Cowboys are shopping Mike Jenkins

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The Dallas Cowboys surprised everyone by trading up from No. 14 to the sixth overall pick and selecting cornerback Morris Claiborne.  Somewhat less surprising is that, with the arrival of Brandon Carr via free agency and Claiborne via the draft, starting cornerback Mike Jenkins is now regarded as expendable.

A league source tells PFT that the Cowboys are shopping Jenkins, and that the Cowboys are willing to move him during the 2012 draft.

Jenkins has been a full-time starter since 2009.  The first-round pick in 2008 is entering the final year of his rookie deal, at a base salary of slightly more than $1 million.

A shoulder injury is expected to keep Jenkins from participating in offseason workouts.

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  1. Lions need a cb bad and either mike Jenkins or Janoris Jenkins is fine with me but we got to get one early tonight no matter what it can’t b a project cb gotta b someone who can come in and help this season or were gonna give up 400 yds a game this season

  2. WOWWW… see im glad Pittsburgh doesnt WASTE 1st RD picks on corners… This HAS to be the most missed on position in my opinion…

  3. devinmr711 says: Apr 27, 2012 8:46 AM

    3 years from now Claibourne will be in the same boat as Jenkins.
    I tend to agree with you. I am not sure why the NFL world went crazy for Morris Claiborne. In the games I watched, Tyrann Mathieu looked like the better corner at LSU. Champ Bailey went 6th the year he was drafted – I do not see Morris Claiborne in that league. On the other hand, he is an upgrade for Dallas, and they did not have to sell the farm to get him.

  4. I’d love to know how he hurt his shoulder. They should be the “cleanest” part of his body, as he’s never made a tackle in his life.

  5. I disagree about Claiborne being in the same boat 3 years from now. They are totally to different style corners and Claiborne will do whatever is ask,while Jenkins believed his own press clippings in 09 and fell off big time in 2010,last year he wasn’t bad but still didn’t play up to his 1st rd potential.Claiborne is humble and can catch a football when thrown his way. He played WR before and knwhen to turn and locate the ball.

  6. Cowboys probably won’t trade Jenkins to the Lions. Jerruh is still stinging from the highway robbery Mayhew pulled on him in the Roy Williams trade. He’ll want to try and fleece Mayhew, but Martin just won’t be having any of it……

    We’ll just wait until they cut him.

  7. Yeah bettis, instead Pitt just misses on them in every other round.

  8. Cowboys, might want to keep Jenkins around. The more CB(s) to draw the stick pictures to teach Morris Claiborne the plays, the better.

  9. Jenkins, a 5th rd pick for Colt McCoy, a 3rd rd pick, then draft Jenoris Jenkins. Overall, I wish they would keep him or didn’t pay Sccandrick so damn much money.

  10. Bucs need a corner with Ronde getting closer to the end of his career.

    Tampa Bay should make a move to get a hold of Jenkins. He is better than any corner in the draft, and has plenty good years ahead of him.

    Not to mention he would be playing 45 minutes north of his hometown Bradenton.

  11. “Cowboys are shopping Mike Jenkins”
    Sell him to Dez Bryant.
    Just don’t expect to be paid!

  12. He seems to be the type of guy that the Vikings have targeted. I don’t know what type of pick the Cowboys are looking for but a 5th or 6th round pick wouldn’t be anything to bad especially since they have 10 more picks in the rest of the draft.

    They would also only have to pay $1 million for him this year and he’s only 27 years old.

    Pretty low risk and if he plays he should be better than any 3rd or 4th round CB the Vikings would be able to get in the draft.

  13. The Cowboys would be foolish to shop Jenkins, with the Giants, Eagles and now the Redskins all expected to air it out they are going to need as many cover corners as they can get. Besides it’s debatable whether Carr is better and the rookie well he’s a rookie.

  14. This last year was Jenkins’ best year, playing through all of his injuries. He showed toughness that had been lacking his first two years in the league. His pro bowl year in 2009 was good, except when he decided tackling wasn’t part of his job. 2010 was when he had about 200 pass interference calls against him. I believe he is just reaching his prime potential and kind of hope Dallas keeps him. I would rather have Jenkins instead of Scandrick. I know that was a big money deal, but how much of a penalty would they take to dump him?

  15. I see no reason for Dallas to trade Jenkins at his lowest trade value when there is only 1 year, $1.052M left on his contract (his cap number is $1.672M due to the signing bonus.)

  16. The Cowboys would be foolish to shop Jenkins, with the Giants, Eagles and now the Redskins all expected to air it out they are going to need as many cover corners as they can get. Besides it’s debatable whether Carr is better and the rookie well he’s a rookie.


    While I agree with you whole heartedly, I would offer this….

    With having him as a nickle corner and the fact that he’ll be a free agent next year probably demanding a pretty decent 2nd contract, would the Cowboys be willing to give a nickle corner that much of a contract. I know with Jerry Jones he may very well do that, but he may very well get what he can from him now instead of getting one more year out of him and then losing him to free agency.

  17. I love the pick of Claibourne. Great move by Jerry. I just wish they had never given Scandrick that high dollar extension. I would much rather keep Jenkins and teach him to cover the middle of the field and shop Scandrick. Even though I don’t think you would have too many shoppers.

  18. Nooooo!!! Jerrah had the offseason of his life, please dont mess it up by ridding of Jenkins. Jenkins is only going to get better and trading him now would be a mistake, in my opinion. Who do you want to get in the 2nd? All the good edge rushers are already gone. Upshaw isn’t worth it. As hard as it may seem, just sit tight until 81 and start drafting lineman on both sides of the ball. We can go into battle with this team as currently constructed.

  19. Do it up, Reggie.

    With only one year on his contract and the fact the Falcons just got Samuel for a 7th rounder the asking price can’t be too high. At $1 million for 1 year we can handle that.

    Guy has played well at times and that’s our biggest position of need.

  20. @whyamiacowboysfanagain

    You trade him now because he’s in the last year of his contract. He’s not going to re-sign next year to be the #4 guy. He is an outside guy, Scandrick with his faults is still better in the nickel than Jenkins would be.

    The guy would start on almost half the teams in the league. Get something out of him so he’s not just going to walk.

  21. Claiborne looks to be a really solid grab for the boys, but his tackling issues could be huge on a team with tackling as one of its biggest issues…the kid simply isn’t good at tackling, ballhawk though

  22. A healthy Mike Jenkins is a solid aggressive CB.
    Above average and definitely starter material. I like his swagger and that he plays the ball well.
    He showed a lot of toughness continuing to play on that bad shoulder. You could see him in utter pain after every tackle or fall.
    Even with a bum shoulder he was way better than Newman. Worth a 3rd Rd pick.

  23. Also, there’s little chance that they cut him due to his relatively inexpensive salary and the constant need for DB’s. I don’t think teams can sit around and wait for him to be cut, like Newman and his $14M/year salary.

  24. upperdecker19 says: Apr 27, 2012 10:46 AM

    His wonderlic score is far to high to remain a Cowgirl

    This coming from someone who doesn’t know the difference between to and too.

  25. I’d like too see if maybe they can get a 3rd or 4th rnd pick for him and try to get a #3 WR to back up Austin and Dez

  26. in his rookie yr jenkins dodged contact so badly on a steven jackson td run that i looked at my buddy and said i d cut him immediately. i have no problem with showing this guy the door. we need to regain our heart as a franchse

  27. I think its pretty telling that if you go to the cowboys page there is an ad on the side with a jersey packed… and whose number is it????

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