Giants sign Shaun Rogers


The Giants decided not to wait until Thursday night to add a player to their roster.

The team announced Thursday afternoon that they have signed free agent defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. No terms of the deal have been announced.

Rogers spent the 2011 season in New Orleans where he played all 16 games and started four times. Rogers started his career as a second-round pick of the Lions in 2001 and made two Pro Bowls while he was playing in Detroit. He was traded to the Browns in 2008 and made a third Pro Bowl that season, but he broke his leg in 2009 and his play has steadily slipped from there.

He profiles as a depth player for the Giants and his addition could signal that the Giants will be looking at other positions during the draft. They have Chris Canty, Linval Joseph and Marvin Austin to go with Rogers at defensive tackle.

23 responses to “Giants sign Shaun Rogers

  1. Good big body in the middle for the Giants. He isn’t the player he was when he came into the league, but if he’s motivated, he’ll provide some nice depth and take on double teams on the interior line.

  2. Horrible signing for many other teams but since the G Men sign him it’s a great move (rolls eyes).

  3. Hes washed up..He played for the saints last year and had 14 tackles the whole season.No sacks,no fumbles no interceptions.WHat he is still good for because of his size running back will run to the left or right instead of the middle.So he keeps running backs from going up the middle.He isn’t worth it to me though.Im glad the saints didn’t resign him and picked up Brodrick Bunkley from Denver instead.Goodluck giants.Hopefully your not just making him richer like the Saints.

  4. Last I checked the Aints’ played very well against the run last year. Giants got a good rotational player in Rodgers. That franchise knows what its doing.

  5. cakemixa says:
    Apr 26, 2012 5:04 PM
    Easily one of the most useless players in the NFL.

    So was Gerard Warren before he became a Patriot. I’ll take the Super Bowl winning GM’s advice before a “fan analysis” ANYTIME.

    You people are hilarious….do you actually hear yourselves? Like you even play the game.

    LMAO! You pass protect or pick up a blitz v. Rogers. Go ahead.

  6. They didn’t sign him to be a starter…he is a second stringer and a decent one at that. The giants run 3 and 4 DEs on the field a good amount…they aren’t lookin at him to be a difference maker, just a fillin. But I guess that amounts to a decent player a bit past his prime being a horrible signing. Perhaps an Albert haynesworthless pickup would have been viewed better…

  7. I like it. ….I mean all things considering, are you really going to get a guy like rogers in the draft….still plenty of quality UFA;s out there. This is the weakest draft class in a long long long time. These first rounders are 3rd rounders

  8. You people?? You need to get your mind right Tatum. The fans make this all possible. The day fans stop obsessing over this game is the day none of this is possible anymore. No more salaries, no more endorsement money… Basically back to being nothing. It begins and ends with the fans… The names on the jerseys change every year.

  9. Giants fans have easily surpassed the Packers fans as the most annoying in the NFL…fact…makes you want to cheer for Rex Ryan…..such bottom feeders…

  10. neauxgeaux44 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 7:26 PM
    Giants fans have easily surpassed the Packers fans as the most annoying in the NFL…fact…makes you want to cheer for Rex Ryan…..such bottom feeders…


    Why, because your sole Super Bowl “win” has an asterisk next to it lmao? And you hate the Packers because you can’t beat them? Makes sense, this drivel from you.

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