Kendall Wright unhappy with reports that he’s fat


Baylor receiver Kendall Wright knew after his slow 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine that some folks questioned whether he has deep speed. But when he ran again at Baylor’s Pro Day and did it bare-chested, it wasn’t because he thought a shirt was slowing him down.

Instead, Wright was interested in showing off his physique, because he wanted NFL teams to see for themselves that he’s not fat.

In a detailed story about all the draft hype surrounding Wright, who has been projected all over the place in various mock drafts and whose stock has seemed to go up and down with every week of the offseason, Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times writes that the things that bothered Wright most of all that people have said about him is that his body fat was 16 percent. In reality, Wright said that when an NFL team brought him in for a visit and measured his body fat, it came in at 8.4 percent.

For an average person, 16 percent body fat isn’t really fat at all, but for an NFL receiver it would be on the chubby side. But Wright says NFL teams know the truth, and the truth is that he’s not fat.

21 responses to “Kendall Wright unhappy with reports that he’s fat

  1. If Kendall Wright has 16 percent body fat, then Rex Ryan has 10, 877, 936 percent body fat.

    On a serious side, Kendall please shut up.

  2. Many years ago, I remember hearing that Donovan McNabb was 12% body fat… Yeah, take that one with a grain of salt, or a slice of cake… or a bowl of Chunky soup.

  3. I like Sean Jensen and his stories are pretty good, but

    #1 This is “Lying Season”!!!

    #2 You can’t have “one” source for every subject!!!! This is serious crap and a reputation is possibly being scathed!!!

    I’m really at this situation because I haven’t heard about it until now and the people that should be listened are the credible sources who are around him in college because past behavior usually does lead to good or bad NFL futures!!!

  4. Now Kendall has to dispel rumors that he is stupid, after putting up a “slow” 16 on the Wonderlic test. Along with the rumors that he is ugly, based on numerous recent photographs.

  5. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict the source that said he had 16% body fat was from a team that is hoping he slips in the draft from where they think he might go to where they are so they can draft him.

    Its that time of year … teams that say bad things about a guy probably like him … teams that say good things about a guy are probably trying to drum up interest in a trade.

  6. This has to be one of the more ridiculous smokescreen tactics I’ve eer heard. Every team has the official height, weight, bodyfat %, and measurements of practically every bodypart in addition to a shirtless picture (remember Tom Brady’s) so there is no subterfuge about a players weight or how he carries it at The Underware Olympics. This story must be planted to change a fans perception of mess with the mock draft predictions, because I can’t imagine how it would fool a NFL front office.

  7. Everyone seems to down on him because RG3 is going in the top of the draft and top picks from Baylor appears to be a no-no. Big mistake for the teams that skip over him.

  8. If he can play, who cares?
    If T.O., Chad Johnson, & Randy Moss all had very productive careers, why not give Wright a chance?
    Moss didn’t get alot of dates from his physique either.
    I’d rather hear about or even see a few pounds of baby fat (that will be melted off this summer during camp) than hear he’s doing the ghetto thing & failing UA’s like many other supposedly high round draft picks. Pun intended.

  9. This guy is crying because someone said he’s out of shape , another guy is crying because an analyst said he’s undraftable …. wah, wah, wah, … stop complaining and man up !!! It’s football not Dancing with the Stars….

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