Giants end first round with running back David Wilson


A fast-paced first round of the 2012 NFL draft came to an end with the Super Bowl champion New York Giants selecting Virginia Tech running back David Wilson.

Giants G.M. Jerry Reese has a well-earned reputation for building the Giants’ roster through the draft, and Wilson appears to be just the right kind of pick: He fills a need that was created by the departure of running back Brandon Jacobs in free agency, and although Wilson is much smaller than Jacobs, he’s a powerful runner who breaks tackles in addition to having good speed.

Wilson has some deficiencies in the passing game and probably won’t see much action on passing downs, but he’s a good short yardage runner and will make a difference in the Giants’ offense.

And with that, Day One of the draft is in the books. With six rounds to go, PFT will continue to be your place for non-stop NFL draft news.

43 responses to “Giants end first round with running back David Wilson

  1. Great pick, stronger runner than Bradshaw and much much quicker. Also great returner. Giants got there RB of the future RB. Can’t wait to see this guy play.

  2. Wilson’s good, but again, when another round of 5th round/UDFA backs produce at the exact same level as the early rounders, I’ll be chuckling.

  3. The Mets swept the Marlins,The Knicks closed out the regular season with a victory, and the Rangers won a game 7 today on my birthday and then the Giants gave me another present in the form of a stud running back in Wilson, Happy birthday to me.

    Great day to be a New York Fan. All In.

  4. Not crazy about it. Thought Martin would be a great pick at that spot but with the Bucs jumping in and taking him the Giants should have taken Glen or one of the Linebackers.

    To take an RB after Martin after letting the time run down smacked of desperation to me.

    Hope to hell I’m wrong.

  5. When all is said in done, Wilson will be the best running-back in this class.

    He’s an every down back who is really good at breaking tackles. Many larger backs flame out in the NFL because they can’t break tackles and go down on first contact. Wilson never goes down on first contact and is very athletic.

    I never could understand why Wilson was projected in the second or even third round.

  6. I was upset at first with this pick, felt they panicked with Martin pick by Tampa. But upon further review it’s not bad, he has nearly the same grade as Martin and highest guy left on the board in Glenn was only an 88. The next highest rated RB was 74.5, I certainly didn’t want Fleener as I think he is horribly overrated, especially considering the dearth of talent in the late 2nd-3rd– many of the tight ends will be solid and Fleener is overrated because of his combine and TE’s this year. Probably would have rather had Lavonte David of Glenn, maybe even a converted upshaw, but still a sold pick considering how little talent there is at running back further down.

  7. All I heard all week was how great the Giants Gm is. How he has built 2 Superbowl champions by drafting the “best player available”.

    This pick clearly shows thats a load of crap. There is NO WAY Wilson was the “best player available”.

  8. I trust Reese, said earlier that he thought that there was a lot of players they graded as same. This is a need position and with NFC east getting strong at CB, this is a move to put pressure on LB. Andre Brown is probably gone and Ware to me has not lived up to expectations. Bradshaw missed games and has foot problems. Obviously the Giants didn’t like the guys left in the draft room and felt that TE/OL they could get later. Reese has not missed on 1st rounders, great move.

  9. Considering how the Giants seem to create strong RB’s out of thin air, seems a bit of a waste to use their 1st round pick on a RB.

  10. Guess what folks? The Giants GM who has contributed to two titles in 5 years knows more about scouting football players than everyone on this site combined will know in all of our combined lifetimes. In Reese we trust! Welcome to the Giants, Mr. Wilson.

  11. F*** you, adam shefter. thanks for announcing all the picks before they happened. it’s like the a-hole who tells you what’s in the christmas gift seconds before you open it.

  12. “Change title:
    Giants panic and select a 3rd round RB.”

    Which Super Bowls did the team you GM for win, again? How many Pro Bowlers have you drafted? Just want make sure I have your record straight so we can compare you and JR head to head. When are you assclowns going to realize that you know NOTHING about a draft pick’s future success until after the guy plays in his first couple of NFL seasons.

  13. Who the hell really knows how Wilson will pan out? He could be another, healthier Bradshaw or he could be another Scott or he could be anything in-between.

    One thing we know. Coughlin hates backs that fumble and can’t pick up blitzes and I don’t believe for a moment that Wilson was ranked ahead of Martin and was at the absolute top of the Giants’ draft board when picked. General Managers and coaches lie, especially when the alternative of telling the truth about preferring Martin over Wilson is not an option.

  14. He’s a good player, but not in the 1st round. This has all the makings of a “panic” move, after Doug Martin was drafted just ahead of them.

  15. No team ‘panics’ when the player they had rated top isnt there. They simply take the next guy in line. Giants have enough picks to move up int he 2nd and get a OL. Patience young grasshoppas.

  16. Yeah. Those clueless Giants don’t know what they’re doing. What a stupid franchise. No wonder they never win anything. Losers.

  17. “there is no way Wilson is the best pick available”
    I dont care.
    Because he will help lead us to the next super bowl championmship!!
    Go giants!!

  18. Another hokie/redskin here so take w/ a grain of salt if u like.
    First…not many better character guys in the draft. Yes ma’am, no ma’am type that was loved in the locker room.
    Also not many better athletes in the draft. Was part of a national champion relay track team. So although he’s 40 was lower than expected, don’t sweat that.
    Also a load to bring down…again…great athlete.
    His only knock is vision and that could be biased. The homies o-line was bad last year so there wasn’t much to see. That’s also where the knock of ‘tries to do too much’ comes from. If not much is there, a back gets frustrated and tries to do too much…not enough north/south, too much east/west.
    With the giants coaching, I think he’s gonna thrive (which sucks). And he will be the star of multiple sportscenter highlights.
    If you have young kids, he’s known for going out of his way for autographs and to help the youth so try and get them in front of him.
    I wish nothing but luck to him. I hope he does great, but the giants finish below the redskins for once. Hey a guy can dream.

  19. 990 yards of rushing AFTER making contact with a defender. NO ONE better in the entire NCAA. Yeah, I’ll take that. Jam the line, watch Nicks and Cruz shred your D. Lay back in coverage, watch Wilson break your LB’s arm tackle and go for an extra five yards. Stack the line and double the WRs and Eli finds Bennett. Got no issue with that at all.

  20. If that’s who Reese had as the top rated player then i’m happy with the pick, we were dead last in rushing last yr so how can giants fans not like this pick?

  21. I don’t know college players, but I do know Reese. And I trust he’ll make the right decision. We shall all see in the near future.

  22. Just hope Wilson is more like Rodney Hampton than Ron Dayne, Jarrod Bunch, Bitch Woolfolk, George Adams, and Tyrone Wheatly!

    Go Giants!

  23. great pick. never reach, take the best player available.


    thank you Eddie Accorsi for teaching Reese how to draft.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  24. As a redskins fan I don’t like this , this guy is gonna be their #1 back by mid season . Ugh . But hard not to root for a guy like this . Great pick .

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