Bears give Cutler another weapon in Alshon Jeffery

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The Chicago Bears entered the offseason knowing they wanted to give more targets to quarterback Jay Cutler. And they weren’t done when they traded for Brandon Marshall.

With the 45th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Bears have selected South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffery.

The Bears liked Jeffery enough that they gave up their fifth-round draft pick to move up five spots in the second round, from 50 to 45, to make sure they could get him. This is the second year in a row that the Bears have given up their fifth-round pick to move up in the second round.

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Jeffery caught 183 passes for 3,042 yards and 23 touchdowns in 40 games at South Carolina.

21 responses to “Bears give Cutler another weapon in Alshon Jeffery

  1. Younger version of Muhsin Muhammed. 2nd coming of David Terrell. Another Chicago BUST pick.

  2. greenpacker says:
    Apr 27, 2012 8:25 PM

    Younger version of Muhsin Muhammed. 2nd coming of David Terrell. Another Chicago BUST pick.


    God you are a retard. Mushin Muhammed was far from a bust you stroke. Moose and David Terrell are not comparable at all. You turds must be getting nervous to troll on Bears threads.

  3. Who gets arrested first, Jeffery or Marshall? My vote is they both get arrested together at a club.

  4. Younger version of Muhsin Muhammed. 2nd coming of David Terrell. Another Chicago BUST pick.


    Muhsin Muhammed was a bust? Some pretty high standards there. Dude played 14 seasons and led the league in receptions, touchdowns, and yards at different points along the way while also making pro bowls and playing in super bowls with multiple teams. Not bad for a second rounder, lol.

  5. this just in marshall was caught selling crack to the chicago police…. next just playing bears fans don’t get your panties in a bunch. nice pick

  6. A solid pick for the Bears…and for those that keep banging on Hester at WR, get a clue. The Bears tried to make him a number one receiver and now he is where he will be effective: In the slot and in situational formations where he will thrive!

  7. Good pick. These big WR’s we have now will help blocking and going after the ball in the air. Play hester split back with forte, do a swing pass or pitch to the outside and either one will do some damage. Works for percy harvin.

    Everybody needs to remember martz is gone! New look bears looking very scary!

  8. Sorry Bears fans, but this has disaster written all over it. B. Marshall is is going to ruin your lockerrom when he doesnt get targeted on every play. Seriously, disruptive in Denver and Miami. What makes you think Chicago will be any different? Good luck with this Suspended Cancer!

  9. lol, it’s Fri night and the drunken cheeseheads are out trolling for lake perch.

    Sorry we took your boy Shea. Sorry the Giants shut your window. Sorry Aaron Rodgers will finish his career as Don Majkowski.

    Sorry y’all have to live in Wisconsin. It’s ok, we don’t hold it against you. It is funny as hell though.

  10. Wow, pick Cutler in your fantasy draft. Bears have upgraded the WR position in a major way this offseason. Jay should throw for 4300 and 25 TDs

  11. For all of you talking about Hester in the slot now, doesn’t make a lot sense. Earl Bennett will thrive, Hester can go back to doing what he does best, returning punts. If he does that, Chicago wins the special teams phase, Cutler with his boy Marshall and a guy in Bennett who he played with at Vandy, and adding Jeffrey, that’s 2 phases. Bears D can gamble and take chances, that’s a nice recipe. Detroit had a nice little run last year, the NFC North is only a 2 team race between Packers and Bears.

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