Courtney Upshaw’s drop ends at number 35

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Courtney Upshaw did a lot of waiting around on Thursday night and never got anything to show for it.

He didn’t have to wait nearly as long on Friday. The Alabama defensive end/linebacker finally got his ticket punched with the third pick of the second round, number 35 overall, by the Ravens.

Upshaw was a highly productive player for the Crimson Tide, but his tweener profile likely contributed to his drop out of the first round. Upshaw might not have the speed to drop into coverage as a 3-4 outside linebacker, While it might have been difficult for some teams to figure out where Upshaw fit in the defense, it’s surprising none of them were swayed by his habit of getting to the quarterback before the Ravens got him.

He should be a good fit on the Baltimore defense. They needed an outside linebacker with Jarret Johnson gone in free agency and they obviously have had great success with Terrell Suggs as a hybrid player coming off the edge.

With Upshaw and Coby Fleener off the board, there are three players — Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill, Penn State defensive lineman Devon Still and LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle — left in the green room.

16 responses to “Courtney Upshaw’s drop ends at number 35

  1. Select the same player at 35 the Ravens would’ve taken at 29, but pick up an early 4th rd pick, GENIUS!

    Oz = Best in the Business!

  2. Ozzie Newsome is a genius. He traded down for more picks and still got the player that he coveted all along. T-Sizzle and Upshaw are gonna be a lethal duo for any offense to contend with.

  3. 7thlombardiontheway
    Steeler Nation > You average humans

    Why do I get the feeling that you will be posting under this name for a very long time.

  4. Hopefully will have more motivation after not being picked in the 1st round. He’ll put a hurting on the Steelers for a long time 7thlombardiontheway 😉

  5. The “player they coveted?” If they “coveted” him that much they would have taken him in the first. They wanted Hightower and got jumped ahead of by the Pats so there wasn’t anyone worth taking at 29. They didn’t trade down hoping their “coveted” player fell to them.

  6. Letf’s hope he doesn’t suck. Otherwise Newsome will have lost his touch in drafting any talent at all. We all know about how poor he is at drafting WR, and QB.

  7. Wanted Hightower but settled for the less talented Upshaw.

    Trading down was the only move after the Pats moved up and made the Ravens go sit in the corner (again).

  8. Yeah because Torrey Smith and Joe Flacco were such GIGANTIC busts…

    Lets be real, Torrey Smith had numbers comparable to Julio Jones, and the Ravens got him in round 2 without trading a ton of picks, less offensive talent surrounding him, a run heavy offense, oh and he didn’t start until week 3.

    Say what you will about Flacco but he is an above average QB who gets the job done. Tied for most road playoff wins in NFL history, a playoff win in each of his four wins (Matt Ryan still has zero…), most wins in 4 years in NFL history and a cannon of an arm. Dude is far from a bust, so what if he hasn’t won a SB. Neither has Schaub, Vick (never will), Ryan, Rivers, Stafford, Cutler, Freeman, or Romo. How long did it take Peyton Manning to win one? Let’s not forget that Roethlisberger won one due to the crooked ref’s and another due to his defense. Joe Cool will get his, don’t you worry.

  9. I like the Ravens having lived in B’more for many years, but tuis guy is overrated. He played on a great team and even then was not a standout player. I hope Ray-Ray can teach him a thing or two.

  10. Actually Steeley, Oz isn’t the only GM that would take a gamble like that. You can covet a player and still think there’s a reasonable likelihood he would still be there 6 picks later, so he took the additional 4th. If Upshaw had gone before 35, there was still plenty of talent that would fall to them.

  11. All these Steeler fans seem nervous lol.

    Upshaw is a clone of J Johnson but he’s way younger and a better pass rusher, also worth noting is Upshaw drew comparisons to Lamarr Woodley more than any other active player so think on that for a bit stooler fans.

    Suggs, Ngata, McPhee, and Upshaw are going to be giving QB nightmares for seasons to come.

  12. @laxcoach37,

    The same could be said for any number of players. But Upshaw did standout. He dominated the SEC, a conference filled with future NFL talent. If he can dominate SEC offense linemen he’ll destroy whatever the Steelers are currently trying to pass off as offensive linemen.

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