With 10th pick, Bills select Stephon Gilmore

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Buddy Nix made it clear that he really wants a left tackle.

He wound up with a cornerback. The Bills stayed put with the 10th overall pick and wound up taking Stephon Gilmore of South Carolina. The move wasn’t what was expected as many thought Buffalo would grab Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd if they couldn’t get a tackle. It makes sense, though, and fills a real need for the Bills.

Their corners were lit up fairly regularly last season and the team needs to shore up that area after taking care of their pass rush earlier in the offseason. Gilmore started 40 games at South Carolina, regularly guarded the best receivers in the SEC and should have enough skill to start contributing on defense right away for Buffalo. He rose up the board after strong offseason work showed that his film didn’t lie.

With Gilmore in the fold, wide receiver or that elusive tackle is likely the next box to get checked off on the Buffalo wishlist.

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  1. He didnt really convince me.Hes average at best.They should of picked up Dre Kirpatirck though in my opinion.Goodluck with that though bills.

  2. Pretty much everyone in Buffalo had this pick pegged for them once Barron and the BC linebacker were gone. I think you were listening to the wrong sources.

  3. Nix also said today that he believes Hairston is a guy that can start for the next 10 years, and that they don’t need a starting tackle, but they do need depth. Also said that he believes they can get a WR in the 3rd or 4th round. He pretty much set out what he plans to do. Again, you’re listening to the wrong people.

  4. Good lord, are you serious? There are still 4 good tackle prospects left, and the Bills have the 41st overall pick. They’ll be grabbing either Cordy Glenn, Mike Adams, Bobbie Massie, or Jonathan Martin with their next pick.

  5. This guys been compared to Charles Woodson, and may be much better than Claiborne. Claiborne cannot tackle at all. Coverage is just part of what a prime CB does. Gilmore is Antoine Winfield with much more size. He makes this defense solid, and can tackle Gronk without wincing

  6. @ acharlot5

    He’s from South Carolina, went to college in South Carolina, and the Carolina Panthers just passed on him with the pick immediately prior to the Bills.

    He says he’s happy, and he’s blessed to have been picked at No. 10…….but if I had to guess, he probably thought that he’d be a “home-grown hero” in Carolina. I don’t think it had anything to do with a hatred of Buffalo or the Bills.

    I’m not worried….he’s going to enjoy playing on one of the best defences (possible injuries excluded from argument) in the NFL.

  7. I really don’t get the first line of this post.

    “Buddy Nix made it clear that he really wants a left tackle.”

    Buddy Nix for 3 days has said they wanted a CB or S. They wanted Barron, Claiborne or Gilmore.

    He was clear, the Bills were clear, the Networks knew it. In fact Nix said multiple times that he thought the draft was very deep at T in the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th rounds.

    I love PFT, seriously I do, but sometimes it is hard to read.

  8. I’m glad they didn’t get “cute” with this pick.
    Bills DEF should be vastly improved this season.
    Add a solid LB in rd2 or 3 and then look for O-line depth and a WR.
    Moving in the right direction. Let’s Go Buffalo!

  9. Good Pick-They can get a good Tackle in the 2nd round. I would live them to trade up and Get Glenn (OL) in the late first round, or wait till this second and take the best tackle available. I also think they need to get a speedy wideout in the 3rd. I would like to see another corner or safety and a couple linebackers in the later rounds. There are a couple nice Corners that will be available late. In this league you need cover corners and nickle package Linebackers!

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