Jerry Jones: Cap penalty didn’t hurt free agency

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be fighting the cap penalties imposed on his team before a mediator next month, but he said Wednesday that the penalties didn’t hinder his team in free agency.

The Cowboys had $5 million knocked off of this year’s cap as a result of their spending in 2010, but they were still able to land a number of free agents to bolster the roster. Cornerback Brandon Carr was the biggest name, but guard Nate Livings, guard Mackenzy Bernardeau, safety Brodney Pool and quarterback Kyle Orton all wound up in Dallas as well.

“Hats off really to Stephen [Jones, Jerry’s son and the team’s director of player personnel], we have really been able to manage, and I can say we have not missed anything that we wouldn’t have done relative to free agency, relative to that cap deduction that we had,” Jerry Jones said, via the Associated Press. “Consequently, we’re halfway through the problem now with this draft, then we go into next year and we’ve got a full year to plan on it.”

While the penalties were an unforeseen problem for the Cowboys, their ability to work around it is the latest example of how talk of cap crunches can get overblown at the start of the offseason. Teams have plenty of mechanisms to provide themselves with enough relief to go out and get players, something the Cowboys did this year.

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  1. This wasn’t a cap crunch you jacka$$. This was crybaby Mara trying to gain a competitive edge over division rivals by running his blabber mouth. Unfortunately, Jones and Snyder are not popular with the other owners because their franchises rake in so much dough so they all colluded to screw them. It will be game over for the NFL and the Giants when this hits arbitration. Mark my words.

  2. Still trying to understand what “uncapped year” actually meant.

    Then again, I don’t collude personally, so I probably won’t get it.

  3. It didn’t hurt free agency, but it ensured that Laurent Robinson went to Jacksonville.

    When they argue to the arbitrator, they could use that they lost him due to not having the additional $5M that was taken away. They were offering him 4-5M a season, but he was given $8M.

    Giving the money back this year is pointless as the FA pool is dry. I expect either an extra $5M next season or draft picks. I’d assume a 3rd rounder for Cowboys, and a 2nd rounder for Redskins.

  4. 5 mil a year isn’t too hard to handle. The Skins are a different story. Basically, if RGIII is a bust (I’m not saying he will be), they’re out of contention for years with no draft picks and little free agency room.

  5. These two teams will never see a dime or get a pick back. They tried to screw the other owners, but they weren’t having it and slapped them down and deservedly so. All of our teams should have been able to dump salary that year but they were too busy respecting the league that has made them all of this money. That’s what this is about, banding together for what’s best for the league. These 2 guys were too selfish though to follow through.

    You can use it as a excuse to hate the Giants more. Maybe Cowboys and Skins fans can wear half Cowboy, half Redskin jerseys to show solidarity, but this isn’t something that the Giants did to their division rivals out of spite because your two teams just win so much…this was all owners calling BS on these 2 teams.

    So stop your whining, cheaters get dealt with in this league…

  6. Jerry Jones is a blowhard with a mouth that could swallow Texas.

    Why on earth would he make this public statement, when he’s one of the plaintiffs in the arbitration case going before Stephen Burbank?

    What a complete moron.

  7. @nineroutsider: You have no idea what went down and your “summery” clearly shows that.

    1. It wasn’t JUST the Cowboys and Skins. It was the Saints, Raiders, and a few more.

    What you just described was the initial complaint of the NFLPA, before they signed the Bargaining Agreement.

    Let me explain for you. When you know there’s an Uncapped year and you can freely spend knowing there will be no repercussions. That allows players to move and have large contracts. Instead LIKE YOU STATED most teams DIDN’T. Thusly, inhibiting players to get paid or MOVE. It was an unwritten and unspoken agreement. That’s Collusion.

    The reason John Mara is in deep crap is because he’s the Head of the Competition Committee, you know the same Committee that came down with the penalty. The same John Mara who wants to abolish the Kickoff.

    FYI: I’m not a Cowboys or ‘Skins fan.

  8. @nineroutsider. Snyder and jones could just simply argue that when they voted for the past cba they did so with the understanding of the uncapped year being in it. For the league to then change the
    agreed upon deal isnt right.

  9. Hate the Cowpies but I applaud him telling Mara and the league he’s not affected. That is called swagger ladies and gentle men. He and Snyder will win and make everyone pay for the unjust punishment

  10. I understand it sucks for the Boys and Skins (yes the Raiders and Saints too to much lesser extent not worth mentioning), but trust me…they won’t get anything back. Let’s get together in a few months on this and see who was closer to predicting the correct outcome. I don’t care about your black and white rules, there are lots of grays in business, in politics, and in life. They took a gamble and will lose; better to take a small punishment rather than push this issue to the point where the league and the CBA are subject to collusion charges. That is a can of worms none of them want, including Jerry and Danny. The won’t kill the golden goose for one egg…

    Like I said, I know it sucks, but your anger needs to be directed at your owners for putting themselves in this spot. Same with Saints fans…it was the front office that caused your pain, not a league-wide conspiracy. Grow Up!

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