Chargers feel lucky to get Melvin Ingram

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Teams spend months scouting and analyzing players to prepare themselves for the draft, but sometimes luck winds up playing a role in what they end up getting.

That was the case for the Chargers on Thursday night, according to their General Manager A.J. Smith. Smith never expected South Carolina linebacker Melvin Ingram to make it to the 18th pick, but that’s exactly what happened. Smith ignored the teams calling him to trade up for the pick and grabbed a guy he feels lucky to have on the Chargers.

“I consider this a part of luck,” Smith said, via Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Because when I see what I consider a bonus pick, outside our cluster, it’s luck. He’s a mean, nasty man, extremely physical with a great motor.”

There has been plenty of praise for the pick from draft observers and it’s hard to argue with that assessment. Ingram’s versatility will be a great weapon in the San Diego front seven and his ability to get after quarterbacks should serve them very well from day one next season. The Chargers did a terrible job of getting off the field on third downs last season, but adding Ingram should be a step toward remedying that problem.

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  1. They should. That was one of the steals of the first round. I’m a Jaguars fan and I was hoping we’d take him at 7! Great pick by the Chargers!

  2. they should………….. im no scout but, i have seen enough football to think this guy is gonna be a stud!!! turn on the tape, dude is relentless after the passer & and just continuously makes plays!!!

  3. I’m very interested to see what this guy’s actual position is basedon his physical stats. Little short for a DE and a bit fat for a OLB. I guess I’ll remain the only guy not going down on him. Wish him the best of luck though.

  4. I can’t believe the jets passed on this guy he will be the Defensive Rookie of the Year by far the biggest steal in this years draft

  5. The “other USC’ products don’t transition well to the NFL. The Panthers passed on this guy, who is in their backyard, for a reason. Same goes for DE Coples.

  6. I was screaming at the TV for my GMEN to trade up and get him when Jets passed. Osi/JPP/Tuck/Kiwi and Ingram! Ah well, great pick SD.

    Side note, I read an article earlier that Jets were trying to trade down with the Coples pick, but didnt have any suitors. Now, SD is saying their phone was ringing just 2 picks later. Do teams just not like the Jets lol?

  7. As a Eagles I was stoked that they traded up for Fletcher Cox , but if Cox wasn’t the pick I was hoping it would be Ingram . Im amazed that he fell that far , but congrats to the Bolts for getting an absolute steal at 18

  8. I particularly enjoyed NFL Network cutting to commercial every time the Chargers were on the clock… & not ever talking about their picks. Not a surprise, just annoying lol. I love the Chargers!! They are the most complete team in the AFC West, I am sorry Peyton Manning & analysts in love with him, but this is football & the best team wins. Love can be blinding… AFC West is tough, & has been improving steadily so notions that it is weak are ignorant. The Raiders play tough, physical football, & you have to match that or they will beat you at the line of scrimmage & push you around. The Chiefs are better than people give credit, last year was decimated by injury. Jamaal Charles is the most explosive runningback in the league & Eric Berry is a ProBowl safety. Watch for them to compete this year. Broncos have a tough schedule, & I suspect they will compete for 2nd/3rd place…

  9. Awesome East coast bias on this site. Did the Chargers really only make one pick in the draft this year?

  10. It is easy to Monday Morning Quarterback draft picks, but please….no one tell us what a ‘genius’ AJ Smith is for drafting Ingram. Yes, he is a great football player and will really help the bolts, but you dont have to be a genius when the draft pick ‘falls’ to you. AJ knows that. That’s why many times he takes chances on no-name players……and, they fail, because AJ is no genius. The last successful draft he had was set up by John Butler (LaDanian, Merriman, Kaeding) This mans’ intelligence and ego always clash. Drafting Troutmana, who wont even be able to play for a year, is just………..genius!

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