Corey Chavous breaks down round one

One of the smartest guys when it comes to the draft — and one of the only draft experts who actually played in the NFL — is Corey Chavous of

The former Cardinals, Vikings, and Rams standout has become a PFT Live regular, and he joined the show Friday to talk about the first round of the 2012 selection process.

Chavous talks about what surprised him, his views on the third and fourth quarterbacks taken in the first round, whether receiver Justin Blackmon will be successful in Jacksonville, and all sorts of other issues that can be fully appreciated only if you check out the full content of the segment.

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5 responses to “Corey Chavous breaks down round one

  1. NFL fans need more guys like this on TV during the draft and less guys like, well there are too many to list, on TV. Good stuff.

  2. yea he’s one of the top draft expert’s today’s. NFL NETWORK. needs to dump them 3 clowns they have ( Irvin’s, Sapp’s Sanders) and hire Corey Chablis.

  3. then again, doesn’t take too much to understand the 3rd or 4th QB took. Browns taking Weeden?

    Big Ben of the Steelers had to fall off his bar stool when Browns passed up DeCastro and took Weeden. THAT dropped the best Offense Guard right into pittsburgh ‘lap’.

    James Harrison and Ray Lewis have GOT to be licking their chops to take shots at Weeden bigger or not (than Colt).

    Yeah… Trent..quoted being ‘their guy”… against The Steelers and ravens best RUN DEFENSE.. with Browns offense line, having COlt running for his life last year !

    Holmgren… time to retire.. as Chuck Noll use to say.. get on with your ‘lifes’ work ! (eating)

  4. I like Chavous. He was being groomed to be ‘the’ guy until he said he would take Reggie McNeal #1 overall and was laughed right off of NFL Network. Hopefully he will make his way back.

  5. I hope his insights are better than his website. One of the hardest to read / follow sites I’ve seen in a while.

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