NFL may have played its last Pro Bowl


The quality of play in the Pro Bowl has deteriorated to such an extent that the NFL might just scrap it.

The idea for getting rid of the Pro Bowl entirely has picked up steam in recent years, and Chris Mortensen reported on ESPN Radio this morning that there’s talk of suspending the Pro Bowl as soon as this year: There might not be a Pro Bowl at all at the end of this season.

It’s still possible that the NFL could try to revive the Pro Bowl by giving the players greater incentive to play and play hard, or by creating a gimmick like having a team of rookies play against a team of veterans, or turning away from having a full-fledged game and instead emphasizing skills competitions like other sports have in conjunction with their all-star games. But it’s clear that the Pro Bowl is, if not dead, at least on life support.

One of the surprising aspects of the Pro Bowl is that, for as bad a football game as it is, it still draws good television ratings and turns a profit. Given that, it may be tough to convince the owners — who will ultimately make this decision — that the game should be scrapped.

But last year’s Pro Bowl was a joke of a football game, and the NFL doesn’t want its product to look like a joke. Something has to change, or else the whole thing will be done.

197 responses to “NFL may have played its last Pro Bowl

  1. If I would’ve known that is was the last Pro Bowl, I would’ve watched it. Then I would’ve changed the channel because how much it sucked.

  2. Best move the NFL could make. Players don’t deserve to risk pointless injury and most of all the fans don’t deserve to be subject to that effortless play they get every year. Just the smartest thing to do overall

  3. I watch football religiously all year, but I don’t think I have watched more than 10 minutes of the Pro Bowl in years.

  4. Move it…. After the Superbowl and so everyone can play and an injury would not be as bad.

  5. I have no idea why the No Fun League wants the Pro Bowl to look like a “real football game”.

    It’s NOT a real football game.

    The crappy exhibition season does not look like real football either.

    Deal with it Godell – guys aren’t going to hammer each other and risk even MORE surgeries and concussions just so you can say your little exhibition LOOKS like real football.

  6. The whole idea of the pro bowl a joke now. What had to be done if there still a pro bowl a skills contest would be great but the best idea I heard was rookies play against a team of veterans that what saves the pro bowl

  7. The pro bowl is a joke, half the players “voted” in don’t play, and those who do play….don’t play.

    Cancel it now before we have another robert edwards incident… a jets fan in Mass, i did feel horrible for him, he would’ve stepped in nicely for the patriots until the rookie beach flag football game all but ended his career

  8. NFL could try to revive the Pro Bowl by giving the players greater incentive to play and play hard


    lets see
    Base pay
    signing bonus
    roster bonus
    work out bonus
    stats bonus
    free trip to Hawaii
    pro bowl game check

    what the hell else do they need?

  9. Name the All-Pro team – have some kinda televised show to talk about the “team” and show high light reels…

  10. Again, the the hypocrites at the league offices, this is all about looking good and making money…and nothing to do about player safety.

    Instead of worrying about players getting hurt (which they do) in a meaningless touch football game, they should have scrapped it years ago. But the money keeps rolling in and the game keeps going on and on.

  11. They don’t need to scrap it. They only need to go back to the old way where it was after the superbowl. I think it’s one of the dumbest things that you take the best players from the two best teams and tell them they can’t play in the game because it’s before the superbowl. Move it back to AFTER the superbowl!!

  12. Been saying this for years. Scrap the pro-bowl and have some type of awards event (like ESPYs). Limit fan voting impact so the guys that actually play well are recognized instead of reputation players that had a poor year. If they must play the pro-bowl, use that as the travelling game in Europe/Japan/Mexico etc. and do it after the SB.

  13. I say scrap it, with the caveat being that they would either need to continue to use the term to describe the annual accolades of being the best at your position, or they will need to come up with a separate system, like the All NFL Team. Have a televised special where they run down the All-NFC team and the All-AFC team during Superbowl week.

  14. The only good thing about the Pro Bowl is player interviews. It is still funny when you see people, be it fans or pundits using the Pro Bowl to determine the “greatness” of a player yet acknowledge that it is a popularity contest. Lardarius Webb was the 2nd best CB in the AFC last year after Revis and didn’t even get voted in as an alternate. Kyle Williams was IMO the most dominant DT in the league in ’10 and only got in then because of others pulling out. We should do away with every aspect of the Pro Bowl and focus on actual accolades like being named an All-Pro.

  15. Skills competition! These never seemed to pick up much steam in the past, though they were always enjoyable. Players WILL give effort and they’re just flat out fun to watch.

  16. Why don’t they do a fantasy draft? 2 captains pick reams the week before the game. Then you could have team mates lining up against each other. Also, bring back the skills competition.

  17. the pro bowl just be an award, just like being an All-American in college. No game is needed.

  18. They SHOULD do what they did many years ago and have a “runner up” game.

    Last year we would have had San Fran playing Baltimore in the week before the Super Bowl. Make it at a warm weather neutral site if you like.

    The Pro Bowl game has devolved into a sick sad joke. It was important in the days when players actually had-hold on to your hats-off season jobs to make ends meet. The winning money meant something.

    Alternatively, give each member of the WINNING Pro Bowl team $150K. The loser gets (with apologies to Alec Baldwin) a set of steak knives.

