Rams move down to 14, grab Michael Brockers

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The St. Louis Rams had the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Then they traded down to the sixth overall pick. Then they traded down again to the 14th overall pick. That’s where they finally put in their card, selecting LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers.

Some will see Brockers as a bit of a reach at 14, but new Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has always liked big defensive tackles, and Brockers is definitely that. In 2011 at LSU the 6-foot-5, 322-pound Brockers started every game, had 9.5 tackles for loss and was an All-SEC selection.

For the Rams, the Brockers selection instantly upgrades the defense. Fisher has to be happy about that.

And now the Rams focus on Friday, when they will own the second round of the draft: They have pick No. 33, tomorrow’s first pick, which means they’ll be able to spend all day fielding calls from teams interested in trading for it. Then they have pick No. 39, acquired from the Redskins, and pick No. 45, acquired from the Cowboys. Brockers is Fisher’s first pick, but he’ll have a bunch more coming soon.

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  1. Enjoy having a coach that couldn’t care less about offense, Sam Bradford.

    At least you had that pretty nice rookie season. Maybe Fisher can get Drew Bennett back for ya.

  2. They really screwed up on their trades. Everyone they needed were gone before they had a chance.

  3. LE-Chris Long
    DT-Michael Brockers
    DT-Kendall Langford
    RE-Robert Quinn

    That’s a fearsome looking front four

  4. Brockers has tremendous upside.

    I think Fisher sees him as another Haynesworth(the 07-08 version).

  5. Rams did not execute well here. Should not have traded down so far for only a 2nd round pick. All those picks in later rounds and later years ain’t gonna win now.

  6. As a huge rams fan…I couldn’t be more disappointed with how the 1st round unfolded for them. Blackmon gets snagged right before 6. Why they would not take Claiborne at 6 is beyond me. Finnegan and Claiborne could have been so nasty. Then floyd gets snagged right before their 14 pick. They have done virtually nothing to upgrade their 32nd ranked offense from a year ago. FRUSTRATION!

  7. I already don’t like this j fisher guy and the team he put together for this draft.Knowing we need some weapons on offense,after the best player on your team says you need some weapons for bradford,you go out and draft a defensive end again.I don’t understand it,just plain old stupid,f–k the rams this year and f–k jeff fisher,your time is up go back to L A!!!

  8. I don’t believe they are playing to win this year,they are putting a team togather that will compete in a couple years.IDU,when they do get good enough to compete they won’t be able to afford the players they are developing.

  9. Im not a Rams fan, but i really dont understand going DT.. They have a crap OL, even worse WR’s, a RB who gets the hell beat out of him and they need a ton of help on the back end of their D…..

  10. Add to that:

    MLB-James Laurinitas
    OLB-Jo’lon Dunbar
    OLB-? Probably Justin Cole/Josh Hall
    CB-Courtland Finnegan
    CB-Bradley Fletcher/Jerome Murphy
    SS-Darian Stweert/Craig Dahl
    FS-Quinten Mikell

    Upgrades at OLB and one more DB makes this defense FORMIDABLE. The only reason they looked so bad last year is they were on field over 60% of the time and a lot of points/yards were in garbage time/when the game was out of reach.

  11. Let’s see. End of round 2, Rams got 4 new starters. Hmmm. Wonder how many more starters from Round 3-7? Punter for sure + 2-3 more?

    7-8 new starters sounds good, eh?

  12. Bradford is looking like a wasted pick if they fail to land #1 talent at WR year. He needs playmakers to develop.

  13. Not thrilled with the pick but the Ram’s should definetely improve on the run defense which shouldn’t be hard to go considering how terrible they were last year. Hopefully at #33 and #39 they can get a good combo like a Ruben Randle/Janoris Jenkins

  14. Janoris Jenkins would be a great pick here i think that could be why they traded down in stead of taking Claiborne. And there are plenty of good players still left that they could take. Guys like Cordy Glenn, Courtney Upshaw or even Amandi Silotolu. Lots of options for the Rams, its too bad they couldn’t snag the big name guy at 6 but that’s fine we have seen many late rounders succeed at receiver in the past. The Rams made the right decision to trade down for more picks. They have a lot of needs so the more picks the better.

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