Eagles add another pass rusher in Vinny Curry

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The Philadelphia Eagles collect pass rushers, and they continued that trend by selecting Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry with the 59th overall pick on Friday night.

Curry was incredibly productive playing in C-USA. He earned conference Defensive Player of the Year honors as a senior, and recorded 48.5 career tackles for a loss along with 26.5 sacks.

Curry measures in at 6-foot-3, 265. He is not the most athletic defensive end prospect, but plays with a relentless motor and may be difficult to keep off the field in Philadelphia.

25 responses to “Eagles add another pass rusher in Vinny Curry

  1. So, 21yr old Fletcher Cox for pretty much a 4th and a 6th, and the 2011 PAC-10 and C-USA Defensive players of the year with the 2nd rounders? Yes friggin’ sir.

  2. The thumbs down to the above post are eagles haters that troll to trash them no matter what. Great first two days for the birds.

  3. I do like the selections thus far by the Birds, hopefully this will allow us NOT to draft 1st round D-linemen next year…and the year after that…and the year after that…

  4. And yet, no safety. Can’t wait for a real GM and coach to take over the draft next year. So far, this is an average draft for the Eagles.

  5. Awesome draft!!! The Eagles added some serious speed and talent to an already talented D.

  6. Great pick, but I don’t understand why there isn’t an article for the team’s first 2nd rounder, LB-Cal Mychal Kendricks.

    Either way, great value picks for both and will definitely ramp up the defense. Nice job, front office!

  7. @phillyphever your an idiot Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the nfl only three teams have had a decayed of success and look whats happening to the colts after a coaching chance and the other team got caught cheating to be that successful

  8. With the likes of Manning, Romo, and now RJ3 you need speed, and pressure on D. The eagles look like they have a chance to wreck havoc this year. They also have Hughes healthy and Demarco Ryan.

  9. Looks like the Eagles are following the Giants traditional philosophy. It’s not enough to have an excellent starting d-line. They’re going to have some serious quality at both DT and DE to rotate in and keep the starters a little more rested and ready to go in the 4th quarter. Eagles piled up 50 sacks last year. Now they’ve bolstered the DT spot and added rotational depth at DE, all while improving their LB corps. It’s looking like opposing QBs are going to have to keep two very important words in mind constantly: quick release.

  10. teague31 says: Apr 27, 2012 10:31 PM

    I hate the damn eagles but I must admit (as a cowboys fan) they are having a darn good draft. Their pass rush is gonna be scary.
    If it makes you feel any better, I’m an Eagles fan and I feel the same way about the cowboys draft so far. I wouldn’t have wanted to give up that 2nd round pick, but the boys had a desperate need at CB and Claiborne should really help them with that.

  11. Andy Reid is showering Jim Washburn with toys. They say this kid is really passionate about the game so who knows what kind of monster they’ll create with a year or two to learn under a coach like Washburn and the other DEs Trent Cole and Jason Babin.

    I understand the LB we picked up is great at blitzing. Won’t that be nice if we can get that out of the LB corps this year?

  12. Stop the fuss over safties. The kid from Temple will be a good one and Allen is coming on. A full camp under the new system will prove it. Run stopper and a improved pass rush will help the safties…watch I give the draft for The Eagles so far an A

  13. More importantly in regards to safety, Barron went too high for them, Smith went before they picked again. Nobody else in this draft is ready to step in right away anyway. None of them will be any more suited than Allen and Jarrett next year.

    They do still need a safety, but all of the guys they drafted so far were also in positions of need. Curry is agruable, kind of seems like they are giving up on Graham. But they should be better at safety. Allen will be healthy (came of a devestating knee injury), and Jarrett will actually have an off-season. But they are both ball hawk types, I’d still like to see a big hitter.

    Not sure on Foles, again, seems like they are giving up on Kafka,Unless they signed Edwards or nothing.

    All in all, I’d give the Eagles an A at this point. If they can add a decent DB prospect, and a backup running back, I’d make that an A+. All positions of need, and the first 3 should contribute right away. Can’t ask for much more. A safety would of been nice, but not worth a reach

  14. As a Pats fan I’m really really REALLY glad the Pats played Philly LAST year. This year will be a different story…they’re going to be in the mix.

  15. love this kid, Cole, Babin, Graham and Curry will be a rotation as good as anybody. With Phillip Hunt as the insurance man. Stay Healthy !

  16. I said it once and ill say it again. The eagles have not ignored the safety position. They have drafted a safety in the 2nd round 2 years straight. Those are hi pics. Nate needed a year to fully recover from knee surgery and Jarrett was a rookie. Its not fair to draft Jarretts replacement 1 year into his career. Give hime another year and see what he has. With that being said. Good draft so far birds

  17. Did you guys notice…..we now have 6 def. lin. that can interchange at will. I hope Brandon Grahm can contribute this year. Melmilliones above has it right. I have faith that Jarrett and Nate will be as good or better than expected. We have fresh line men for a entire game,. Don’t sell Landry short either. Big thing is we will have linebackers that can play. If things work as they should, The Eagles will have a devastating pass rush.

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