  19. Good Riddance. I watched less than 5 minutes of the last game and had to turn it off. When the ball was snapped, the Linemen on both sides just stood up and played Patty cake. It was disgusting.

  20. I’d hate to see it go. Last years Pro-Bowl was actually pretty entertaining.

  21. Increase the incentive for a win and you’ll get the players to play.

    But, right now, the highest paid player are the ones playing in the Pro Bowl, so it would be tough to create that incentive.

    Perhaps an all-rookie Pro Bowl would be a better option? With the rookie salary cap in place, it wouldn’t be hard to create that type of incentive.

  22. Don’t do it! The Pro-Bowl is the last resort for argument the typical Cowboy fan has to justify all the annual “talent” they have!

    If you get rid of it, then that fanbase is doomed!

  23. This one is easy. Do like they do with All-America teams and just vote them on it without an actual game. It is a meaningless contest and last year was the biggest flipping joke of all time.

  24. I always thought of the pro bowl as a “thank you” to the fans. But in recent years I have come to realize the NFL nor its players give a crap about the fans. The players and owners complain about money. Yet they still make a profit. The fans are making less and spending more for less at games. Not the experience it use to be.

  25. You mean I don’t get to watch all the guys who get picked to substitute for the guys who get voted in but choose not to play? Darn!

  26. I don’t get all the criticism that has been hurled at the NFL Pro Bowl in recent years. All Pro-bowls or all-star games are jokes. The final score in the NBA All-star games are like 160-158 with zero defense whatsoever. The only reason why the MLB all-star game is competitive is because they made the ridiculous decision to to wager home field in Game 7 of the World Series on it.

    Why do we feel such a dire need for these games to be competitive anyway? There is nothing riding on them, nor should there be. Let the players enjoy their time in Hawaii and let them go out and have fun.

  27. what would happen to all the bonuses for making the pro bowol in existing contracts?

  28. As a Buc fan is there any question how I voted???

    Last year we elevated the word “Suck” to a whole new level.

    Why not just have the Cowboys play the Patriots?

  29. I like the idea of having a skills competition. They did that a few years ago and it was really entertaining. This way the players are more likely to actually try to perform well without the significant risk of injury and the fans get a worthwhile showing. Win-win situation.

    And yeah, the Pro Bowl last year was a joke, but I sure do love the Pro Bowl jerseys.

  30. Since all the players are there to basically have a good time, why not just make it, literally, a flag football game.

  31. I always loved watching the “All-Madden Team” presentation when I was a kid. Why not just have a pre-show to the leagues black tie affair awards presentation that showcases Pro-Bowl selections.

    I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched he Pro-Bowl.

  32. It was embarrassing as a fan last year to even watch this game. It made me dislike the players.

    I am a huge Viking fan who dislikes Aaron Rodgers very much but the only redeeming quality of last years probowl was seeing Rodgers get as frustrated as me.

    Total disconnect between millionaire ball players who thought that fans would like to see them BS there way though a game for 3 hours. I would have rather watched a pee-wee, CFL, or UFL game. (I am not exagerating)

    My wife even stopped by the TV and asked me why it didn’t look like they were even trying.

    I understand they don’t want to get hurt in a game that doesn’t count. I honestly get that. But, uggg….I play harder than that for a weekend game of flag and I have a family to support and can’t get hurt either.

    I would still watch a skills competition though. It would be fun to watch if there was a high enough monetary reward and the skills were actually tough so there would be some real bragging rights to the winners.

    Most Accurate QB with a moving target (let’s see which QB is really good compared to which WR’s make their QB’s look better than they really are…..Randall Cunningham and Chad Pennington when they played with Moss…..)

    Head to Head races in the 40. If you don’t show up for the race you are branded a “chicken” by all opposing fans for the next year.

    Anything but a game as insulting as last years was.

  33. Back in the day, when players still had to work off-season jobs, games like the Pro Bowl (and the college v pro’s game) were much more meaningful; another necessary paycheck.

    In the modern era, with multi-million per year salaries, staying healthy is a players sole motivation if a game is meaningless.

    It’s long overdue to consign the Pro Bowl to the ash heap of NFL history.

  34. Just give us a skills competition where nobody can get hurt.

    And if the players need incentive, throw a bonus to the winner of each event.

  35. Skills Competitions like they used to do –

    1. Strongest Arm – Longest throw
    2. Accuracy Contest – Get creative – Build a field with moving dummies running real football routes with bullseyes on them.
    3. NFL’s fastest man
    4. NFL’s Strongest man – bench or squat
    5. Kicking competition – play H.O.R.S.E. like the basketball game except probably make it 3 letters and have a bracketed tournament between kickers
    6. Receiving contest – Jugs guns firing footballs faster and faster – go until you drop one
    7. Obstacle course

    That would be great TV.

  36. I would like to see them finally do events like “NFL’s Fastest Man”, “NFL’s Strongest Man”, and some of those “QB Challenges” on the day before the Pro Bowl. Also a Year in Review highlight show (best catch, best run, best pancake block, hardest hit, etc.) But YES it should be moved back to the week after Super Bowl and reward/pay should be better.

