Despite red flags, Burfict is expected to go in round seven

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It has been a rough year for former Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict.  But even with the latest problem for Burfict, who reportedly failed the drug test at the Scouting Combine, he’s not expected to go undrafted.

The thinking is, per a league source, that his talent and potential will prompt someone to throw a seventh-round pick in Burfict’s direction in order to secure dibs on trying to see if he can be turned around.

Burfict has developed a reputation for being a hothead on and off the field, and he had rough times both at the Scouting Combine and at his Pro Day workout.  Even if he’s not drafted, the addition of 10 offseason roster spots per team guarantees he’ll get a chance to catch someone’s attention.  What he does with that opportunity will be up to him.

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  1. This guy would’ve been better off faking an injury and not participating in the combine or a pro day. He’d probably come off the board today. Because as many teams have demonstrated in the past, they don’t care all too much about failed drug tests.

  2. He may get picked in the 7th round if he isn’t arrested between now and then.

    I’m actually surprised the Redskins didn’t use the 2nd pick in the draft on him.

  3. The thinking is, per a league source, that his talent and potential will prompt someone to throw a seventh-round pick in Burfict’s direction in order to secure dibs on trying to see if he can be turned around.

    ohhhh i love dibs……. those little chocolate covered balls with vanilla ice cream in the middle!!!! ohhh man throw a couple dibs this way vontaze!!!

  4. His early film on youtube was awesome! He showed real energy and fire and was all over the field. I hope some team can reactivate that raw talent and put it to good use for this young man’s sake. His agent maybe should offer some incentives to the team that takes a chance on him.

  5. Prove yourself, u might be Mr illrelevant this year, ,a normal 7th rounder is bout right for him, he’ll be a special teamer

  6. He will be gone long before that. Undraftable is a media buzz word which pretty much means no one will put a first or second on you. He is worth even a 4th. If he messes up cut him, no big deal. He will be gone before the 7th.

  7. here’s his chance to show the world just how talented he is! Will he succeed? I doubt it.

  8. Screw it, I love that picture of him. I would be happy with him doing that to every quarterback the Redskins face. Take him in the 7th!

  9. I can’t help but think if Burfict was white, he’d be called a tough player with a mean streak. Instead, he is referred to as angry, which is code for you know what.

  10. Anyone who watched Pac-10/12 football knows what a joke Burfict is. He had great playmaking ability, but his out of control rage makes him a liablity on the team. Think Suh with only 1/3 of the talent.

  11. I would have no problem if the Skins took a flyer on Burfict in the 5th round or later. With London Fletcher in his last year(s) the Skins need to find someone else to pair alongside Perry Riley for the future. Im fairly certain Bryan Kehl isnt the long term answer.

    I refuse to write off a 21 year old kid whose biggest problem is immaturity. He failed a drug test and he got into a fight with a teammate. After reading reports about his off the field problems you’d have thought he’d been arrested several times. He never has. Burfict would benefit by working with a guy like Fletcher who would show him what it takes to be a professional and have a long productive career.

    Although I can understand why character concerns have forced teams to drop him on their board, I would still take a chance on him. Navorro Bowman also had problems with marijuana and “off the field issues” how is he working out for the Niners? The goal is to find a linebacker, not a boy scout.

  12. But florio, you said just a few days ago he would go undrafted. I guess if you play both sides of the coin you will get it right. Great journalism. BREAKING NEWS… Unnamed sources Report that either obama or Romney will be the next president!

  13. Best case, the next Bryan Cox – a step-slow, 10 rep benching guy that gets by on rage and guile.

    Worst case, the next Maurice Clarett. He washes out in a ball of fire and is never heard from again, like many late rounders.

    I think that proposition warrants a 6th or 7th rounder.

  14. Someone will draft him earlier than 7. This might have Eagles written all over it.

    Over the course of Reid’s regime, they’ve gone from being…

    a. (1999 – 2003): a team with nothing but “character guys,”

    b. (2004 – 2009…or the present depending on your point of view) to being a “a team with a positive culture where players with character issues could rehab their image.”

    Some might go a step further and describe them as

    c. (2009 – the present) a team that simply has had character issues because of people like Vick, Asante “get paid but don’t hit anyone” Samuel, and D-Jax.

    Whether “c” is reality or not, they still fancy themselves as “b,” and might decide that they can bring him in and turn him into a man.

  15. bearsrulepackdrool says: Apr 27, 2012 3:22 PM

    (in my Chris Berman voice) The Raaaaaiddeeers!

    Oakland definitely needs linebackers, but with only five picks and many holes to fill, McKenzie can’t afford to take a flier on this clown.

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