Report: “Good chance” Cowboys take Michael Brockers

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ESPN Dallas’ Todd Archer reports there is a “good chance” the Cowboys will make LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers the 14th overall pick in tonight’s draft.

Brockers was a defensive tackle in LSU’s 4-3 scheme. He would play defensive end in Dallas’ 3-4.

The Cowboys entered this week eyeballing Alabama safety Mark Barron at No. 14, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that Barron won’t make it to the 14th pick, and ESPN’s Ed Werder took it a step further Thursday morning, reporting that the Cowboys “understand” Barron is no longer an option for them, barring a trade up.

Brockers is known to be one of Dallas’ preferred fallback options behind Barron. His addition could spell the end of former first-round pick Marcus Spears’ disappointing tenure with the Cowboys.

27 responses to “Report: “Good chance” Cowboys take Michael Brockers

  1. Who cares everyday the cowboys want someone else let’s run down the list j. Jenkins, m. Brockers, Poe, Barron, Kirkpatrick, c. Glenn, decastro basically aside from griffin luck khalil and Richardson Dallas wants everyone I can’t wait till te draft is over

  2. No, it would mean the end of Kenyon Coleman’s dissapointing tenure with the Cowboys.

  3. Fixed your analysis.

    The guy is 322 lbs, fifty pounds more than Ratliff. If he’s drafted he’ll be in the middle and Ratliff would bounce outside. His being drafted will end Kenyon Coleman with the Cowboys.

  4. Good idea.

    Get torched in your secondary for a 4th year in a row.

    And don’t tell me because there isn’t enough pressure up front. The Cowboys 2ndary is pathetic with the starters, nevermind the depth if there’s an injury!

  5. There’s also a “good chance” that in 2 hours there’s going to be a report nullifying this report. The draft is in a few hours, just stop with the speculation and just wait and see.

  6. Let me get this straight. A report comes out that says the Cowboys are interested in 4 players at number 14. This reporter picks one of those 4 players and says there’s a “good chance” the cowboys take him. Where do I sign up to be a “reporter” it sounds like the easiest job ever.

  7. As a Cowboys fan, I’m gonna be pissed if they take him.

    Though i can’t be too mad, cause LSU defensive linemen have a great track record. :facepalm:

  8. Cox or Decastro or Barron, in that order, if all three are gone, trade down…Brockers is a plug, not a play maker, they have a plug in Spears, and he’s over paid, pass on Brockers

  9. suhnum1fan says:
    Apr 26, 2012 3:40 PM
    Jerry still thinks he has Jimmy Johnson talent evaluation skills, not


    tonyromoisterrible says:
    Apr 26, 2012 3:09 PM
    Another bad draft choice by Jerrah Jones. I love watching the draft just simply to see Jerrah screw it all up.


    The worst part about you guys….is that you really have no idea what you are talking about.

    Jerry Jones is the tiebreaker at best, he’s not scouting, he’s not hand picking, he’s doing what every other GM and owner does and that listen to the scouts and coaches.

    Blame him for hiring bad scouts, but everyone saying “Jerrys gonna screw up another draft” is a dumb comment.

    Let’s be honest, I could name you every big name talented player on the roster, except for maybe Brandon Carr….and they were all drafted or signed as undrafted FA’s.

    Romo, Austin, Bryant, Witten, Jones, Murray, Ware, Ratliff, Jenkins, Scandrick, Free, Smith, Spencer….pretty much any guy you can say has any real talent on this team, never played for another team…was drafted or signed as a UFA by us….

    But Those weren’t Jerry right? Just the bad picks were Jerry?

    I mean obviously those aren’t all pro bowlers by anymeans, but they are staples of this team..

  10. markdamack:

    AMEN! if you didn’t say it I was about to. People just love to hate on the cowboys.

    This “Jerruh” they speak of has won 3 super bowls and drafted nearly all the big time talent on this team.

    Give the man credit. He doesn’t have a perfect track record but not a single owner/GM in the league does. For every comment like the one you mentioned.. well, at least the unintelligent non-football people make themselves known.

  11. “Blame him for hiring bad scouts, but everyone saying “Jerrys gonna screw up another draft” is a dumb comment. ”

    So Jerry doesnt mess up the draft, he HIRES the people who mess up the draft.

    Wait a second, since he hired the scouts isnt he still the one who messed up the draft….Yea that makes too much sense

  12. I agree with the earlier comments about LSU lineman in the NFL.Way overrated-non factors.Dorsey,Jackson,Spears etc.None of them have made an impact in any of the games they have played.Brockers is the same.Jones needs the draft to fall to him;safety,guard and corner are huge needs.Barron,DeCastro and Gilmore in that order.

  13. whats up with the httr? u guys cant actually think u scare other teams with that mockery slogan do u?

  14. Are you kidding me!?
    ANOTHER LSU guy? Man when are they going to learn. Not only that, why do they always pick guys to play in a scheme they never played in? Classic case of Jerrah trying to look smarter than everyone else, and only ending up outsmarting himself.

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