Kansas City takes workout warrior Dontari Poe at No. 11

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When Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe first announced that he would enter the 2012 NFL draft, he was rated by most as a second-round pick. When Poe lit up the Scouting Combine, he was regarded by some as a Top 5 pick.

As it turned out, Poe landed at No. 11, where the Kansas City Chiefs took him with their first-round choice.

Poe is a physical freak, an enormous defensive tackle in the 350-pound range who was the strongest player at the Combine on the bench press and had a 40-yard dash and a vertical jump that far exceed what 350-pounders are supposed to be able to do. The problem is that his performance on the field at Memphis didn’t always measure up to his measureables.

We knew heading into the draft that defensive line was the Chiefs’ biggest need, and now they’ve addressed it with the man who may be the most talented physical specimen in the entire draft. We’ll see whether they can coach him up and turn him into the dominant player he has the talent to become.

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  1. I don’t like this pick. A guy who didn’t own his own conference isn’t likely to suddenly turn into a freak on the field. DeCastro is the better pick here. I think I need a new team.

  2. Too funny, dont they have Glen Dorsey and Tyoko Jackson or whatever, they just continue to draft busts. I am no expert in evaluating talent, but what is it they say the tape doesnt lie.

  3. Dang, the Chiefs’ Dline now has at least 4 first rounders:
    Now Poe…

    I sure as hell hope Crennel will be able to do his magic this year!

  4. Paoli continues to reach with 1st round picks. First round picks should be sure things. Tyson Jackson at 3 was a surprise to everyone and he has yet to be worth the money of a number 3. Baldwin was projected as a late 2nd rounder but Paloi takes him in the first. Now we take a workout wonder who didn’t even dominate at Memphis. I hope they are right. One reason we keep drafting early is because we keep blowing 1st round picks.

  5. Dorsey, Jackson, now this guy??? Total Joke!

    If you can’t make 1st team all conference in Conf USA – you can’t be a top 11 pick!!!

    Was positive this would be Fletcher Cox!!! WTF???

  6. If Oakland had a pick in the first week of the draft, and Al Davis was still able to pick ’em, this guy would be called a typical Davis pick. “I got you a great athlete. Go coach him up.” Brass move for the Chiefs. They need more push inside.

  7. It’s funny people dont realize Jackson and Dorsey are the 2 best run stuffers in the league and on 3rd down they come out. Pioli is the man. And Poe is a beast. Best d in the league next year!!!

  8. angrydeafman says:
    Dang, the Chiefs’ Dline now has at least 4 first rounders:
    Now Poe…

    I sure as hell hope Crennel will be able to do his magic this year!

    Actually, Hali plays sort of a hybrid LB/DE in Crennel’s 3-4 based defense; somewhat reminiscent of the way Guenther Cunningham once used Derrick Thomas as a “falcon back”.
    But point well taken, I hope Crennel can coach him up. NFLN mentioned that he’d had a new DC every year he’d been @ Memphis.
    Poe certainly would not have been my first choice, but then there’s definitely a reason I don’t get paid to be an NFL GM. At least they didn’t waste the pick on QB Ryan Tannehill…man talk about a 1st round reach…at least he’s theoretically got a leg up on the offense, as Miami’s new OC Mike Sherman was his HC/OC at Texas A&M.
    Go Chiefs!

  9. I wanted DeCastro, but Poe could potentially pay dividends. The addition of Winston already made the offensive line solid and they can certainly find another guard to replace Lilja later.

    The upside to drafting Poe is that the season isn’t ruined if he’s a bust. If he does live up to his measurables, then the Chiefs finally have a real nose tackle.

  10. Cox looked like a midget compared to Poe. An eaglesw00t your an idiot. You don’t know anything about football.

  11. I LOVE this pick. Biggest need meets most physically gifted player @ the position. I trust Romeo to mold him into a run-stuffer that breaks through for pressure. Internal debate with Memphis D coaches last summer, admitted they tried to fit him to their system instead of adjusting defense to the players. ‘nuf said…

  12. First, it’s pioli not paoli. Second, neither dorsey or Jackson can be considered busts. They finished 1&2 in the league among 3-4 defensive ends stopping the run. Yes they can both get better generating a pass rush. Glenn dorsey was 1 of the top 3 rated players his year, is a classic 4-3 defensive tackle not a 3-4 end, and was drafted by an old coach and gm. Everyone loved the pick at the time.
    Jackson was drafted entirely too high but remember he was taken 3rd overall under the old cba. Very few trades were made in the top 10 under that cba, it was well documented the chiefs wanted to move back but were unable to do so.
    Poe, I feel, was also drafted too high. This may have been the right pick, just not at 11. Crennel will be able to develop him and hopefully, even just marginal, results will be seen early. This defense can be lethal, they were already a top 15 defense last year without a decent nose tackle, and without Eric berry. Justin Houston has another yr under crennel after a strong finish, 4.5 sacks the last 5 games, hali has been 1st or 2nd in the afc in sacks the last 2 years, derrick Johnson had a breakout yr, flowers may still be the most underrated corner in the league. The pieces are there, now they have their nose tackle and one of the best defensive coaches in the league. Could end up being just the right move.

  13. Congratulations, Kansas City, you have another strong bag of crap. If Super Bowls were strength meets we would dominate. Alas they aren’t and we are stuck with strong guys like Dontari Powe and Tyson Jackoson who can tickle each other’s tainst while they absorb big portions of KC’s payroll while they fill the same roll of a bag of beans could accomplish. Thanks Pioli. Go Home.

  14. @haleyistheman00

    I don’t think dude was talking about size, he meant Poe could’ve been had later in the round. Either glad cox is an eagle, under Washburn he will be a beast. Idiot!

  15. Dang, the Chiefs’ Dline now has at least 4 first rounders:
    Now Poe…
    ———————————————————————— And aside from Hali (who plays OLB) they all suck. This is coming from a die hard chiefs fan. Pioli needs to resign and add his name to the trash heap of Patriot castoff failures. Bellichek is a genius. It’s not contagious.

  16. What has Washburn done??? Wide nine really worked well this past season! Lol Romeo will teach poe how to play because all poe has to do is eat blockers up. And at 6’4 350 that shouldn’t be a problem.

  17. Tyson Jackson is a complete bust at #3! Glenn Dorsey is a mild bust at #4! Pioli is a huge bust as a GM!

  18. @Chadinkc30

    First off Dorsey was drafted at #5. Second, WTF is a mild bust? Go do yoyr research. Til then, classic case of a “mild” fan with no real grasp on the team at hand. Go play .

  19. Sorry I was wrong he was the 5th pick, makes a huge difference! Great draft pick at 5, what a value pick haha!

  20. I agree that Poe was a reach at the #11 pick but understand he wasn’t going to be on the board when the Chiefs 2nd rounder came up so they reached and drafted their biggest need. Poe was not in a major NCAA conference but what he did do is make opposing offensive coordinators scheme specifically for him. They doubled and tripled him the entire game. So he did his job at Memphis. It’s not his fault that the rest of the Memphis D couldn’t make a play while he was tying up two/three O-line men. If anybody can help this Combine freak translate to the pro-level it’s Romeo.

  21. “Tyson Jackson is a complete bust at #3! Glenn Dorsey is a mild bust at #4! Pioli is a huge bust as a GM!”


    Dorsey was here before Pioli??
    What about Berry, Moeaki, McCluster, Arenas, Houston, Baldwin, Lewis, Succop??? Every draft has busts….

  22. Piolis first draft has 2 players left on roster, succop and tyson jackson….not impressive at all

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