Report: Claiborne is No. 1 player on Vikings draft board

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Citing a source with knowledge of the situation, NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reports that LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne is the No. 1 player on the Vikings’ draft board, and they are “leaning toward” drafting Claiborne with the No. 3 overall pick.

Per Wyche, the Vikings also “like [Claiborne] more” than USC tackle Matt Kalil.

Appearing on ESPN’s NFL Draft Special Thursday, Adam Schefter seemed to agree with the notion that Claiborne is the favorite to be drafted with the third overall pick.

“There seems to be a feeling that they might be leaning toward Morris Claiborne while still considering Matt Kalil,” Schefter said.

The Vikings’ priority remains trading down, but if they stick to their draft board, Claiborne will be the third pick in the draft and a mini-slide could be in order for this year’s top-rated offensive tackle.

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  1. Just invested $100M in AP and a 1st Round Pick in Ponder. Why NOT skip a cornerstone Left Tackle for a Cornerback with a 4 on the Wonderlic?

  2. Ugh. Yeah, he’s great and all, but what about our injury prone QB? Johnson didn’t work out last year and you thought that would “be enough” to cover him, and it clearly was not. Hopefully they can trade the pick, someone takes Claiborne and they end up with Kalil still.

    Going to be an interesting first part of the night here…

  3. Am I the only one that thinks a top 10 pick on a DB is a waste? I don’t care how good they are, they don’t turn a bad team into a good one.

  4. If it is Claiborne, good pick for the Vikings. With the NFC North producing WR’s like Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Jennings/Nelson they need a CB who can cover.

  5. wow, if this is true the Vikings are so stupid. Draft a corner that high in cover 2? Have fun being the dormats of the NFC North for the next decade. I feel bad for Minny fans. How about draftin a tackle to protect that QB you reached for last year?

  6. Vikes want out of that 3rd slot pretty badly. Info like that doesn’t get leaked on accident. I hope nobody’s fooled by that.

  7. seems like this year first rd picks would have been 3rd rounders in the past few drafts with the exception of 3 guys.

  8. Vikings want more rumors about them looking at other players so that a trade is required by those that want a certain player………Ie.”we like Claiborne as our #1 player”. No trade develops, they take Kalil……..

  9. Awesome!

    He’ll fit in well with Harvin and Simpson.

    They can share doobies on go routes.

  10. I don’t disagree that he’s their top player, but putting this out there is solely in order to get the Bucs to move up to the third pick to take Richardson. The Browns will then take Blackmon and the Vikings will still get Claiborne and, of course, get a draft pick to boot.

  11. Of course they are leaking this, that would mean the Bucs would be screwed at #5 unless they trade up. Probably a load of crap though.

  12. If they’re drafting players lower on their draft board because of need, that’s good news for the rest of the NFC North.

  13. Vikes will send Mo the notice to report along with directions to the facility, as will the other draftees. “But we aren’t putting a time limit on when he gets here”, mentioned Rick Speilman. “We want to give him as long as he needs. Let him figure it out at his own pace.”.

  14. Not what you want to hear as a Buccaneers fan. Browns will then take Richardson and the Bucs will have to trade out. My guess the Bills will trade up with the bucs to take Kalil and the Bucs will select Luke Kuechly out of Boston College

  15. .

    So, is Tampa’s pick like a supplemental and cannot be dealt?

    The Bucs would put this pick on Ebay if they could.

    Multiple needs requires multiple players.


  16. Wonder if the Vikings take Claiborne with #3, will they trade up with their 2nd round pick and take Cordy Glenn or Jonathon Martin?

  17. Man, if they don’t trade this pick or take Kalil, they are total and complete idiots. Who needs a tackle to protect their potential franchise QB and superstar RB coming off a horrible injury?

  18. good get claiborne this year and draft Barkley next year to replace Ponder after he gets destroyed this year with no OLINE. On a side note, hopefully thats the end of Frazier and his stupid cover 2 defense

  19. I hope this isn’t true, and just smoke-screening pre-draft mis-information. The Vikings need Kalil if their offense is going to do anything this year.

    Yes, they need DBs, but unless they want Ponder knocked out for the year, they’d best spend this pick on Kalil. He’s the only sure-fire LT in the draft who can start right away and not be of concern to the rest of the OL. Spielman needs to pick him if he stays at #3.

  20. 4 on the Wonderlic, 4% tax to play in MN, it’s fate.

