Jeff Ireland: Experience all that separates Tannehill, Luck, Griffin

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After taking Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft, Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland said his new quarterback has the same level of talent as the first and second picks.

According to Ireland, the only reason Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were seen as clearly better than Tannehill is that they had more experience than Tannehill, who began his college career as a receiver and only started 20 games at quarterback at Texas A&M.

“If we had eight to ten more games of film to watch Ryan Tannehill play that position, I think we’re looking at him in the same breath as Griffin and maybe Luck. I think he’s got that kind of ability and arm talent,” Ireland said on the Joe Rose Show on 560 WQAM in Miami.

It could also be argued, of course, that if Tannehill had Luck’s or Griffin’s talent he would have had more games on film because Texas A&M wouldn’t have waited until midway through his junior year to move him from receiver to quarterback. But the Dolphins have Tannehill’s college coach, Mike Sherman, as their offensive coordinator, and they obviously believe he’ll be a franchise quarterback. Even if few people think he’s on the same level as Luck or Griffin.

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  1. wow….

    Armando and Ireland must have been on the same suzzzurp bottle this morning…….

  2. God i hope they just didn’t go with Shermans view. That guy was terrible as the GM for the Packers. He’s a good coach but not decision maker. Made decisions that cost him his job at GB.

  3. Miami fans must be so excited. It’ll be awesome to watch Tannehill and Sherman replicate all the success they had together at Texas A&M.


  4. I think the Dolphins got a steal, this guy was productive as a wide receiver; his arm is better than Luck’s and his size is better than RG3, RG3 out ran all his mistakes and both RG3 & Luck had elite talent around them, Tannehill did not.

  5. If anyone else thought that too, wouldn’t they have selected him or traded to get between 3 and 7 to select him? Lots of wheeling and dealing going on there and somehow everyone else missed this. Wow, Ireland is brilliant. Guess that shows why the Dolphins have been so good since he’s been there……..he knows stuff other people don’t.

    Everything Ireland says is awkward, uncomfortable and dumb. Guess that’s why he and Ross are a match made in hell.

    It’s unfortunate, but the lack of faith people have in Ross & Ireland overshadows the optimism that comes with a shiny new first round QB. These dopes picked him, so he must be a bust.

    The 30,000 people who have dumped their season tickets over the past few years feel the same way……..

  6. an over-hyped project player doesn’t deserve a first round pick, sorry! If I were in the Dolphins organization, I would be so fed up by now. Nothing even remotely great since Marino. Why not just say screw it one year, and send a bunch of picks to a team for top 3 pick, and MOVE ON. Wasting so many years trying to find a QB. I don’t know if I could be a fan of an organization that doesn’t seem to try.

    Tannehill will be the best QB of this class,
    Luck and Griffin are overhyped, watch them crumble…………


    Ryan Tanchise

  8. Actually, Mike, if you did some checking you’d know that the only reason Tannehill played WR is that Sherman asked him to and he SACRIFICED his dream as a QB for the team. That’s pretty admirable.

  9. Of the six decent teams that A&M played last year, Tannenhill threw 12 TDs and 12 INTs with an 0-6 final record. A HUGE reach!!! Being the third best QB prospect does not necessarily equate to being a good QB prospect.

  10. If Sherman and Tannehill didn’t work in college wat makes the Dolphins think it will in the NFL…am I wrong or did he jus get fired from A&M

  11. I had suspected that Ireland was not a great talent evaluator and now thanks to his ridiculous statement about Tannehill being as talented as Luck he has left no doubt. How is this clown a GM? LOL

  12. You must be kidding… the fifth best quarterback in the big whatever…could not bring his team back in three games…. experience? how about talent? and… i would think the owner had something to do with it..

  13. Miami had to make this pick. Do I agree with Ireland’s reasoning? No. This is a gamble. Tannehill did not transform his team as Luck, Griffin did. That said I wish the Dolphins luck.

  14. Tannehill needs to sit and learn. He has every tool he needs except experience. Experience can be given to him, intelligence, arm strength, accuracy, and athleticism cannot, but this kid was born with those traits. Don’t rush Tannehill, groom him right and regardless of what all these commenters write there is NOTHING that says he can’t be great someday.

    He may be RAW, but if he can show what he did in only <20 games, I can't wait to see what he'll be able to do in 3 years.

  15. I guess in college it was tannehills fault his defense couldn’t stop anyone and it was tannehills fault their wide outs dropped 70 passes and I guess it was tannehills fault he had a decent at best offensive line. You never know with qbs hes clearly not luck or griffin but he has talent.

  16. Sherman couldn’t evaluate talent in GB. It’s what cost him his job. Under Sherman, Favre got lazy and wasted a lot of years.

    Sherman goes to A&M – loses his job there.

    Now you want to trust him with developing the franchise QB that used to play for him (and apparently he couldn’t get to be enough of a winner to keep his job)?

    Makes no sense. A&M had issues and as the coach Sherman was supposed to handle that too – didn’t/couldn’t.

    Sorry Fins but Tannehill isn’t head and shoulders better than Moore and you don’t have the right OC to make him better. Philbin might be able to do it but he’s the HC and has a ton of demands on his time. He can’t babysit his QB.

  17. Keep telling yourself whatever you want, Ireland.

    Tannehill will be selling insurance back in Texas in 4 years.


