PFT Live: Mickey Loomis and Armando Salguero

We’ll be talking about the draft on Thursday’s PFT Live, but we’ll also be talking with the man who has been at the center of two of the biggest stories of the NFL offseason.

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis will talk to Mike Florio about his suspension for the team’s bounty program as well as this week’s allegations that he eavesdropped on communications with opposing coaches. We’ll also find out how the Saints are approaching the draft without knowing the status of players who might be suspended and without picks in either of the first two rounds.

Florio will also talk to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald as the Dolphins prepare for the draft. All of the speculation about the Dolphins’ pick has focused on Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill and we’ll find out what Salguero is hearing.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

11 responses to “PFT Live: Mickey Loomis and Armando Salguero

  1. Dont’ let Loomis around !!!!!
    If you let Mickey Loomis around, he will bug your office(closet) Mikey and steal your financial information, blackmail you, and eavesdrop on intimate moments with the Mrs. then release the tapes of the Mrs. laughing.
    He will then place a bounty of your whole family Mikey.
    Mickey Loomis is a monster

  2. Be sure and ask Mickey Loomis why he thinks ESPN is digging up dirt from 10 years ago that can’t be proved and has already passed the statute of limitations instead of investigating whether other teams had bounties, such as the other teams that Gregg Williams coached.

    This is all about character assassination. Destroy the Saints in the court of public opinion so that everybody can forget about how their team never got investigated even though everybody knows that everybody was doing it.

  3. @geauxjay – I understand where the Saints fans are coming from, but way too whiny bro. Regarding the bounty program, the last thing the NFL wanted to do was expose and embarrass itself, but the Saints gave them no choice. Look realistically at it; how many times did they give the league the bird? 3, 4 times? The NFL asked them to stop numerous times privately and they just didn’t. We would have never known and that is what the NFL wanted. The teams are all franchises that represent the league and the league will protect each team until that protection can potentially damage the entire league. Safety concerns are the league’s biggest problem and it will get worse. You have to be smart enough to understand that or maybe you don’t. I would be pissed to if it’s my team, but try to look at it objectively – no one in the league is out to get the Saints.

    Regarding wiretapping, the government is involved, so something is going on. Not sure what is real or fake, but they will find out. I hope it is all BS and ends quickly but if its not – it will really suck to be a Saints fan. You guys have to stop with the whining though and the league wants to kill us off attitude. Team officials put themselves in this position and you guys should be furious with them.

  4. @nineroutsider now we’re being too “whiny”?? You people are ridiculous. Why are y’all so invested in the libeling of the Saints franchise? I know you’d all like to try and convict the Saints in the media. Some even have posited that the franchise be eliminated.

    Hmmm. It seems y’all are afraid of the Saints, as well you should. If you think for one minute that the team will lay down and let the 9ers, the Pack, the Giants, the Panthers, Bucs or Falcons roll over them you’d better get your popcorn ready.

    Latest Saints news: A chip the size of New Orleans has been sighted on every single Saints player. It’s us against the world morons. Keep your comments coming. The fans will provide a 12th man like you’ve NEVER heard before; earplugs required. We’re eating this crap up!!!!!!!!! GEAUX SAINTS!!

  5. nineroutsider: “Regarding wiretapping, the government is involved, so something is going on.”

    You cannot be this dumb, so you must be trolling. But just in case you’re not…

    The govt is involved because there was an allegation. If your neighbors call the cops on you for selling drugs out of your house and they come by to ask a few questions, does that mean “something is going on?” No — it means they are investigating a call they received. To assume “something is going on” is ridiculous.

  6. No it’s people like you who can’t let it go broski, we are doing fine every tom, dick and harry wants to jump aboard an add their two cents in. No excuses to be made about the bounty system, but when Goodell has his eyes set on you and it’s his bad evil eye god beware. The man will attach himself to you like a leach until he gets his own justice, with that I say show us the proof in black an white Goodell show us the report.

  7. Sounds like ESPN issued a bounty on the Saints and Barr trolled the team until he got it.

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