  37. Why are football fans surprised that the NFL stands for “No Fun League”?

    Every time there is an article about the Pro Bowl on here, the comments run 10 to 1 in favor of getting rid of it because the players don’t take it “seriously”.

    Football fans in general are the most super-serious, self-righteous blowhards on the planet. Make a joke about someone’s team, write an article about a player having the audacity to go to a party after a loss, or even dare to suggest that football is actually just a game and not the most important thing on Earth, and people go crazy.

    The league is simply taking the temperature of it’s fan base and acting accordingly.

    Why is anyone burning calories worrying about the Pro Bowl? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    Lighten up.

  38. Im porbally alone on this but instead of a game have skills challanges like they show some of the college players do have afc versus nfc throw footballs thru tires and stuff still do it in hawaii they used to do this and it was my favorite part of the pro bowl

  39. and the NFL doesn’t want its product to look like a joke


    Defensive players that can’t hit….catches that aren’t really catches…..a rule book so convoluted that even the referees don’t understand it…..player discipline that seems to be handed down for completely arbitrary and nonsensical reasons…..a league that has built its popularity in large part on violent hits and still markets itself on those hits, but refuses to acknowledge its own hypocrisy when it comes to player safety.

    And the NFL doesn’t want to look like a joke? Too late, I think that ship has already sailed.

  40. If you watch the game….which I don’t anymore, it’s obvious that it’s a very poor brand of football and you can tell it’s more of a celebration for the players who make it.
    That’s fine for the players but bad for everybody else.

  41. I guess Aaron Rodgers has to find something else meaningless to complain about his teammates in.

  42. Don’t change nothing.
    It is what it is.
    Last years game was great entertainment.
    It will never be hard fought.
    Let them goof around and no one gets hurt.

  43. I understand that I am in the vast minority but I enjoy the Pro Bowl.
    Seeing the best players in the NFL all on one field is still cool to me.
    There are ways to improve the game but I hope it is not eliminated.

  44. They should just have a All Star Weekend. Players should bring back the fastest man competition, add a weightlifting competition, WR vs CB 1 vs 1 challenge, Longest field goal/ Punt , Hardest Hit competition(use a dummy or something obviously) and finally bring back the QB challenge (hit moving targets/receivers). They don’t need to play a full game with pads but if they wanted too, they should just play flag football or 2 hand touch.

  45. I like the Pro Bowl. It is fun to see some greats match against other greats to see who comes out on top.

    BUT… That is not what happens. The greats don’t play up, they play down and safe. It is just one game.


  46. The game gets good ratings and makes a profit, so there is no reason to cancel it. Who cares if they play hard or not? Here’s an idea, if you want to watch it, then watch it, and if you don’t, then don’t. No one is forcing you to watch it, so stop complaining about it!

  47. Throwing an idea out there. Owners want to go to an 18 game season, but this proposition leads to a 17 game season. Throw in one standings-based game per year per team, AFC team vs NFC team. (1st place NFCE vs. 1st place AFCE, 2nd vs 2nd, and so on).

    The Pro Bowl for the year before determines the home team for this game. This way it:
    1. Gives half of the owners the revenue from an extra home game.
    2. Gives Pro Bowl players motivation to play and win to get an extra home game, as opposed to one more road game.
    3. Gives fans extra standings based-game, which will “even” the strength of schedule complaints every year.

  48. In defense of the Pro Bowl, it is not for die hard fans. I don’t know about other people’s children, but, my little nephew (about 6) loves the Pro Bowl. He doesn’t notice the lack of effort on the line of scrimmage, or lack of tackling. He likes the jukes and circus catches. He actually prefers it to real games where there is less scoring. If it get’s children to become interested in the sport then more power to it.

    That said, I know the Pro Bowl is a joke and I don’t watch it. The voting is a joke and it is basically a popularity contest, with regular-season on field production coming in second. But people, there are no real injury concerns during the exhibition game and young fans enjoy it. It doesn’t bother me to keep it around so why not keep it if they can make money?

  49. the all star game is an integral part of every sport in my opinion. allows the best of the best to gather and play and be recognized. its just sad that the NFL let it get this bad. last game of the year lets let them hit each other

  50. Once they take it away a for a couple of years the game will be back and the players will played hard for a couple of years then revert to goldbricking again. Personally I doubt they do anything, because the economic impact for the host and the ratings. The astute football fans on this site don’t watch it but someone does…hench the all-time high ratings this year.

  51. It is a joke, partly because the players aren’t trying, and more so because the selection process is a joke. The list of snubs that should be in is ridiculous every year. The list of players who make it because of history/popularity, not current season performance, is equally ridiculous. This makes a sham of the whole thing, and every year there are several examples of this on each roster.

  52. Great. Now can we dump the idea of an 18-game schedule as well? That’d be perfect.

  53. I say all the Pro Bowl players can go to Tebow’s house for a BBQ. Since he is the greatest of all time according to the experts and can’t do anything wrong, I’m sure he makes the greatest burgers on the planet. Put it on PPV and you’ll probably get more of an audience than the actual game. Jets and Tebow suck. Thanks.

  54. It’s basically Powder Puff Football.

    There’s an idea…how about we let the cheerleaders play the football game and have the players cheer from the sidelines…

    Just a thought.

