2012 second-round mock draft

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33. Rams: Rueben Randle, receiver, LSU.

The Rams grab the top wideout left after missing on Justin Blackmon.

34: Colts: Coby Fleener, tight end, Stanford.

Fleener was first pick Andrew Luck’s college go-to guy.

35. Ravens: Courtney Upshaw, linebacker, Alabama.

Upshaw lacks elite burst, but he is a relentless football player.

36. Broncos: Devon Still, defensive tackle, Penn State.

Interior line is Denver’s top need, and Still is the best tackle left.

37. Browns: Stephen Hill, receiver, Georgia Tech.

Hill is reportedly the No. 3 or 4 wideout on Cleveland’s board.

38. Jaguars: Vinny Curry, defensive end, Marshall.

Curry is a tireless edge rusher, and the Jags need one of those.

39. Rams: Amini Silatolu, guard, Midwestern State.

St. Louis showed interest in Silatolu leading up to the draft.

40. Panthers: Andre Branch, defensive end, Clemson.

Branch is the premier pass rusher remaining at this point.

41. Bills: Cordy Glenn, tackle, Georgia.

Glenn’s game reminds of old Buddy Nix pick Marcus McNeill.

42. Dolphins: Lavonte David, linebacker, Nebraska.

David is a missile, and could start right away at weak side.

43. Seahawks: Peter Konz, guard, Wisconsin.

Konz is a system fit for Seattle and can start at left guard.

44. Chiefs: Bobby Wagner, linebacker, Utah State.

The athletic Wagner could upgrade on Jovan Belcher inside.

45. Rams: Janoris Jenkins, cornerback, North Alabama.

At a need position, the Rams are willing to roll the dice here.

46. Eagles: Brandon Boykin, cornerback, Georgia.

Boykin is a physical slot corner with special return value.

47. Jets: Jonathan Martin, tackle, Stanford.

He wouldn’t struggle to supplant right tackle Wayne Hunter.

48. Patriots: Brian Quick, receiver, Appalachian State.

The Pats could bring this high-upside project along slowly.

49. Chargers: George Iloka, safety, Boise State.

The Bolts wanted Mark Barron, but settle for Iloka at 49.

50: Bears: Bobby Massie, tackle, Ole Miss.

Massie is a long-armed potential left tackle down the road.

51. Eagles: Mychal Kendricks, linebacker, California.

Philly’s outside linebackers can’t tackle; Kendricks can.

52. Titans: Alameda Ta’amu, defensive tackle, Washington.

Tennessee is searching for more girth on the interior line.

53. Bengals: Alshon Jeffery, receiver, South Carolina.

Jeffery and A.J. Green could form a dynamic wideout duo.

54. Lions: Jayron Hosley, cornerback, Virginia Tech.

The Lions wanted to trade up for a corner in the first round.

55. Falcons: Kelechi Osemele, guard, Iowa State.

Osemele was on Atlanta’s radar throughout the early spring.

56. Steelers: Dwayne Allen, tight end, Clemson.

An in-line tight end, Allen can complement Heath Miller.

57. Broncos: Casey Hayward, cornerback, Vanderbilt.

Hayward would be a value pick if he fell into the late 50s.

58. Texans: Mohamed Sanu, receiver, Rutgers.

Sanu is a sure-handed, chain-moving possession threat.

59. Packers: Lamar Miller, running back, Miami.

Miller would add explosiveness to a backfield lacking it.

60. Ravens: Jerel Worthy, defensive tackle, Michigan State.

Worthy takes plays off, but he can dominate when focused.

61. 49ers: Josh Robinson, cornerback, Central Florida.

The Niners like height-weight-speed guys; Robinson is one.

62: Patriots: Trumaine Johnson, defensive back, Montana.

The Boston Globe sent him to the Pats in its first-round mock.

63: Giants: Chris Givens, receiver, Wake Forest.

Givens is a natural replacement for Mario Manningham.

66 responses to “2012 second-round mock draft

  1. Man, I hope the Pack doesn’t take a running back in the second round…. please get more defensive help

  2. 42. Dolphins: Lavonte David, linebacker, Nebraska.

