If Bucs love Trent Richardson, Vikings could get their man and more

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All the reports out of Minnesota suggest that the Vikings have three players they’re considering with the third overall pick: USC left tackle Matt Kalil, Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon and LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. If the Vikings have equal grades on all three guys, the perfect scenario would be to trade down just far enough that they can be sure they’ll get one of those three.

A trade with the Buccaneers would be just the deal to do that.

Alabama running back Trent Richardson appears to be a player the Bucs, with the fifth overall pick, absolutely love. But he also appears to be a player the Browns, with the fourth overall pick, absolutely love. And so a Bucs-Vikings trade is the only way for the Bucs to get ahead of the Browns and get Richardson. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that’s exactly what the Buccaneers are considering: Jumping up two spots and taking Richardson before the Browns can get a chance at him.

That would likely leave the Browns taking Claiborne, and then the Vikings would still get their pick of Kalil or Blackmon. If the Vikings got Kalil, the man they’ve been projected to get all along, and also got an extra pick later in the draft from the Buccaneers to move down, that would be a great piece of draft-day deal-making. What we don’t know is whether the Bucs really love Richardson enough that they’re willing to give up a later pick just to move up two spots. But if they do, the Vikings could get their man, and get something more.

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  1. I expect at least 6 teams to be drafting higher or lower than they are right now….

  2. I really love the intrigue in the days leading up to the draft. Frankly, if the bucs can spend a 3rd to move up and take Richardson, they probably should. I have little faith in Blount remaining a law abiding citizen.

  3. As life long fan of “The Purple”, we don’t get this kind of deal, ever. It would be awesome, but as likely as me winning the lottery and pitching in on the cost of a new stadium.

  4. Browns would definitely take Blackmon instead of Claiborne in that situation.

  5. I kind of wonder about the new point scale. I think it would be expected that there be a second or third round pick involved. But if you’re the Vikings, and you can get the guy you really wanted to get (Kalil) and even a high fourth-rounder, isn’t that a great move as opposed to getting Kalil and nothing else, regardless of the “point value” of the draft pick you get?

  6. Why would the Bucs give up picks to move up 2 spots? It doesn’t make sense.
    They will get a top grade pick just sitting pat.

  7. There is no reason for the Bucs to trade up and get Richardson. They have a young back in Blount and he has proved he can perform in the NFL. Use that pick to improve your old defense or add another playmaker for Josh Freeman. You can add a premier WR like Blackmon or Mike Floyd to pair with Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson. Don’t over think it Bucs!

  8. I really got a feeling that someone is going to trade for the Vikes pick. I wouldn’t be opposed to the Vikes trading with the Bills and picking up Gilmore or Floyd in their spot.

  9. At this point, should we believe any of these reports? I think not. For all we know, the Vikings may like Richardson themselves, or some other off-the-radar player.

  10. Sure, we will trade the 5th pick, Aqib Talib and a 5th round next year for the 3rd pick.

    Vikings get a CB who may or may not play due to suspension, but when on his game is very good, and we get the workhorse RB that Coach Schiano wants.

    Thats a trade I would make, and the Vikes are probably dumb enough to fall for it.

  11. …if your the vikes and kalil is your guy, gotta just take him at 3. If the bills are looking to trade up for kalil, their first and second should be enough to swap with the browns on the trade chart, who I’m sure would happily trade back especially if the bucs steal Richardson from them a pick before. Unless the Vikings truly have no preference which I don’t believe.

  12. If this happens, what is the possibilty of the Browns trading the pick to Buffalo at 10, who seems to want Kalil, and taking Michael Floyd if available and picking up additional picks.

  13. I can’t remember where I read it, but someone pointed out why RBs are such a waste of a high pick. By the time guys like Blackmon, Claiborne and Kalil are 30, they’ll all be entering their primes and still producing well. Richardson and other RBs will likely be on their last legs. Seriously I can’t remember a running back not named Curtis Martin lead the league in rushing after 30. Running backs are the simply not valuable enough to warrant high picks.