  55. Just put Tim Tebow in the probowl. Like him or not, it will have higher ratings then ANY past probowls.

  56. The Pro Bowl sucks so bad no real band wants to open for it, which is why hot chelle rae got the call. Just an all around suck fest.

  57. They should just announce the “All Pro” team players for the season, but not have any game. It is a meaningless game that in no way resembles a real NFL caliber game, more like aggressive touch football.

  58. I haven’t watched the pro bowl in years. At least when it was held after the super bowl you could see the players from the sb teams, not to mention it was the last chance to see pro football for over 6 months.

  59. or……. put the damn pro bowl back where it belongs…after the superbowl. why in the hell did they ever move it in the first place and why do people seem to be ignoring the fact that this is one of the main reasons the game has now become so meaningless

  60. There should be no Pro Bowl game. It’s crap.

    Instead, it should be like the All Pro’s. You get named and that’s it, no alternates. You then get a free vacay to Hawaii with your family. If you don’t want to go, no one else gets your spot.

  61. A great way to revive the Pro Bowl is go old-school in the way that it was played.

    By that, I mean have it be the Super Bowl winning team against the rest of the NFL, just like how it use to be.

  62. I have no interest in watching the current Pro Bowl. If it was like a Rookie bowl, best NFC rookies vs best AFC rookies I might have some interest in watching that as they would at least be trying to win.

  63. How about they just name a team, then have a skills competition in Hawaii?
    Have most of the same drills (including the Wonderlich & drug tests) as the does the combine in Indy, only competed in by star veterans. Attendance would be mandatory, but rewarded with a gamecheck.
    Think about it:
    This could definitely put the combine numbers in context by showing many of the elite veteran players were not & are not necessarily work-out warriors (or Rhodes Scholars).
    This could also serve to reign in the top star contracts a little bit.
    Ezample: if all of those current players who ‘want to get paid like a star’ could show updated ‘combine’ like drill stats & numbers, their team GMs may reconsider things.
    This template or something similar would improve competition, which is always a good thing.
    It would also likely cut down on teams making huge 1st round draft mistakes by selecting players with average or even poor college level game day production, simply by virtue of great combine stats. (I’m looking at people like Dontari Poe from this year, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Tony Mandarich, etc. from previous years).
    Missing on a 1st round pick can set a franchise back 5 years, or more:
    Ask the Browns, Jags, Bills, etc.

  64. On a serious note, the NFL should just understand what the Pro Bowl is and change it. Have the players play a game of flag football instead. In Hawaii. The players will want to be there and the fans won’t mind watching it instead of something presented as “NFL Football”. Rating will stay the same and there is minimal risk of injury. I still won’t watch it though.

  65. Sadly, this could never happen because it would mean fewer PFT webpage hits durung pro bowl week.

  66. I like the skills competition idea!!

    Bring back the QB Challenge!! Moving targets 50 yards down field with the games best QB’s winging it!! That was cool!

  67. Here is my 2 cents on the Pro-bowl.

    And… I am serious about this, the beginning of my idea might seem insincere, but it will come together

    Scrap the whole “real football” idea.

    Assemble a team of Pro-bowlers for each DIVISION. That would be 8 teams.
    Have a Flag football tournament.
    (Lets be honest, the lack of hitting in the Pro-bowl has become insulting to the fans, at least this way we won’t feel as insulted)

    How would this work:
    1. Do a round robin in each conference.
    a. In each conference:
    i. The top seed gets a buy
    ii. The 2nd and 3rd seed have a playoff game.
    iii. The last place team is out
    iv. The second round of the conference playoff would be the winner of the 2nd/3rd playoff game and the top seed
    v. The championship game would be the conference winners.

    The tournament could start the Friday after the Super Bowl and end the following Sunday. That would 10 days to complete the tournament.

    Best part (for the NFL) you could sell the rights to this. I have to think that between NFLN and ESPN they would love to televise the round robin and playoff games.
    And I also believe that one of the networks would love to have the championship game. Fox/ABC/CBS/NBC/TNT all bidding for this would be a win fall for the league and the players.

  68. As a Browns fan, I already see 16 of these games each year. I can only endure so much torture.

  69. The inmates are running the asylum – The players have just quit on the game. It was not like this 20 years ago, and it gets worse every year.

    Whats to stop them from doing this in a regular season game too?

    Fine them for lack of effort – Call them out and embarrass them.

    Still give players the option to opt out, there are many great players that do not make the roster each year who would love the opportunity to rep for their team and conference.

    Also, pay the winners more money as well as give incentives for individual stats.

  70. The NFLPA should probably object to this. How many of their players trigger their “Pro Bowl” incentives in their contract when that player is picked as an alternate? This would take money out of player’s pockets.

    I like the idea of naming Pro Bowl players and leaving it at that.

  71. I would have made an argument to keep it years ago but the past few games have been painstaking to watch. I find the 4th preseason games more interesting and they’re barely playing any starters in them!

  72. The NFL is not like other sports with all-star games. There are too many opportunities for serious injury. Although the other all-star games are turing into meaningless games as well. What’s the point having the fans watch marginal effort for no purpose other than seeing the stars on the same field, court, ice, whatever.

    I think they should have some kind of Pro-Bowl awards for outstanding play at each position. Make that part of a players contract incentives. But to have them play a completely meaningless game is…..meaningless.

