Rumors fly that Bowe may sign franchise tender

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Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes recently signed his franchise tender, once word emerged that the Falcons may be trading for cornerback Asante Samuel.  A similar dynamic could be playing out in Kansas City.

A league source tells PFT that there is chatter in league circles that Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe is considering signing his franchise tender due to concerns that the Chiefs will use their first-round pick on a receiver, and then strip the franchise tag from Bowe.

Yes, that would make Bowe an unrestricted free agent.  But with the big money for free agents long since dried up, Bowe wouldn’t get a deal remotely close to the one he would have gotten on March 13, the day on which the market opened.  At this point, his short-term and long-term interests may be better served by accepting the one-year, $9.5 million offer and trying to get a long-term deal while under contract.

Of course, signing the franchise tender would reduce his leverage, since he would no longer be able to refuse to provide services without financial consequence.  Losing the $9.5 million bird in the hand, however, could prove to be an ever larger a financial consequence.

Stripping the tag from Bowe would also hurt the Chiefs; there’s no guarantee a first-round wideout will generate the same kind of production as Bowe — and Bowe would then be able to walk away without compensation.

10 responses to “Rumors fly that Bowe may sign franchise tender

  1. Bowe would be wise to take the money now. Thoroughout his carrer in KC, he has been the poster child for inconsistency. He will have a great game and then disappear entirely. Some of the blame lies with the QB, but Bowe must work on his production and and show more effort before he can realistically be considered a top shelf wideout.

  2. Sign it! $9.5 million is a lot of money for one year. With Jamal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry healthy, they have a lot of potential. If Peyton Hillis doesn’t go into diva mode like last year they have a scary offensive back field. Not a bad place to make $9.5 million. The Chiefs need to lock Bowe up into a long term contract, the dude is a beast.

  3. Good for the d-bowe show and good for the chiefs. I think they would be crazy to take a wr in rd one out side of blackmon if he fell which he won’t. We have much bigger needs at nt, g, ilb, qb, s, cb to focus on. Look for the patriot classic trade down tonight and then pioli to fill holes with best players available.

  4. The only problem with this fairy tale is that there is no way in hell that they would waste their 1st rd pick on WR this year. They took Baldwin last year. Chiefs have many needs. They would draft Tannehill before WR. Decastro or Barron is pick.

  5. D Bowe shouldnt worry, there are plenty of creative ways to clear cap room for a stud WR . He will be fine if KC is stupid enough to un-tag him

  6. This makes no sense whatsoever.
    What are the Chiefs saving up for when they are still way under the cap? Then the notion of drafting WR’s in the first round in back to back seasons…. with all the D talent sitting there this season with a D head coach?

    Bad rumor. Surprised this website would report such garbage.

  7. As a Vikings fan I would love to trade picks with KC in exchange for Bowe. The guy is solid #1 and would be a perfect fit with the Vikings.

  8. There is absolutely still $$$ out there …
    … signing the tender insures he stays with Chiefs …

    But there will be teams starved for WR help …
    … Browns / Bills / Jags / Jets / Vikings … (+)

    These teams and others may very well love the idea of knowing a player like Bowe is available without Draft Pick Compensation …

    A team like the Bills should be happy to trade-up to get Kalil & get on the phone to discuss any Free-Agent WR options with Bowe’s agent …

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