Freeney says he’s happy at linebacker

AP’s Peter King reported/hinted earlier Thursday that the Indianapolis Colts would be open to trading defensive end Dwight Freeney during the draft. King says the Colts would want a “good pick” for their all-time sack leader, however, and Freeney is going to be difficult to move with a $14.035 million base salary at age 32.

Freeney participated in his first offseason practice under the Colts’ new coaching staff on Thursday. He took reps at outside linebacker in Chuck Pagano’s new 3-4 defense, and indicated afterwards that he’s happy with the position switch and to be staying in Indy.

It’s fun right now, at least, just doing something different,” Freeney said, according to the Indianapolis Star. “I’ve been doing one way for, what, 10 years going on 11 years. It’s kind of fun to do something different.”

Freeney called Pagano’s defense a “rush-friendly type of scheme, which I love.”

There’s perhaps still an outside chance the Colts will look to deal Freeney on Friday or Saturday, but they have enough salary cap space to keep him and are a better team with Freeney on the roster. Still pressuring the quarterback at a high level, Freeney recorded 8.5 sacks and a pair of forced fumbles last season.

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  1. we wont get a high pick for him, at best a 6th or 7th round, but no team has salary to take on 14 million dollar one dimensional DE right now

  2. No wonder the Colts are choosing first in the draft & coming off a 2-win season ….. I mean, $14.035 million base salary for a rush specialist who’s 32 & past his prime ….. Maybe the Colts want the first pick in the 2013 draft also.

  3. 32 years old and still the best pass rusher in the game. Period. Talk about his numbers all you want…hard to geta sack when teams run down your throat for 4 quarters. Freeneys worth goes WELL beyond his sack/forced fumble numbers. The guy provides inevitable pressure to the qb….even against the best LTs. Rule #1 as a DE…sack the qb. Rule #2…if you can’t get a sack…provide enough pressure to force a bad throw or at least make him uncomfortable. Givin the state of the Colts offense last season…and the ease teams found by running the ball…he should be acclaimed for getting 9 sacks. There are plenty of DEs half his age…on better teams….that didn’t have 9 sacks and 2 FFs. I can’t waint for Freeney to move to OLB and decimate. 32. Still faster than most. Great pass rusher. And the athletisicm to learn coverages. League…be afraid. The world has never seen a Colts defense worth being afraid of…but be prepared…

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