  73. The Pro Bowl should be a 5-on-5 flag football tournament with teams based on division (so an NFC East team, etc). That would be fun to watch and the competition would be enjoyable for the players.

    They should just stop trying to make it a real football game because it clearly is not.

  74. Play the Pro Bowl in Canton at the HoF induction ceremony to replace the useless preseason game that’s usually played that day.

  75. I find it so funny that 7000 of you have voted Yes to getting rid of the probowl yet you all probably watched it this past season!

    I personally think they should expand the probowl, make it more like Baseball, or basketball. Why not have players Throw the longest? or have players run certain speed drills against each other and give a trophy out to the winner.

    Then, create an incentive that matters for actual football..> Kinda like in baseball where the winner of the all star game gets home field advantage in the world series. *Maybe not the same incentive, but someones gotta think of something *

  76. You could have the 2 losers of the Conference title game play the week before the Superbowl. They would be playing for 3rd and 4th place for the year. It would be a profitable game(that’s what the nfl wants) and it would be a better product for the consumer. I’m sure it would get good ratings.

  77. Why not just have a bunch of skills competitions? They did them a few years ago and they were fun to watch. You can have quarterbacks trying to make ridiculous throws into a tire or something. And have offensive linemen do 100 yard potato sack races while being pelted with water balloons. The possibilities are endless.

  78. Yeah we should have games where players carry guns and knives so they could shoot and stab their way for a touchdown. Let me just say this, you people are idiots if think the game is heading for flag football. Shut up, nobody is trying to turn this into flag football. Maybe you all prefer having bounties like the Saints* With this concution lawsuit going on the NFL is trying to evolve in a way so that the NFL can survive and be prosperous. What buisiness doesn’t. Be real people, even most of you idiots don’t care about anything other what’s in your triangle of life. Most of you morons don’t care either. If you don’t like where the NFL is heading than simply stop being fans. Quit crying and bellyaching. I hate stupid people, I really do. The world would be better off with out you. Just saying.

  79. I think they should reschedule it for spring break weekend. By that time, we’ll take any kind of football ….and it be a nice bridge between the Superbowl and the draft. There …fixed it!

  80. Maybe they should give them like a bonus or an award or something for making the Pro Bowl instead or just make it a fun game. Oh wait a minute that’s what it has been anyways since they had the stupid idea of putting it before the Superbowl anyways.

  81. Skills competition, and move that silly awards show to the same weekend. Make it all one big event. I’ll take my royalties in cash or check.

  82. I think macwomack makes a good point. An end of the year highlights show featuring the best plays from each All Pro player would almost certainly generate better ratings then the Pro Bowl game. And it’d cost the league a hell of a lot less. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  83. Goodell is just looking to add those two games to the regular and this is one way of telling the NFLPA that look I’m looking out for the players and reducing their workload.

  84. Don’t like the Pro Bowl? A shame, because that’s exactly where NFL is headed on a full time basis. The game is already halfway there. Another 5-10 years and all NFL games will look like the Pro Bowl.

  85. No issue with them cancelling the Pro Bowl if they have another alternative.

    A skills challenge would be AWESOME!!

    Maybe even flag football (which is what they might as well be playing anyway)

    NFL’s fastest man (in pads) would be nice too…

    Maybe get the Sports Science guys to set some things up

    The BIGGEST issue i find, though, is this:
    What do they do with the players that have escalators in their contract that give them bonuses for reaching the Pro Bowl?

  86. My opinion is the Pro Bowl should be played for many reasons. 1. It gets high ratings. 2. It is profitable . 3. Fans like to see players from different teams play with each other that have never played with each other before. 4. Fans of certain teams like to see their favorite team represented.

    How to fix it ? Change the format of the game in some way. Find other ways to motivate the players to want to try hard. There are various ways that they can come up with to do it, like some of the suggestions above. All other leagues and sports have an all star game and the NFL should be no different. A player skills competition would be popular with fans too, like an NFL fastest man competition or Quarterback strongest arm competition or most accurate throwing competition.

    These are just ideas. But I believe for all those reasons there will be an NFL Pro Bowl.

  87. I honestly don’t have a problem with the Pro Bowl. I have never expected it to be real football. It’s just a sideshow that 13 million people watched last year. If I were an owner and I could guarantee 13 million eyeballs for a publicity stunt, I would probably be in favor of it.

    For the sake of player safety, though, I’m sure the game itself could be replaced with skill drills and competitions that don’t put the players in harm’s way. To make it work, though, the truly top players would need to participate, unlike the NBA dunk contest. Not many people will care to watch a throwing accuracy contest featuring Alex Smith, Christian Ponder, and Kevin Kolb.

  88. What about making it Flag Football style. I’d love to see the big guys trying to grab the flags while diving to the ground.

    At least they would get a little dirt on their uniforms!!!

  89. Keep it…however, take ALL proceeds and put in player retirements and/or healthcare…These guys are often times crippled for the remainder of their lives and broke shortly after retirement.

    Yes, they make a ton of money that most of us working stiffs will never earn in a lifetime but they provided some of the best entertainment you and I have enjoyed our entire lives. BUT, make it mandatory that all recipients have to submit to random drug testing to receive.