    The typical first pick of the Vikings tears out his knee or strains it so good luck.

  21. gb4mn0 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 4:15 PM
    Who cares! The vikequeefs blow!


    Hey everyone! gb4mn0 just made a funny! And all on is own!
    Oh man, that’s good! Pure gold there gb4mn0! How long did it take to you to come up with that zinger? Talk about witty!

    You sir are a comedic genius! Kudos to you!

  22. For the comments about ‘getting the pick in on time’… many people don’t realize that a trade had been agreed upon between the Vikings and Ravens in that draft, but at literally the last second, the Ravens renigged on it and left the Vikings reeling.

    In any case, I want Kalil, but someone needs to cover Jennings, Marshall, and Megatron in this division… and it isn’t going to be Old Man Winfield or Woman Beater Cook.

  23. GM Speilman press conference..we conferred with Mike Mayock of NFL Network, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper of ESPN and we have decided that we are going to forfeit the #3 selection in the first round of 2012 NFL draft based on the fact we can’t find a trading partner..and these experts have assured us that its ok to pass on making a decision!!!

  24. Honestly, IMO, the Vikings are in a win-win-win here. Any of the three players in discussion will be an instant upgrade at their respective positions. My theory is take the player that will help get more wins. I believe we were able to score enough pts to be competitive in most of the games we played, and yes while protecting ponder should be a priority, I don’t nessacarily see that translating into more wins. With the style of football the Vikings play, running the football, and short timing routes with quick receivers, I think the best bet to equal more wins is taking Mo Claiborne. He ads the ability to limit other teams from scoring points, plus can create turnovers. In the NFC north limiting the other teams scoring seems to make sense, I don’t think they will be winning many shoot outs this year regardless if we take Khalil or Blackmon, that’s why I think Claiborne should be the pick.

  25. There is so much smoke from the Vikes, Browns and Bucs that no one know for sure who wants who.

    That’s why Minnesota will just sit tight and take Kalil, Richardson goes to the Browns and the Bucs get Claiborne.

    Everyone gets the player they really need despite all the subterfuge…

  26. Not against this but I still think kalil is the best pick….the last thing the vikes need is ponder scrambling for his life every play like last year…it would only be a matter of time before he gets David Carr syndrome.

  27. The Ravens GM hosed the Vikings that year when they turned in their card late. There was a trade agreed upon between the Vikings and the Ravens. The Vikings tuned in the trade but the Ravens didn’t. The irony is that the Same GM squealed like a little girl when someone did it to him recently. Plus, the Vikings draft All-Pro Kevin Williams when they turned in their card two picks later, AND they got him for significantly less money. So while the idiotic comments about getting their pick on time seem funny on the surface, the reality is that the Vikings made out like bandits on that deal.

  28. It is easy to knock this kid because of his wonderlic score, but if you jokers would do a little research you would find he is a great kid with a learning disability that effects his taking tests. From what I’ve read he is no where close to being as dumb as you try to make him out to be. Good luck Morris, I hope your All Pro.

  29. Mike Mayock grades Kalil a 94 at OT and Jonathan Martin an 87. Looks like Martin may make it to the Vikings at #35.

    Claiborne is rated 91.5, and several CBs are rated around 84 that will be available to the Vikings at #35.

    Blackmon is rated 93.5 and Stephen Hill 86, Jeffrey 84, Quick 83.2. I think only Jeffrey and Quick would be available at #35.

    Given the impact and depth at each position, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to take Claiborne 1st, then Jonathan Martin 2nd, and a WR (like a Tommy Streeter) 3rd.

  30. if we draft a CB as a need just to try and keep up w/GB’s pass attack, we will be ignoring a LT that could help defend against mathews and all the pass rushers that they are going to draft. the vikings will be 2 (pass coverage, pass protection) maybe 1 1/2 steps behind GB by taking claiborn and missing on kalil. taking an elite LT helps us neutralize an improved pass rush for years and leaves us only 1 step behind, (pass coverage) which we can help in later rounds. i remember games over the last few years when our inability to block j. pep. had just as big an impact on the outcome as rogers and his receivers could have.

  31. danoj14 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 5:24 PM
    How long did it take to you to come up with that zinger?


    I’m sure less time than it took you to prove to us that even after taking time to edit your thought in a feeble attempt to come off as clever you still came off as the illiterate, unimaginative dolt you obviously are.

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