    David is a missile, and could start right away at weak side
    Do you intentionally put down an obsurd pick just to get a response? This is as accurate as your mock of round 1. Dolphins HAVE to select a receiver in round 2 and then another one on Saturday.

  3. Now I see why my comment was removed from the 6 guys left at Radio City article, your top 3 are how I called it there.

  4. “Worthy takes plays off, but he can dominate when focused.”
    Name me a D-linean, pro or college, who doesn’t “take plays off”.

  5. Where’s the Cowboy’s pick that they are going to trade back into the 2nd round for?

    After last night’s action, you know it’s coming.

  6. STL has 3 picks, BAL & DEN both have 2.

    Look for the trade to come from one of these teams.

  7. Miller is good, but I can’t see the Packers passing on Worthy or Reyes if things pan out this way.

  8. 49. Chargers: George Iloka, safety, Boise State.


    Seahawks might to take him at 43. Whatever they do, it will be a surprise pick with high risk, high potential, and a head scratcher.

  9. If Worthy is on the board that late, I can 100% guarantee that Green Bay would take him over a RB. They don’t even use the running backs they have, so I doubt they’ll take one this early with quality DL talent available.

  10. Why would the Steelers take a blocking tight end when they just signed Leonard Pope? Cornerback is a greater need, as is O line or inside linebacker.

  11. Not a chance the Packers draft a running back in the second. They already have Green, Starks, and Saine.

    It is far more likely Grant gets re-signed than they draft an RB at all.

  12. Because of the new rookie salaries any team with a need a CB should absolutely take a shot on Janoris Jenkins. Janoris has 1st round talent and if he acts up just cut him. You will not lose much. To much upside with out being stuck on a huge contract.

  13. I’ve heard Quick’s name thrown around allot for the Pats, however, I think they have far more need on defense. They may package both picks to move up in the 2nd and take a chance on Janoris Jenkins, I know, the Pats moving up almost never happens…this appears to be a draft where we should expect such moves though.

  14. Don’t see Worthy falling that far. A lot of people had him as a borderline 1st-rounder. Someone will jump on him before the 60th pick.

  15. Why do the rams have the 1st pick of round 2 and colts have the 2nd pick? Tried to find this everywhere but can’t.

  16. As a colts fan I am ecstatic that Fleener looks to be falling in our lap. I hoped, but never actually thought he would fall this far. Talk about helping Luck develop. Those two will be a prominent duo for a long time barring the rams making a very surprising pick.

  17. 2nd round mock draft is gotta be about 10 times harder than the first, which most experts got about 20% correct, which isn’t saying much since #1 and #2 were gimmies. I expect as many trades in the 2nd round as in the first, and more ‘out of the blue’ picks.

  18. I bet the Rams go with Cordy Glenn with their first pick, not a WR, which they will take with one of their other 2nd round picks.

  19. I’ve watched Brian Quick for the past 5 years at App State and this dude is a BEAST.

    Tall, athletic, great hands; could be a deep threat/red zone/3rd down conversion type receiver.

    Also great on special teams. Blocked one of the 2 field goals in the win against Michigan.

  20. jkhart says:
    Apr 27, 2012 1:26 PM
    Why do the rams have the 1st pick of round 2 and colts have the 2nd pick? Tried to find this everywhere but can’t.


    Because they had the same record. They alternate each round.

    Same will happen with Philly and Dallas, and one other team might be in the mix too.

  21. Question?

    I am sure it’s very obvious but I’ve been trying to figure out all night how the Rams have the first pick this round and the Colts have the second? Was there a trade earlier, I can’t seem to make sense of it and it’s really bothering me.

  22. mrstinkypants says:
    Apr 27, 2012 1:14 PM
    No way Jennoris Jenkins drops to 45. Would surprise me if the Ravens didn’t grab him.


    I’d be pretty surprised if the Ravens did draft him considering CB isn’t a position of great need for the team. I really hope they are able to get Upshaw since they missed out on Hightower.

  23. There is no way Steelers take TE in second round. NT, LB, RB. Targets are Mychal Kendricks, Alameda Ta’amu, and Worthy if still there. Would love Lamar Miller!