    Tom Brady
    Drew Brees
    Sam Bradford
    Eli Manning
    Mark Sanchez
    Matt Cassel
    Jay Cutler
    Josh Freeman
    Phillip Rivers

    *even Payton can be on this list, he only beat Alabama once back when they sucked! Better yet, his understudy won an NC before he could!

    I can keep going for you armchair GM’s who think they know better than a guy who’s an ACTUAL GM for the past 3 drafts.
    Jeff pisses me off too, but really he has netted us some great pieces to start with and found us an RB who was “washed up” but gained 1000 yrds with a line with holes in it! You armchair GM’s
    would still be complaining and saying MIA is stupid if the Phins didnt pick a 1st rd QB.

    This kid needs to hike the ball and throw flare outs to RB’s and slants truefully; he will be fine. If everyone can consider Brady to be the best to ever do it, and all he does is dump it like that, Tannehill will be golden in that case. 49ers had defense and got to one game before the SB with no QB, Jets did it twice but GOD hates NY’s second team so they didnt win (so sad face). Honestly only fans that can run their mouths right now are Giants, Packers and Steeler fans, the rest of you, minus a top 5 defense and two wr’s which are coming to us later today, are in the same boat as MIA, trying and dying to win!

  19. We see it every year: guys who rise up teams’ draft boards not because of how they produced (or didn’t produce) in actual games, but because of pro teams’ needs and how the player looks running around in his shorts during combines and individual team workouts. From everything that I’ve read, Tannehill’s play at QB in college didn’t even come close to warranting his selection at 8 overall.

    Given the history of QBs taken in the top 10 of NFL drafts, there’s virtually no chance that Luck, Griffin AND Tannehill will all have careers that justify their lofty draft positions. My choice to go bust is Tannehill.

  20. Funny, because experience, brains & people skills are all Jeff Ireland lacks compared to other gms.

  21. Has anyone checked out Tannehill’s wife? Yowza! Welcome to Miami….Mrs. Tannehill. The topless beach streches from 1st to 10th street. Let me show you…

  22. Someone else wrote on here, the Dolphins had to do it. Truefully, they did. What have Dolphins fans had to look forward to in recent years? The answer is not much. From all of the awkwardness of Ross’ tenure as owner and Ireland’s tenure as GM, the Dolphins had nothing to lose by going ALL IN on a big risk, big reward QB like Tannehill. If he doesn’t pan out, people will say, “we all knew it…Ireland and Ross are a couple of idiots.” But there is a chance that this big, strong, fast kid can actually be an above average NFL QB or better. Dolphins fans just need to see something in the preseason that will give us SOME hope. not a lot, but something that will make us say, “Hmmm, we might have something here.”

    At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Either that or they show his wife on TV a lot.

  23. Ok phishfan520 props for backing your team but that list just doesn’t work at all. Bradford won the Heisman, Brees, Manning and Sanchez were anything but thought of as “mediocre” they were projected to be eventual big time players, especially Brees and Manning (who many were projecting a bigger upside and potential career than his brother) . Josh Freeman was touted and Philip Rivers was a hot commodity after lighting it up at NC State and putting them in the mix (kinda like Baylor and RGIII, NCST hasn’t been much of anything before or since Rivers was there). I get your point but ya gotta make better choices than that, you certainly can’t put a Heisman winner on a list of reputed mediocre QB’s in the draft and expect your point to stick. Plus a Heisman winner who had his team in the National Championship.

    I’m with the folks who think if Ireland really believes that he’s nuts. Sounds like spin to me, but honestly what else is he going to say?

  24. Why all the bashing…so Sherman wasn’t a fit for a head coaching job he was a good OC in Green Bay and now he will be tasked with developing an offense and Tannehill along with it. He will also have help from the guy that brought along Rodgers and Flynn in Green Bay. And to those saying Tannehill lost big leads, maybe he got the big lead and then the defense and running game lost the lead. Stop bashing and give the kid a chance. You can’t count on getting Barkley next year because this team isn’t going to go 2 -14 on the season. Tannehill may take time to develop but he has a head start already on learning the offense. Short of Blackmon or Claiborne or one of the other top players taken there was nobody left at 8 that made it worth the risk to pass this kid up. Ingram has issues, Coples has issues, Floyd has issues name one player left on the board that wasn’t a risk of some kind. So you go for the potential homerun ball and get a kid with enough upside to be a franchise QB.

  25. jbcommonsense says:
    Apr 27, 2012 10:24 AM
    Miami had to make this pick. Do I agree with Ireland’s reasoning? No. This is a gamble. Tannehill did not transform his team as Luck, Griffin did. That said I wish the Dolphins luck.

    Completely agree. Tannehill is just as much a boom or bust prospect as Griffin. They both came out of nowhere in their senior seasons and have NFL physical tools that warranted them being picked by a QB needy team in the first round.

    Whether either succeeds will be determined by how their coached and how well their teams play.

    It’s been 30 eyars, at least if it is apparent he’s not an NFL caliber QB, you can cut bait in a couple of years when Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman are all gone without worrying about his salary.

    I would say to skeptics, people laughed at Tampa a couple of years ago for their supposed reach on Josh Freeman, and despite his subpar 2012 season, he’s still regarded as a bright young up and coming young QB in the league. If you hit on QB, it’s invaluable, and very rarely does anyone ever get a good one outside of the first round.

  26. Tannehill had a qb rating greater than 100 at each game he played in college, despite having 79 passes dropped by his receivers!

    Now I see why the dolphins got rid of Marshall.

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