Coby Fleener is reunited with Andrew Luck

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There was some talk of Stanford tight end Coby Fleener going in the tail end of the first round, but it didn’t happen.

Fleener had to wait until the 34th overall pick, when he was selected by the Colts. That means he will remain a target of Andrew Luck’s after the Colts made him the first overall pick on Thursday night. That should make the long night in the green room a little easier to take for Fleener.

Widely regarded as the best tight end in the draft, Fleener has the mix of size and speed that has become all the rage at the position in the last few years. Like Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates, Fleener has a basketball background although he played a lot more football at the collegiate level than either of those players. He hasn’t shown much skill as a blocker, but the Colts are likely more interested in his ability to stretch the field in advantageous matchups.

Having a familiar receiver like Fleener should make life easier for Luck as he makes the transition to the NFL. Fleener and Reggie Wayne figure to have a lot of balls thrown in their direction next season.

14 responses to “Coby Fleener is reunited with Andrew Luck

  1. dragonflypack says:
    Apr 27, 2012 7:14 PM
    I wonder how other college teammates faired when drafted together to the same NFL team.
    Especially, QB -receiver combos.

    Look how well Bennett has played for Chi-town. I’d say he would be out of the league if not for the Commodore connection.

  2. Luck got lucky with this one. Fleener gets a lot of flack for his inability to block but the NFL is a passing league now, and Luck needs a safety blanket to check down to/stretch the field.

    Let’s see if he can become a Dallas Clark clone.

  3. blacknole08 says:
    Apr 27, 2012 7:26 PM
    Luck got lucky with this one….

    Let’s see if he can become a Dallas Clark clone.


    Ya, let’s see…Clark clone would be great.
    I just hope the new coaches don’t give him Mario Williams (or similar) to block like the old regime did for Dallas.

  4. u guys got this right in your mock draft, but even stevie wonder couldve gotten that pick right, i knew my colts wouldnt pass on coby, now if only my pacers could get a kobe

  5. Has Jon Gruden watched NFL football the last couple of years?

    (That’s a rhetorical question)

    In an era where guys like Gronk and Jimmy Graham are wreaking havoc in the open field and creating mismatches in the secondary and setting all time records for tight end production, this cave man is bleating on and on about how Fleener can’t block.

    God, I just don’t get Gruden. What does anyone see in this guy?

  6. This guy had 30 some receptions playing with the so called greatest QB prospect ever last season at Stanford. Don’t see the hype in this guy, he does not have that Gronk, Davis, Graham or Gates level of skill.

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