  90. Replace it with an All-Pro pie-eating contest hosted by John Madden. Now that I’d watch. I’m putting my money on Vince Wilfork.

  91. They still play it? Once they let the fans vote, I thought it was over.

    Wouldn’t know. Can’t remember the last time I watched one, and I am a die hard Pro football fan.

  92. Am I the only one that wants them to do the skills challenge? I loved watching Dan Marino throw the ball at moving targets with chalk on them. I still think they should do something like this.

  93. Some of the drills in the old NFL QB Challenge were awesome. I think a skills challenge is awesome. They should do an Offensive Lineman Obstacle course.

    Probowl sucked…..a skills challenge the Sunday before the Superbowl would be somewhat interesting.

  94. The Pro Bowl used to reward the players for having great years and sending them and their families to Hawaii for a mini vacation. Now the Pro Bowl is during the playoffs and in Miami (Great move Goodell). I would just like them to go back to the good ol’ days and bring back the Skills competitions. That was the most entertaining thing at the whole Pro Bowl.

  95. Finally, while your at it bring back NFL Europa. It sucked but at least we had football in the spring to watch (for those of us who can’t handle the long offseason).

  96. I’m surprised the players association would willingly give it up. Players get bonuses for getting named to the team. I’m sure they will still name the teams and players will still get their bonus, but if there is no game, than the annual phantom injuries that half of the players say they have so they wont have to play won’t happen and replacement players won’t need to be named. The actual number of players getting Pro Bowl bonuses will probably be cut in half.

  97. Who needs it? I’m sick of seeing the same guys in it every single year, over and over. A no name player has an excellent season and gets snubbed because he’s a no namer. Brady gets in because the sports media are too busy pleasuring themselves to his picture to notice that there may be some other quality QBs out there. The whole idea is a lovefest. Scrap it!

  98. How about all the Pro-bowlers play as themselves in Madden for the probowle. Or all the pro- bolwers play against professional Bowlers. haha such a farce.

  99. I would be more tempted to watch the players in a softball game or a golf or bowling tournament than I would be to watch another Pro-Bowl.

  100. I love this idea. Name the roster. Don’t play the game. Every year there’s a bunch of guys who get named to the Pro Bowl roster after other guys don’t play due to injury, then label themselves as Pro Bowlers when their contract comes up.

  101. I would like to see a version of the old College All-Star game. 1st and 2nd year NFL players against a squad of College All-Stars.

  102. Imagine if players get injured with the same teams eg (two Green Bay and two NY Giants).

    About time the NFL scrapped it.

  103. I took my family to the pro bowl this year and it was a great experience. The entire island is a buzz with NFL fever. And we had about 6 NFL player sightings on the island including Jared Allen right on the beach. I highly recommend going to the pro bowl. The game was not very competitive for the first half, but then it get good. And its always fun to see how the best players in the league play together. Getting rid of this would be a huge mistake. Ironically, the pro bowl was the best game I’d been to personally. The preseason games are more of a joke than the pro bowl. At least the pro bowl has players I want to see.

  104. All it is, is a flag football game without the flag!
    “Players playing hard and giving them insentives”? like maybe money for taking players out? oh wait, that’s already been tried – didn’t work.

  105. Cancel the pro bowl, but somehow still do some sort of skills competition. That is the only thing I get any enjoyment out anyway.

  106. Lingerie Pro Bowl, using NFL cheerleaders, players ref the game and call the plays. Sounds fun, right???

  107. Plus, this avoids all the players that are considered pro-bowlers because they are the fifth alternate. Some years it seems 100 players are probowlers!

  108. They should just have those competitions like they had back in the 90’s. For example: Farthest throw, Fastest runner, running routes while catching footballs, etc. I found that more exciting

  109. I thought the Pro Bowl should die a horrible death when Vince young got the nod after 6 guys before him bowed out.

    Announce the All Pro team, send them and a bunch of top players to Hawaii for a skills competition and a banquet show. I might watch that. Have awards for TD of the year (running, passing, catching, PR/KR), tackle of the year, etc.

    Big trophy for DPOY and OPOY, MVP, Rookie of the year, etc.

    Turn it into the Oscars of the NFL. Put lots of highlight clips in and you will still get viewers.

  110. They should just honor the guys with Pro Bowl status without having a game.

    That way we don’t have guys become Pro Bowlers when they shouldn’t be (Vince Young in 09) and we aren’t subjected to half hearted non competitive garbage.

  111. I am assuming most people that post negative things about the Pro Bowl have never been to one. I am personally going to miss going over for the week, seeing the players on the golf course and all the fun activities through out the week. Just another thing Goodell has done to make me enjoy the NFL less.

  112. My 2 cents would be to cancel it. It has turned into a joke anyway. When you see basketball type scores of 52-43 I say the defense is not even remotely trying to stop anybody so “WHATS THE POINT”??????

  113. Make it a flag football game and bring back the skill’s competition.

    Honest to God, I think I had more fun watching the celebrity breach football game before the Super Bowl than I did the Pro Bowl.

  114. There hasn’t been a good hit in the Pro Bowl since the late Sean Taylor introduced himself to fake-punting Brian Moorman. Man, that was funny. I miss that guy.

