Texans take Whitney Mercilus at 26


Mario Williams has left Houston, and now the Texans have the pass rusher they hope can adequately replace him.

Whitney Mercilus, who led the NCAA with 16 sacks at Illinois last year, can line up at defensive end or outside linebacker and rush off the edge, although there are questions about whether Mercilus is a complete enough player.

Some observers thought the Texans had bigger needs than a pass rusher, but it’s easy to see why this was the pick for Texans G.M. Rick Smith: Mercilus immediately upgrades the pass rush of a team that expects to be protecting a lot of late leads this season. After the first playoff appearance in franchise history, the Texans have just added a player who will be able to contribute right away as they try to get to the postseason twice in a row.

14 responses to “Texans take Whitney Mercilus at 26

  1. Needs to tell his family member to pull her skirt down on national tv. Before she end up on WorldStarHipHop.

  2. Looks like the Texans are building a dominant defense. Getting a pass rusher with this upside is unreal at 26, and there are still plenty of value on the board to get the wr and the lineman.

  3. Great name for a dominating defensive player.
    His jersey will sell like crazy in Houston. Already looks like a great pick up for a great defense!

  4. Slow down there Texans fans. This guy may not even see the field much with Barwin and Reed on the edges. He’s a bit small to play inside,so he won’t be taking over Smith’s DE spot,and Watt’s spot is secure. Also,as long as Jackson is on the corner the defense will suffer. Let’s also hope Sharpton or whomever else they draft can replace Ryans. If Kubes and co. don’t get some CBs in there to replace the loss of Allen and to at least compete with Jackson it.s going to be a long season.

  5. “Slow down there Texans fans…If Kubes and co. don’t get some CBs in there to replace the loss of Allen and to at least compete with Jackson it.s going to be a long season.”

    Yeah a long season just like last year…into the middle of the playoffs. You can’t have 2 OLB’s in Phillips defense, and this guy gives us three good options, plus either Barwin or Mercilus can move inside on 3rd downs. I will be happy to “suffer” with another top 5 defense.

  6. Hard not to like this guy–he should give us some good depth on D. That said, I would have preferred to see a WR or O-Lineman that had a more realistic shot of starting by the middle of the season. Next rounds….

  7. Would love to see them land Coby Fleener too, but not having to move up and give up picks. Fleener will be going to Indianapolis anyway with the second pick in Round 2, so forget it.

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