Texas authorities issue arrest warrants for Ryan Leaf

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In case we needed any more reminders that Ryan Leaf personifies everything that tonight’s first-round draft picks should try not to become, Leaf now faces more legal problems, with two arrest warrants issued for him in Texas.

Leaf was sentenced to 10 years’ probation in Texas for drug possession and burglary, and after he was arrested twice in Montana for stealing oxycodone from two homes, Texas authorities said he was in violation of that probation.

As of Wednesday, Leaf was still in jail in Cascade County, Montana. Texas has declared Leaf a fugitive from justice.

As the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, Leaf was a disaster on the field for the San Diego Chargers and a headache off the field as well. Leaf has acknowledged an addiction to painkillers since his retirement from the NFL but was — until his most recent pair of arrests — claiming publicly that he had conquered his addiction.

24 responses to “Texas authorities issue arrest warrants for Ryan Leaf

  1. Leaf was last seen on a bus to New York, wants to relive the draft again, putting on a ryan tannehill costume and going as him

  2. This may not be popular but I dont give a dam. Im tired of these junkies gettin arrested and we pay for them to sit in a jail cell. Hes a grown ass man that should pay for his choices. He wants to destroy himself poppin pills let him. There are sad strories in the NFL and then theres this idiot. Now hes playing the media tellin them hes clean so he can get his face seen and make some money off his book. Dont fall for this BS.

    49ers baby!

  3. If Texas can verify he is in Montana jail why would they call him a fugitive?

    -had sudden vision of Ryan Leaf standing at the end of a cliff with Tommy Leed Jones-

    Leaf: I’m innocent!

    Jones: I don’t care


  4. Funny this information would come out the night of the draft. There should be a warnings sign with Leaf’s face on it for all future draft prospects.

    Warning: This Could Be You!

  5. Funny this information would come out the night of the draft. There should be a warning sign with Leaf’s face on it for all future draft prospects.

    Warning: This Could Be You!

  6. I have to give it up for Ryan Leaf. He’s trying to get arrested as many times in one month as Brandon Marshall manages in a year.

  7. This truly sad. He’s doing this all to himself so I don’t necessarily feel bad for him, but it’s very sad how he was the 2nd overall pick and now just a petty criminal. So sad.

  8. Calling all cars, calling all cars…keep on the lookout for the 2nd biggest douche-bag in Texas.

  9. Lock him up and throw away the key!

    Because Lord knows that nothing cures drug addiction like prison.

  10. Ok help me out here. Leaf is sitting in jail in Montana and has been for almost a month now.

    Texas knows Leaf is in jail in Montana and has been in frequent communication with Montana authorities. Leaf is obviously NOT going anywhere from his jail cell-

    So why pile on and put out a PR that Leaf is a “Fugitive from Justice” – when clearly he is sitting in a jail in Law Enforcement Custody? That clearly does not fit the definition of “Fugitive from Justice” for goodness sakes.

    So Leaf clearly screwed up, is sitting in jail for it – and rightfully so – but “Fugitive from Justice”? C’mon now………..Anyone else think this is strange?

  11. To try to answer the seemingly burning question, Texas, in all likelihood, while having knowledge of Leaf’s probation violation, chose to classify him as a “fugitive from justice” to ease the path for extradition since they want their pound of flesh before Montana has a chance to try him on the new charges. Ten years probation is a grip and either the court or the prosecutor has a hard-on for Leaf since that was probably as light a sentence he could have hoped for there. It sounds like Montana is willing to wash their hands of him for awhile and let Texas mete out justice.

  12. Cannot imagine why this perfectly rational, intelligent comment was censored. That’s really kind of sad:

    When he was drafted, I thought Leaf was an arrogant jerk, and of course, he created his reality with a lifetime of bad choices. But now he’s an oxycodone addict. It’s a hellish addiction to overcome. A lot of people get clean for a while, then backslide. And qcsfinest704, they’re not doing it to play the media or sell books. That’s just how addiction works.

    No matter how big a jerk someone is, it’s sad to see a once promising career destroyed and a human being self-destruct. One severe back injury or car crash, a few months of prescription pain killers, and anyone here could wind up exactly where Leaf is.

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