  115. I find it funny that Goodell thought the Pro Bowl was bad,considering that’s what he’s slowly turning the regular season into–all offense, no hitting, and no tackling.

  116. If they’re not going to actually play a game, I think they could do something like a Super Bowl pre-game ceremony for the players. I don’t mean a lot of boring speeches type of ceremony, but somehow keep the names of those selected to the Pro Bowl a secret (not sure how that would work, exactly) and have the players introduced and let each run out on the field like at a game, only on a grander scale, something the NFL knows how to do well.

    It would be a lot more interesting than some of the pre-game musical performances, you have a better chance of the players showing up, and if you give the players a little freedom with their entrance, could be a lot more fun. Plus, doing it this way, the season is already over for the players participating, save for the SB teams, so all the “snubbed” guys don’t have to go through the interview of shame until they’ve had time to get used to the fact, instead of instantly.

    Plus, you wouldn’t honor your best players by making them wear ridiculous uniforms!

    The flip side is, you already have lots of TVs tuned in for the Super Bowl and this isn’t something in addition to it, but if the goal is to spotlight your best players, isn’t that where you’d get the most attention?

  117. Rookies vs. Vets.

    Vets must be in their 30s.

    Rookies get voted in by best rookies by position

  118. NFLPA wants to keep it because bonuses are tied into being an All-Pro. They will lose those bonuses if the game goes away.
    I would like to see it replaced with a “Battle of the Stars” – fastest man Defensive Player, fastest offensive player, strongest lineman, a way to measure the hardest tackle like they do bite strength on sharks, accuracy, velocity and distance on punting, kicking and passing…bowling even, funny WIPE-OUT obstacle courses would be great,.

  119. Well in the days of making millions, the allure of a trip to Hawaii does not mean much, nor does playing in the game. However to be named to the pro bowl, the players take a lot of pride in that, and they still need to have a “best of the best” award for performance. Not so sure how many guys after a meaningless pre season, then a long 17weeks, and if fortunate a post season , really want to go to Hawaii to play a game, or would prefer an awards banquet, and just time to chill on the beach with their family and thier piers.

    Scrape the pre-season as well , or at the very least charge $10 bucks a game to attend. Personally I would prefer to take the money I have to waste on pre season tickets, and use that money to fly to hawaii and watch a pro bowl, then to watch a week one or week 4 pre season game.

  120. I like the suggestions on making it a 2-hand touch game. No pads. Get some charities in on it too. Something like player X scores, his favorite charity gets a bonus. Team Y wins, their charity gets a bonus. Something to give the useless game a little deeper meaning.

    The end result would be a light-hearted, yet still competitive 2-hand touch game with small chance for injuries. Win-win.

  121. The Pro Bowl game is meant to be just fun. You can’t watch that game looking for the same competition you saw all season long. Its a runway show.

    The NFL had it right when they held the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl in Miami. Those two weeks in South Florida became a celebration of the NFL and the season. They had many events that allowed fans to interact with the players and then it was capped off by the Super Bowl.

  122. Thank God. Finally. Name a pro bowl team and
    don’t play the game. That way guys like “Big Bang
    Clock” (Pats fans know who he is) won’t be named
    to like 3 of them.

  123. I like the concept of a Pro Bowl. It’s a great idea. On Paper.

    But the reality now is that it isn’t necessary. We can already see what a matchup of the past or current greats would be via the latest Game Simulator. Fantasy Football addresses some of the need for this kind of matchup, too.

    There is no need to play this game anymore. The players already know this and ‘don’t play’ accordingly.

  124. It is ridiculous anyway. by the time the guys who initially got voted to the pro bowl pull out, there are 4 or 5 pro bowlers at each posititon. half of the league is a pro bowler. that alone is embarassing and should make the league want to shut it down.

  125. Instead of using the players in the game, get the players’ wives/girlfriends in a two hand touch bikini mud bowl. Of course, Sanchez would have to get a permission note from his girlfriends parents, but still, the game would be a lot more entertaining. Winner gets 100k of cosmetic surgery and a nice gift bag from a shop on Rodeo Drive.

  126. I watched the last Superbowl. The NFL’s product is already a joke. If money’s being made, why scrap it?

  127. I havn’t watched the Pro Bowl in years. The players don’t have their heart in it. And why should they . It’s a meaning less game.

  128. Take whatever expenses are earmarked for the Pro Bowl and hold indoor events in each and every state where a Pro Bowler will come and spend a day with kids, encouraging them to exercise, eat healthy, and stay in school.

    The NFL might even consider doing this on Super Bowl Sunday itself – hosting a Super Bowl party for at-risk kids and kid contest winners.

    The Super Bowl is often a day about pigging out and commercialism – it’d be a nice day to showcase the best NFL players giving back to the community and trying to stop the epidemic of obesity

    (if anyone from the NFL needs help fleshing this out drop me a line 😉 )

  129. they should do the skill compettion!!! Cause its still fun to see all the best players together thats the real draw! Id like to see skill compettion like the quarterback club challaeges they used to have. Maybe have OL and D guys trying to catch passes or whatever else would be fun

  130. Should go back to the probowl week of the past with the skills competition, the passing scrimmage etc, make it more fun for the fans and the players, and make a cash incentive or charity cause for the conference that wins

  131. Shut it down!!! or if the owners won’t give up the money…


    How about they play the lingerie bowl instead… Have all the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models play a team of (model) all stars from Brazil…

    My point … that game has gotten that ridiculous…

  132. if none of you watch it, then why do you care that they get rid of it?

