NFLPA president calls Pro Bowl an “important tradition”

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Amid reports that the Pro Bowl may go the way of the drop kick (except when executed during a Pro Bowl with 21 other guys standing around and watching), the NFLPA has no interest in pulling the plug on the annual All-Star game.

“The Pro Bowl is an important tradition [and] we are in talks with the league to improve and preserve the game for our players and fans,” NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth said Thursday on Twitter.

The fans don’t really care much about the game.  Yes, the fans watch it — primarily because it’s NFL football and it’s on TV.  But the quality of the play has suffered, making the game even less competitive than a preseason game.

One way to fix the game would be to dramatically increase the difference between the paycheck for the winners and the paycheck for the losers.  Actually, that may be the only way to convince guys who have made it through a season healthy enough to play one last game to risk suffering a serious injury that they’d then have to spend the offseason rehabbing.

The fact that the NFL and NFLPA are talking about it, and the fact that the NFLPA wants to keep doing it, means that the two sides could come to some sort of an agreement, if the NFLPA is willing to give up something to the NFL in return.

Meanwhile, Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder brace for another raid on their cap space.

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42 responses to “NFLPA president calls Pro Bowl an “important tradition”

  1. Course he says that.

    The players don’t want to give up a free trip to Hawaii while getting paid to play and abortion of a touch-football game.

    Nothing to see here folks.

  2. Which really means..the players dont want to give up the extra money they are getting..I cant say i blame them though..just make it a skills competition, let some kids hang out with the players on the field, and call it a day..

  3. Meanwhile to a casual observer,It would seem as if they care more about escalators in contracts than they do in putting a good product on the field that week.

  4. I think an easy way to (sort-of) fix the pro-bowl is to take away pro-bowl status if you skip the game.

    So if you’re elected to the Pro-Bowl 7 times and only play twice, you’ll go down as a 2x pro-bowler.
    The only exception being for Super Bowl players that have to play the next week.

    I bet you more people start showing up since their contract boosts and HOF considerations rely somewhat on the number of pro-bowls they make.

  5. The only Pro Bowl selections worth a darn these days are the cheerleaders. I am a huge fan and season ticket holder, but I haven’t watched a Pro Bowl since Peyton Manning called Mike Vanderjagt a drunken kicker who runs his mouth. Best Pro Bowl moment EVER!

  6. The oh so important tradition of a free trip to Hawaii and game checks for everyone.

    Stop this nonsense talk of increasing pay for the winners…the winning prize money is fractions of their actual salary. Just name the players who made the team & leave it at that.

  7. Why does everything have to be a negotiation or about money? The pro bowl is one of the few events that I see is for the players & not so much for the fans. The NFL makes enough billions that they can once a year reward their top players & their direct families with a vacation to celebrate their season accomplishments. They have been doing it for years… Don’t worry about the end result, it’s a celebration of the entire season… The product has never been great except when Sean Taylor was taking out punters… so, leave it in Hawaii & go back to after the season… not everything is about ratings & profits. This is one event they can take a loss on & reward the players.

  8. The problem isn’t getting them to show up (well, maybe a few megastars), it’s that once there they play football like I do with my kids in the backyard. Get rid of this stupid game. Plus then Goodell can claim he’s doing it for “safety” reasons.

  9. Last years Pro Bowl was truly a disgrace. I thought the defensive line was counting one- one thousand, two- one thousand, three- one thousand ….. after the snap. It was embarassing. The term slow motion would be too fast to describe it. Why bother with such a silly effort by this guys.

  10. So Domonique Foxworth thinks that star players are going to risk career long paychecks in order to play harder for one exhibition game check?

  11. The bottom line is: Who wants to risk injury in a meaningless game?

    I don’t blame any player for going 50% to protect his future earning power.

  12. NFLPA:

    Just come out and say it. “Pro bowl players want the free trip to Hawaii, the extra knot for our pocket be it $25 or $50k, and ain’t gonna play real football there because we may get hurt. So pay for our trip and shut up!”

  13. Fans have it on tv because they are transitioning to sundays without football. i would argue less than half the football fans actually watch it. It is not a top contender in the ratings, last i saw it lost out to american idol for weekly ratings, and that show is a shadow of its formal self.

    A week long Pro Bowl a Month or 2 after the season for the real pro-bowlers to heal up.
    Celebrity golf game,
    Skill Competition for every position, (top 3-5 compete – your actual Pro bowlers).
    NFL Player Madden football tournament,
    and maybe a divisions Flag football playoff Tournament. 8 teams, players of each division on a team. or 2 teams made up of the Pro bowlers,
    and then an ESPY Like award ceremonies to end the week.

    Id watch that

  14. Pro Bowl has become a sham. $$$. When a player backs out of the Pro Bowl, another player gets selected and earns an escalator bonus, even though they didn’t deserve it.

  15. This game is important? Then why is half the guys who play were not chosing to begin with, I think more guys back out then play as they have received their bonus for being all pro and have no desire to play in this game.

  16. The Pro Bowl should evolve into something completely different so that we no longer compare it to a regular season or playoff game that we have all been watching for the past 5 months. It should be a game of flag football. That way, players won’t risk as much injury, they can have fun playing a slightly different game and the fans can see how NFL players perform without pads and tackles. Also, maybe it can help promote the NFL’s flag football league. Since it is just meant to be a fun and good time anyway, I see only positives in this.

  17. No, what it really means if you eliminate the game we no longer can use “4 time Pro Bowl nominee” in contract negotiations….

  18. Make a NEW “important tradition”

    Take whatever expenses are earmarked for the Pro Bowl and hold indoor events in each and every state where a Pro Bowler will come and spend a day with kids, encouraging them to exercise, eat healthy, and stay in school.

    The NFL might even consider doing this on Super Bowl Sunday itself – hosting a Super Bowl party for at-risk kids and kid contest winners.

    The Super Bowl is often a day about pigging out and commercialism – it’d be a nice day to showcase the best NFL players giving back to the community and trying to stop the epidemic of obesity

    (if anyone from the NFL needs help fleshing this out drop me a line )

  19. It’ll be an “important tradition” right up until the NFLPA is assured that guys will still get compensated for being named All-Pro and that they’ll still get free trips to Hawaii that they can use whenever they want. The moment that is settled, the union won’t even remember what the Pro Bowl was.

  20. “The fans don’t really care much about the game.”

    Yeah.. they do..

    The players are never going to play this game with any kind of intensity because they don’t care about it. And they don’t care about it because it’s more important that a $35mil RB doesn’t get hurt VS put on a meaningless show. (And I don’t blame them).

    Just cancel the thing. Expand the season to 18 games and 2 preseason and go from there.

  21. Increase the payday for the players….that is the only way they’ll come and REALLY play. Make it a $500,000/$250,000 proposition and I bet they’ll play a game for us. Also: Forget the damn fan vote. Let the players and coaches handle it. I’m sick of Tebow or other mediocre (albeit controversial) players playing to the media and fans. The coaches and players know who has had a good season this year….not LAST year or the year before.

  22. The pro bowl sucks, but I just don’t understand cutting it out entirely and trying to hype the NFL draft’s media machine. The draft? Instead of a game? Goodell doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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