  14. I think the Browns would go Blackmon for the offensive playmaker rather than Claiborne since they already have a decent secondary.

  15. I foresee Tampa jumping up for Richardson, Cleveland going with Blackmon over Claiborne, then the Vikes getting Clairborne with the 5th pick.

    And then another 4 or 5 moves in the first round:
    Pats, Ravens, Bengals, NYJ and maybe another.

  16. I would drive down to 1Buc and b__ slap Mark Dominick. How about getting MORE picks this year… The most impatient GM in the league, trades up every year.

  17. I can’t remember the last time the Bucs drafted an exciting player or play maker…. Maybe Cadillac Williams several years ago which isn’t on the roster any longer…. If the Bucs do get Trent Richardson they will have increased HOPE for that team and their chances for wins this season….. IF not then this season will probably be more of the same!

  18. If I were the Packers I’d be on the phone withy eh Browns trying to trade up for Kalil.

  19. Bucs-Vikes trade is gonna happen. Bucs move up to #3 and take Richardson for their 2nd round pick, Vikings move to #5 and take either Kalil or Claiborne (would not be surprised to see the Browns take Blackmon if Richardson isn’t there).

  20. Actually, Spielman is genius for creating an artificial draft market. He never shows his hand,but in this case he has everyone believing we like 3players equally. Both Cleveland and Tampa want the richardson and Claiborne, but if Tampa doesn’t move up, they get neither because Spielman is pointing everyone toward Claiborne. This is a win for everyone because they get one of the players they want and we get our choice of blackmon or Khalil. Which I think will be Khalil. Genius!!!

  21. The BUCS can’t do this! We need to much to give away any picks (not to mention we don’t have a 4th!). Stay where you are or trade back to get MORE picks please. Vikes take Kalil, Browns take Rich, and we take Claiborne! This is our biggest need and his coach is here to play him to his strengths. There may not be a Richardson later, but there are Rb’s that can compliment Blount. Remember we have an excelent front line (see: Nicks addition) and we all know great front lines can make average (or below radar) RB’s look great (see: Denver’s rotating probowlers over the years). Can’t wait for tonight!

  22. If the Browns go defense with their first pick, I’ll lose it! They need offensive players; RB, WR, RT…they need to fill at least one of these positions in the first round before going defense.

  23. Julius Peppers, Clay Mathews, Kyle Vandenbosh/Cliff Avril. The Vikings better select Kalil or they can expect to scrap Ponder from the turf frequently. Protect your franchise QB.

  24. Sounds like the Vikes don’t really want to make a decision on those 3 players.

  25. Or the jets will come flying in, heard they were at least interested. Kind of like what they did to get sanchez. I like that idea, but i think 16 is a down the list a little too far. depends what we get in return i guess.

  26. Would be a great move for the bucs, I’ve been saying the same thing for months, Blount is not a 3 down back, Richardson is the perfect fit for Tampa!

  27. Better case scenario would be to convince the Browns that the trade with the Bucs is going to happen, and only move back to #4 overall and not have to worry about Cleveland trading out to a team that wants Kalil.

    Either that, or fleece the Jets for a their 1st this year and next, plus at least their 2nd and 3rd this year as well. The Vikings need a lot of help, and this would give them the ability to not only move up in the first round, or back into it again…and get two 1st rounders next year.

    Armchair and unlikely, but stranger things have happened…it’s just usually the Vikings are on the wrong side of Hershel Walker.

  28. I swear, if we trade up to get a RB and lose a high pick when there are about 10 other RBs we could take in the 2nd or 3rd round, I will rage. I realize none of them are on Trent’s level, but that certainly doesn’t make them bad and we can’t be throwing picks away when our defense alone has at least 5 holes that need to be filled. We should be looking to get MORE picks, not lose them.

    Richardson is great, but he can’t fill 2-3 LB positions, CB, or safety. If he falls to us I won’t throw a fit if we take him, but by no means should we give up any early picks to go get him.

