it’s Joe. I believe in Joe Philbin.

  20. As A Miami fan this pick excites me. Sure, they could have gone the safer route with a high floor, low ceiling defensive lineman who has a moderate impact on the overall success of the team, but they took at shot at the home run pick, someone who could end up being one of the better QB’s in the league in the long run. Let’s be honest, Miami is going to be an average team this year and can afford to let this kid develop and give him the time he needs to become the QB of the future. Now let’s get him someone to throw the ball to and some help on the right side of the O-Line.

  21. The reason players don’t want to come to Miami is not because of Ireland or Ross, it is because of the fans. The guy has yet to take a single snap and you guys all but call this guy a bust. Lets start acting like true fans and start supporting the players on the team.

  22. He was booed by the Jets fans in attendance, which is funny because now the Dolphins have 3 QBs that could start over any of the current Jets QBs.

  23. Exellent Pick Miami. Here are some facts;
    Ben Roethlisberger- 11th pick
    Aaron Rodgers-24th pick
    Drew Brees-32nd pick
    Tony Romo-undrafted
    Tom Brady-199th pick

    Point is that the powers that be that made this decision for Miami have forgotten more about football than anybody on this site. That’s why they are the ones making the decisions and you are reading my dribble. They rolled the dice and made a business decision. It could be a good one, it could be a great one or it could be a bust, you never know. Just sit back and let it unfold. You have absolutely no control over it so why get so wrapped up in it. I have no clue how most of you make it through life. Go Fins!

  24. Lots of naysayers. Give the kid a chance. He may turn out to be a very capable QB. He has a ton of talent and he’s smart as well. If the HC/OC/GM think he is good enough to draft at #8, I’m OK with it. At least they got who they wanted instead of moving around and not getting a guy they want. Many Miami fans were mad that they could have had Sergio Kindle but didn’t take him. That guy has not made a tackle so far. Nobody knows who will work out and who wont. Let it all play out and then complain…if it is warranted.

  25. pafinfan72 says: Apr 26, 2012 11:15 PM

    With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins pick……
    It was neither original or funny the first time you posted this.


  26. thefiesty1 says: Apr 26, 2012 9:06 PM

    Change their name to the Miami Reach. They could of had him in round 3.
    Weeden was taken at #22, so that would make you completely wrong, not to mention incompetent.

    Don’t quit your day job.

  27. Sad thing about an opinion is that even a novice gets one. You do not have to prove any sort of knowledge to share one. Most of you want QB with a bunch of college experience like a Henne or Brady Quinn or maybe a QB with all the nice accolades like a Vince Young or Matt Leinhart. Most of you HATE QBs that have to sit and learn…..guess you HATE Brady and Arod (best 2 in the game). All I’m saying is most of you sound dumb calling this kid a reach…..if 3 years from now he is garbage you walk away no harm but playing guessing games with second round QBs is for the birds. Numbers do not lie but they can deceive you…..19 starts isn’t bad if you look as good as he does. Choosing a QB is a guessing game most times, Tannehill haters sit tight!!!!!!!!!

  28. All draft picks use to sit a few years before they started. Nothing wrong with him sitting behind Moore and Garrard and learning for a year or two then starting. Aaron Rodgers sat for 3 years before getting the chance to start

  29. That was a bit of a reach. I’m not that happy buty now it’s reality and I have to live with it. I would like to see us use the extra 3rd rnd pick to maybe trade back in to the 2nd rnd for another pick or ppossibly use for next year. We need to definately go defense day 2. Maybe a WR but that’s about it. I keep telling myself to be patient.

  30. Post Marino this team, THE CHICAGO CUBS OF THE NFL, has had a poor draft history. Let’s review:

    Jackie Shiip, Jay Brophy, John Bosa, Rick Graf, Eric Kumerow, SAMMIE “THE FUMBLER” SMITH, Ted Ginn!

    Mike Sherman coached him in college, so it would have been a red flag had they not taken him. Yes, he is a project, and only time will tell, but this team needed to do something.

  31. I think last year proved that if your really high on a QB it’s not a bad thing to “reach”. This kid is Tebow with an accurate strong arm. Lets wait and see what happens.

  32. To all the idiots on this forum bashing this pick. 1) Winning records do not apply to QB’s entering the nfl. If that was the scenerio Linart would have a Superbowl Ring already… and he blew!!! 2) Experience at QB also does not apply at the next level… if that was the scenerio Chad Henne (4 year college starter) would be the best qb in the league.

    That sums it up. Now that you read that – seeing a 16 game experienced Qb with a 6-6 2011 win/lose record doesn’t seem all that bad.

  33. Moore should still start… he was playing great when he wasn’t running for his life…. he earned his shot…

  34. Great pick. tannehill is a 2-fer. We need a QB and a wide receiver, so we got both with one pick.

  35. Dolphins Mr. Ross is urging bloggers everywhere to disenrole at PFT,,,yo Florriooo any truth to this development? Ross is urging Obama to get a birth certificate,,,is that true? Once u guys get lie in your teeth you wont let it go.
    Tannehill, I was hopeing this was another PFT lie,,,er,,or,,misprint.

  36. NOT HIM! Trade down… get another pick or two… Yes we need a QB… but don’t take one cause he is the only one left… that’s like when last call is made at a bar and going home with a ugly chick cause she is the only one left.

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