Vikings trade back into first round, get Harrison Smith

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The Minnesota Vikings have made their second first-round pick of the 2012 NFL draft, and it’s Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith.

The Vikings traded up with the Ravens for the pick to select Smith, and between Smith and fourth overall pick Matt Kalil, the Vikings have to be very pleased with what they’ve been able to accomplish tonight: They have a new starter on offense and a new starter on defense.

Prior to the draft, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said he had been discussing trades with a few different teams, and it turned out that the Ravens liked what the Vikings offered: Minnesota gave up its second-round pick, No. 35 overall, as well as a fourth-round pick, No. 98 overall, to get the 29th pick and get Smith.

Smith is known as a good tackler, a physical player who’s capable of stopping the run in the box, and a player who’s good in pass coverage as well. He’s a defensive difference maker the Vikings will be happy to have.

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  1. Don’t know much about this kid, but the analysts are raving about him…so I guess, good pick. Definitely an area of need for the Vikes that they filled.

  2. I’m assuming they must have thought someone was going to draft him , I like the pick , i still think we can pick up our receiver in the 3rd like Streeter or Quick , so this is turning out pretty well. I’m impressed so far

  3. If the Patriots didn’t sneak in and take Hightower, Ozzie would have drafted him. Since he came off the board, no need to stay in that slot.

  4. I was hoping they would somehow get Harrison Smith. I didn’t think it’d be possible for them to get him, but just wow. Great first round for the Vikings. I am very happy about how this has turned out.

  5. Just to get this in because he obessively posts on every Vikings thread:

    gb4mn0 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 ?:?? PM
    Who cares? The vikequeefs blow!

  6. Safety, LT, CB, and WR are the Vikings biggest needs. Although with the addition of Carlson and that stoner Bengals WR I don’t know if WR is quite as glaring since they’ll probably run some more double tight end and possession offense.

    As far as corner is concerned, the Vikings did get a servicable free agent and their top two corners (currently) are Chris Cook and Winfield, neither of which were really available last season. So it is kind of hard to say how bad the corner position really is because the top three guys on the depth chart didn’t play for the Vikings but for a few games last season.

    That leaves safety and LT, two obvious glaring needs that they had no hope in without the draft and they addressed them both. I guess for Vikings fans the one minor disappointment is knowing that they likely won’t get that downfield threat.

    Personally I’d have liked to see the Vikings get Stephen Hill somehow. I know he is kind of an over rated workout warrior type but the dude is a beast physically and can block. Would have fit in well.

  7. I’ll be the first to admit I never thought much of Spielman but he’s did a good job thus far. Two starters that fill glaring holes. If they can get one of the wr’s next, like Rueben Randle as a 3rd starter, the vikes can consider it a very successful draft. There’s still a lot of talent left on the board with some of the suspect reaches of the chickenhawks, cleveland with weeble, miami taking tannehill with a reach etc. The Vikes set the tone tonite by getting 3 extra picks for swapping the 3pick for 4th and still getting Kalil.

  8. thankheavenfornumberseven says:

    I like him but would have preferred to wait for him to drop to 35. You trade up to get Randle or Hill, not Smith.


    I disagree, I think the Ravens would’ve drafted him if there was no trade, Ed Reed is getting old and Im sure the Ravens already trying to find an eventual replacement. Thats why Spielman made the deal when he did… Hill would’ve been a good pick too, but safety is our biggest need on D by far, solid, solid pick and trade.


  9. gb4mn0 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 ?:?? PM
    Who cares? The vikequeefs blow!

    So does your mom. Her queefs are hella nasty tho

  10. Another good trade and pick for the Vikings. Smith was the highest rated FS I believe in the draft, and not an expensive move to get him. Fills a definite need. Next I’d go get a WR with their next pick- Tommy Streeter should be there for the Vikings in round 3.

  11. First off, I too thought the Browns were idiots until doing some research. Rumor started earlier in the day that TB would trade to 3 in order to get Richardson. This prompted the Browns to swoop in and grab the player they wanted. Now the big question: is Sanford or Abdullah getting replaced by Mr. Smith?

  12. Great 1st round!!!

    Now if we could just get the politicians, to see that they will lose this franchise (to many the face of MN) & get a deal done w/a new stadium….I will have reached self-actualization.

    GOD Bless

  13. i was hoping for WR Randle…. but FS smith is a strong choice as well….. he’ll do great here. Lots of balls in the air within our division…. hopefully he’ll pick some off early and often…. Great Job Vikes….