  29. I like the intrigue building up to the draft, but what is the source of this story? But if I am Tampa..I am not trading up..Seems like a lot of stories about the Vikings wanting to trade down in the draft.

  30. That would be great for this to happen. Which means it probably won’t. Just take kalil. He’s a need and solid. But damn that trade of picks would be nice

  31. As a longtime Vikings fan I see us trading up to #2 with Washington, giving up our #3 pick, 2nd rounder this year, 3rd rounder this year, 1st next year and then selecting the Gophers kicker.

  32. Last year, I correctly predicted the first twelve picks of the draft (after those 12, its very dicey every year). I even had Ponder at 12, and Julio Jones at 6 to someone other than Cleveland. But this year is quite different.

    For having the first two picks sewn up months in advance (despite the Redskins swooping in), this draft has plenty of intrigue.

    Calvin Johnson, all the Packers, and Brandon Marshall. The Vikings need Claiborne.

    Julius Peppers, KVB/Avril, and the Packers LBs. The Vikings need Kalil.

    You could argue that the Vikings need upgrades on 18 out of 22 starters. The Vikings need to trade down.

    Who knows?

  33. This (unlike a lot of other scenarios and “reports” proposed on this site lately) seems plausible. Bucs have obviously been out as big buyers lately and if this truly is the guy they want, I don’t see their current decision makers shying away from making a deal. Bucs get their guy, Vikes get their guy and more pics. Big wins all around.

  34. The Browns most likely should draft the W.R.
    If they choose the R.B. that would be horrible.

  35. The best move for the Bucs is to let Cleveland take T Rich after Minnesota takes Claiborne, then trade down with Buffalo so they can select Kalil. Then With the 10’th pick the Bucs select Mark Barron, Luke Kuechly or Dont’a Hightower to fill a glaring need. You can’t run an effective defense without a good MLB, which the Bucs don’t have right now. They also need a great safety which Barron is. That is what the Bucs need to do, Period.

  36. You Tampa Fans make me laugh. You get Vincent Jackson, Carl nicks and Eric Wright in free agency and you want to amass picks. You need Richardson. If you cannot win with those 4 players there isn’t any helping you. I think they should do the trade and get the running back. I am a Vikings fan and am jealous of those free agent signings.

  37. So far Rick Spielman has played this draft perfectly.

    Only about 7 and a half more hours to go for the vikings to screw it up.

    My guess is Spielman finds a way to botch it.

  38. It’d be great for the Vikings if they could pull off this trade and still get Kalil, plus an extra second or third round pick.

    Regardless of that, they should not let Kalil get away. If they drop lower than pick five, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

  39. Wow. In a season when lies and BS are rampant, some local journalist looking to drum up interest in her article flings poo at the wall and stamps it with the cliched, “league sources” stamp. And, suddenly, it spreads like gonorrhea at your mom’s house….Journalists and injury lawyers are out-of-control….Which is why I visit this site…..a site created by a journalist from 1-800-ASK-GARY.

    I got a $100 that says this “league source” is a janitor at Raymond James Stadium

  40. There is no way Mark Dominick will give up his 2’nd or 3’rd round pick to move up for T Rich. The Bucs have way too many holes and needs to fill with the those higher picks. They may give up a player on the current roster or a pick from next year’s draft, but not this one unless it’s a 5’th and they don’t have 4’th.

  41. Sounds like some nobody who hasn’t beenpaying attention wrote that.
    The Bucs have clearly stated more than once they they have a great interest in gaining MORE picks, not less.
    Throw in the fact that there is greater value for RBs in the 2nd & 3rd round and this seems like the worst researched idea yet.
    On a personal note if the Bucs do take Richardson at #5 will be annoyed (to say the least), I would love the player but hate the pick.

  42. If Richardson is the best RB since AP, I don’t see how this would be a bad trade. If AP wasn’t with the Vikings they’d probably pick him. He’s rated 1st 2nd or 3rd best draft choice by many draft boards…

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