    Maybe if the NFL quit trying to suck every last dime out of every single NFL related event, the pro bowl wouldn’t be on the chopping block. If you don’t like the pro bowl, don’t watch it. Why punish the best players of their recognition and free trip to Hawaii just because they don’t try hard enough to YOUR standards?

    That would be like me saying, I don’t watch soccer, so all soccer should be eliminated.

  133. Instead of “playing” the game, the NFL should gather all the Pro-Bowlers and have a weekend golf tournament with scrambles and match play, similar to what is occurs in Lake Tahoe each summer.

    You could even make it like the NFL’s version of the Ryder Cup, with coaches managing groups of players in various formats.

    Wire everyone with a microphone and make it for charity.

    My guess is that the level of interest and the ratings would far exceed what we see with the current game format.

  134. The pro bowl was a great concept, but nobody could be that bothered playing in it so it took away from the spectacle.

    Why not have a game where undrafted rookies and youngish free agents play. Kinda like a college all star game. This would give us a game with high intensity where people are trying to earn a second chance at a job. Would make for a great game and would unearth some potential diamonds in the rough. Have a similar deal as the senior bowl with regards to coaching staff and we’ve got something different, but meaningful.

  135. A skills competition would make no sense. Unlike the other three major sports, the NFL’s all-star weekend is at the end of the season, not the middle, so these guys are tired, physically spent, and for those not on playoff teams, haven’t suited up in a month. And w3hat skills could they possibly display besides running (which risks a muscle pull or a knee blowout)? The QBs can throw – the kickers and punters can go for yardage. In other words, the same Punt-Pass-and-Kick the kids do. What “skill” could a defensive end possibly display? Sacking a quarterback tackling dummy?

    The players and coaches don’t want to give up the week in Hawaii wither. So the solution is simple… helmets only, no pads, and play a legitimate game of two-hand touch on a grass field. All PATs must be 2-pointers (eliminating the no-rush kick play), and a sack must be a two-arm wrapup. Now, the players can be (more) competitive knowing the chances of getting injured are greatly reduced. Defenders don’t have to worry about pulling up to avoid a hard hit; they just have to catch the ball carrier. Runners and receivers can show off their speed. Even the special-teams cover specialist can show off by getting downfield to stop the returner.

    I think a full game of touch will beat a diluted game of tackle.

  136. The Pro Bowl is a useless contest. It’s situated during a time in the schedule where typically the absolute best players are busy (Playoffs), to say nothing of the overall lack of effort on the defensive-side because it’s simply a glorified exhibition game.

    Never watched the Pro Bowl, probably never will. Just seems like a total waste of time. If they actually made it relevant to the regular season or playoffs, maybe I would. But, beyond that, I could care less.

  137. It’s clear the Pro Bowl is a silly idea, as no one plays hard and barely touch each other. It’s a snoozefest. But with the direction that Mr. Gooden is steering the league, with randomly issued big fines for incorrect hits, the pro bowl could be a preview of what the regular season games are soon becoming.

  138. Vote players to the “pro bowl”, skip the game and have a skills competion or whatever. I’d rather see a 100yd dash, long ball throw, RB obstical course, QB accuracy, bench press, high jump, longest field goal…ext. I even wouldn’t mind watching players who are not necessarily “stars” entered in these competions. The pro bowl will always be a meaningless game with too much risk and not enough reward.

  139. What’s the Pro Bowl?! I have been a fan of the NFL for 40 years and have never seen this “game.”

  140. Just pick an All-Pro first and 2nd team. That should be enough! For my money, you can cancel the NBA All-Star game too. Those players arent serious either–they think it’s a SHOW. I think it’s still a competition to help show which conference is better.

  141. Have every franchise send a five man team out to Hawaii for a skills competition. Then have each franchise donate one million dollars to the team that wins the overall skills competition charity of choice. Better than a fake football game. Little to no chance a player gets injured for no good reason and a great P.R. moment for Rodger and the boys when they hand said charity 32 million dollars.

  142. Chris Mortensen pulls some idle chatter from an “inside source” out of his butt and it’s supposed to be news? Yeah, they’ll probably cancel the Pro Bowl right after they expand the schedule to 18 games.

  143. They should do a skills competition on Saturday. On Sunday, they should do a 9 man flag football competition.

  144. Bdickey33 i like those ideas. I remember watching things like that when I was a kid. It was entertaining and fun. I have to admit I like the pro bowl. I know guys dont play but every other sport has a real all star game. They have to put some meaning behind it. Move it to mid season and put emphasis on the super bowl home vs away on it. Do something!!

  145. instead of a pro bowl lets have the players compete in an american gladiators style competition. we can line up the goofs on pft against the players they crap on throughout the year. i’d definitely watch Bozoforall pummeled to death by mankins and mayo.

  146. Nobody watched the Pro Bowl anyway, it was just a bunch of guys on vacation. I didn’t expect them to be out there killing themselve for an exhibition but it sucks to watch.

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