  14. This is the first time I have felt good about something the Vikes have done in 2 years. Finally, some optimism. Now I hope we trade some of those 4th rounders to get back into the 2nd. If we can get four solid players/starters out of this draft, I will be ecstatic. We have 10 picks left, need to hit on 2 of them, no matter what it takes. I wouldn’t mind getting another Olineman too. I would also love to steal James as a 3rd down back… plus, we seem to do really well with Oregon running backs in the 4th round.

    Until they try to go through airport security with a fake weiner.

  15. Gb4mn0: When are you gonna move out of your parents basement? When are you gonna get a job? When are you Gonna get to first base with a female that doesn’t have four legs? And when are you gonna stop posting on Vikings news threads?

  16. The best part is how they swiped him right from the Broncos’ hands! He’d have been perfect for Denver, and as soon as the Vikings took him the Bronco babies traded right out of the first round! Haha!

  17. @okemon

    Randle cannot break away coverage at all but can make the catches, he is not worth a top 50 pick IMO. We can easily move back into the 2nd round for a WR, no need to move into the first to get one in a deep WR class. Spielman made the right moves today and drafted the two guys I wanted, so I am very pleased! I am hoping Sanu (WR Rutgers) slides just a bit tomorrow so we can scoop him up in the late 2nd via trade. We have plenty of comp. picks to use in the 4th and 5th, I say trade all of our others for more impact players rather than taking a bunch of possibles but probably not’s

  18. i have to give credit to Paul Allen. He predicted about 2 months ago that the vikings first 2 picks would be Kalil and Harrison Smith.

  19. That what am talking about spielman now go get you a deep threat WR and the Nfc north might be the division to watch this season

  20. Packers fans have nothing better to do? I guess it’s better than porking dead deer in ditches. And leave the stadium junk out of this too. Vikings pimped round one. Moved up to get the player we targeted. When Speilman is the sole man in charge he does good things.

  21. Wow! Spielman is making his mark; really liking what I am seeing so far.
    Hopefully he can not only get the players that the Vikings need this year, but also make a few more trades and squirrel away extra picks for next year.
    Good job Spielman!

  22. LA Vikings picked one and picked a bust in the first round, I guess thats about avg in the league 50%…..LA VIKINGS Nice ring…I wonder if they ll stay in the NFC North….I heard they ll switch with Seattle…go figure

  23. dumplingsrbrown says:Apr 26, 2012 10:57 PM

    Just to get this in because he obessively posts on every Vikings thread:

    gb4mn0 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 ?:?? PM
    Who cares? The vikequeefs blow!
    LMAO! Perfect. I think it’s called a pre-emptive strike.

    Haven’t seen much of gb4mno lately…must be back on his meds.

  24. I shared the draft night with two Packers backers. Obviously when they saw us draft # 1 Safety Smith after their discount double choke last year (who they wanted badly) they were a little distraught. That was only magnified by the fact that we got KALIL of course only made them more disressed. The gb4mn0 comments are priceless. He spends more time looking at #1 Vikes blogs than he spends with his lover. Condolences Karen Rogers, it’s Purple People Eaters time again. As usual.

  25. knew8411 says:
    Apr 26, 2012 11:47 PM
    Now if we could just get the politicians, to see that they will lose this franchise (to many the face of MN) & get a deal done w/a new stadium….I will have reached self-actualization


    Isn’t that what you gender bender Helga hat wearers reach in bed with your boyfriends?

    Who cares? The vikequeefs blow?

  26. After the Vikes picked kalil and stole 3 picks from Cleveland, I was hoping the Vikes would trade back into the first round. I don’t know much about Harrison.

    I’ve ripped Spielman many times.

    I think Spielman did an excellent job yesterday of getting picks and trading back into round 1.

    Hopefully the two first rounders can be names comparable to Yary and Krause over the coming years.

  27. And again this is Spielman’s first draft and he’s played it like a master so far. Makes you think this dude should have been in charge a while ago. Trading down one slot with a team that has zero chance of drafting your guy and getting 3 picks. That was great.

    Speaking of the Browns. Trading away half a draft for a RB and 28 year old rookie QB. All I have to say for them is that this had better work out…

  28. Not bad. Use the Vike’s pick to take an OL and then trade up a little bit to get Stephen Hill without breaking the bank.

  29. Bravo Mr Speilman, bravo! Now grab a WR tonight and add some more depth accross the board with 9 more picks tomorrow. Great job getting the guy you wanted and still getting the three extra picks to help grab Smith, well done!

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