  24. It’s a shame that mock drafts are never right because Eagles fans should love this mock . Boykin could be Hanson’s eventual replacement in the slot & he would be a much needed upgrade in the return game , and if the Eagles wind up with Mychael Kendricks I will probably smile & jump around like a kid on Christmas . Philly needs to walk away with a LB with 46 or 51 … Kendricks is my personal favorite, dudes a beast , but Bobby Wagner , Lavonte David , hell maybe we can turn Upshaw into a 43 OLB. All I know is Philly needs someone besides Ryans on the second level .

  25. Your final Mock before draft had the first two right and Brockers at 14, right. None other than those were right. Just to let you know; based on the NFL.com scoring you would end up with about 570 points. Thats about 1/3 the points of the winner of that contest and about 1/2 of what I ended up getting.

    Still; better than last year where you only had the first one right……..

  26. If the Packers draft a RB in the 2nd (which I don’t think they should do), it’s gotta be Lamichael James outta Oregon. That would add another dimension to an already potent offense — best case scenario the guy turns into Sproles 2.0

    I’ve scene Lamar Miller, Isaih Pead, Chris Polk, and LaMichael James all bunched right around the 4th – 7th rankings for RB’s in this draft. To be honest, Miller is my least favorite of the bunch.

    All that said — Pack needs to keep the focus on defense. Would love to see them trade their 2nd and 3rd to climb up tonight and try to shoot for another impact defender who can start sooner than later.

    They have 3 picks in the span of 11 spaces in the 4th, so that should be interesting.

  27. Oh c’mon, a second round mock now…seriously?

    You got two right out of 30 in round one, Evan. Time to give it up.

  28. These are just one man’s wild guesses folks. Don’t get all bent out of shape.

  29. jkhart says:
    Apr 27, 2012 1:26 PM
    Why do the rams have the 1st pick of round 2 and colts have the 2nd pick? Tried to find this everywhere but can’t.


    Because they had the same record. They alternate each round.

    Same will happen with Philly and Dallas, and one other team might be in the mix too.

    Seattle and Kansas City

  30. Wouldn’t be surprised if Denver went Worthy and Brian Quick in this round. If Quick is gone, then I could see us getting a CB. This is gonna be fun! Deep draft and a lot of mid round picks…

  31. Jags trade up for Courtney Upshaw and turn him into a 4-3 DE. Vinny Curry, maybe, but Upshaw has more Upside.

    If not DE, Jags will shore up their secondary by picking Brandon Boykin, who would also compete at return specialist. Jags released their return guy today so it will be an open competition this summer.

  32. “The Boston Globe sent him [Trumaine Johnson at 62] to the Pats in its first-round mock.”

    The Globe is a rag that I wouldn’t wipe my a** with.

  33. Everyone was guaranteed to get two right in the first round. Wouldn’t count on that many in the second.

  34. Are you nuts? C’mon! Steelers taking a TE in the second round when they have issues at RB, LB, and NT? I thought you guys knew your pro football.

  35. Really? A weakside linebacker for Miami at 42? You do know we have Kevin Burnett and Karlos Dansby, right?

    Excellent research.

  36. Hate to give him up, but if I could get it I’d swap Osi and the Giants 2 or 3 to get up high enough to take Branch or Curry. As good a player as he is an unhappy Osi could become a team problem even though I would expect him to play hard in a walk year.

  37. I’m only a 49ers fan so I don’t know everything about every team, but I’m getting the sense that this mock draft is terrible, judging by the comments.

    I’m guessing the Niners do what they can to get Konz. He would fill the hole at guard, and will be able to fill in at center. I could also see a trade up for Fleener. Harbaugh would love a 3 TE set with Davis, Walker, and Fleener.

  38. Having the Steelers pick a TE is shoddy guesswork at best. They just signed Leonard Pope, an inline TE to play alongside Heath Miller.

    If I was as bad at my job as you lot are at making any sense I’d be canned.

  39. According to Armando Saguero’s secret sources, the Dolphins, at the direction of Owner Stephen Ross, will select in the 2nd round Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech —

    Armando added that Ross is looking to generate some excitement and sell some tickets, and the lightning-fast Hill should create some buzz while attempting to replace Brandon Marshall.

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