Nick Collins’ release a family decision for Packers

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The Packers have officially released Nick Collins, saying as they let Collins go that they simply didn’t feel safe putting Collins back on the field after the serious neck injury he suffered last year.

Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said the decision was not about doubting Collins can still play, it was about doubting that it’s still safe for Collins to play.

“From the beginning of this process, we have taken our time and sought numerous medical opinions while maintaining consistent dialogue with Nick,” Thompson said. “In the end, we were not comfortable clearing him to play again. As with all of our players, Nick is a member of our family and we thought of him that way as we came to this conclusion. Nick is a part of our core, and this is a very difficult day for all Packers. Making this kind of decision is never easy, especially when it involves someone like Nick Collins. He has meant so much to the community, his teammates and the organization. He is a good man and will always be part of the Packers family.”

Collins has kept a low profile, but he did acknowledge the release on Twitter, saying, “To my teammates and coaches I’m going to miss going to war with y’all on Sunday!! Green Bay Packer 4life.”

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also referred to Collins as family.

“The Pack lost an incredible man today,” Rodgers wrote. “Thanks for being a great player, teammate, and friend. I’ll miss you brother.”

23 responses to “Nick Collins’ release a family decision for Packers

  1. Oh, he’s family alright……as long as he doesn’t go and sign with another team…lol…then he’ll be a no good piece of shat to most cheeseheads. Ala favre.

  2. In other words, “Your fired”

    I wonder if The Donald will create a new show called, “Your Family, we love you and goodbye”.

    It never ceases to amaze me how verbal gymnastics allows a business to appear like they love you, when they just fired you.

  3. This loss stings. He was agreat player player and all around good guy. Good luck to you Nick.

  4. I doubt the remaining years of his contract will be treated like family. Three pro bowl years and now a neck injury and he’s done! If you’re an NFL player, it is imperative that you get a new contact as soon as you’ve proven that you’ve out preformed your contract. Forget what these so called fans are saying. You owe it to yourself and your family.

  5. It’s a wise choice by the Packers. I am sure Collins could find SOME doctor to clear him to play but it’s not worth it.

    He can enjoy his life with family, the respect of his former teammates, and with all the money he will ever need. What more could someone ask for?

  6. as a packers fan i love all the hate, that just means your a scared fan and your team is letting you down. we will miss nick he was a warrior on the field. but there’s more thing to life than football. be smart and safe nick.

  7. Sad day. I am not a Packers fan, but I am a fan of Collins. His future is much more important than the game. It’s hard to see that as a player, but it might be for the best to give him time to fully recover before he can have a doctor say yay or nay on his continued career in the NFL or if it is time to move into the press box.

  8. “Ted Thompson said the decision was not about doubting Collins can still play, it was about doubting that it’s still safe for Collins to play.”


    We don’t want to be sued.

  9. I just hope they give him some “parting money” as a classy gesture. Eddie D did those sort of things when he owned the Niners and the Packers are a class organization.

    Wish you all the best and be healthy and wise Collins.

  10. I hope people remember this before throwing insults at the next NFL player who holds out for more $$$, using words like “selfish” and “greedy”. Once a team decides they have no use for a player, it just sends him out to pasture and terminates the unilateral contract. In the NFL your next day of work could be your last, no matter who you are.

  11. Talk about letting a guy down easy. They actually went with the George Costanza-patented, “It’s not you, it’s me”; and it seems like it worked!

    See Jeff Ireland, all you have to is win a Super Bowl; and then when you’re completely full if crap, people will label you as “classy” rather than incompetent.

  12. Packers are pathetic. They hide behind the “family” facade whenever they have to make a tough decision. They don’t want their precious sensitive fans to know they are just as dirty as the next team.

    You aren’t cutting him because he’s family. You are cutting him because he got hurt. You didn’t cut Walden because he’s family. You didn’t cut him (and resigned him) because he’s the best option you have at the position.

  13. I would buy the “he’s family” if they paid him his salary and then said, we don’t want you to get hurt.

    Since the Packers didn’t pay him, the whole family line crap is just their way of saying your fired pal.

    The truth is what it is.

  14. For all those people ripping on the Pack, what happens if they say all right come back, and gets hurt week one?

    Oh thats right you would just probably criticize them for letting a guy that had the similar surgery as Manning, and not watching out for his best interest.

    They would feel terrible for letting him get into that situation. Especially in a day where past players are file claims against the league about injuries and concussions.

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