Jets were looking to trade down Thursday night

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Quinton Coples might have known all along that the Jets were going to take him with the 16th pick of the first round, but it seems the Jets were a little less sure.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the team was trying to trade down before picking Coples. That doesn’t mean they don’t like Coples, who was reportedly the highest rated player left on their board when their pick came along, but it might mean they thought they could get him a little later while also adding to their stockpile of picks. Mehta also reports that Melvin Ingram, who was thought to be of interest to the Jets and wound up going to the Chargers, had a low first-round grade from the team.

The Jets plan to use Coples as a hand in the ground defensive end. Rex Ryan threw around some comparisons to the way they used Shaun Ellis and that kind of production would certainly work well for the Jets defense.

As for the second round, Mehta hears that the Jets aren’t going to be targeting any position in particular for their pick. Wide receiver, offensive line and more help for the front seven are all possibilities.

25 responses to “Jets were looking to trade down Thursday night

  1. Awful pick.

    This guy will underachieve in the circus environment while Jones and Hightower add to a Patriots defense that will terrorize both Sanchez and Tebow.

    Way to go, Yets!

  2. I like the fact that they were trying to trade down, I dont like the fact that they didnt. I’m sure they were looking for better offers than they were getting but i’m sure they could have gotten another 2nd rounder if they traded their 5th or 3rd depending on the other teams spot. If we had 2 2nd round picks, that would have been the best option. Lots of great talent remaining. Good tackles, good pass rushers, good WR’s and ok RBs. Not happy with the Coples pick but, maybe they can make up for it tonight… who knows?

  3. Is that a guarantee?

    So the Jets settled for this underachiver, while the Patriots man up with two defensive studs.

    I’m starting to think the Jets could have Joe Montana at qb and it wouldn’t matter, get ready for a long season NY.

  4. Whe they were unable to trade, the jets decided to stay put and make a terrible choice. Coples is Vernon ghoulston without the killer instinct.

  5. People gotta relax here. None of you know how good or how bad Coples is or will be. Comparing him to Gholston is an easy cop out. It’s become “cool” to hate on the jets, so most of you automatically dismiss this guy as being a good player.

    That said, plenty of talent still on the board in positions that the jets could use (wr,ol).

  6. It remains to be seen how all the picks pan out, but given their recent history, Pats fan don’t need to brag about defensive picks.

  7. I’ll be the first to admit that i’m a Patriots homer, but the comments I have heard regarding the Jets are just ignorant.

    Most people commenting are just saying this was a bad pick becuase Kiper and McShay don’t like Coples as much as Ingram.
    Obviously the Jets feel Coples is a better fit…not a single player in this draft is proven, so before we crucify teams, can we at least wait to witness actual performance?

  8. exibitsman says:
    Apr 27, 2012 12:11 PM
    I think the jets got the best DL in the draft I was watching tape of the senior bowl coples was unstoppable coples will

    So one game makes him the “best”. What about all the games he disappeared.

    Inconsistency is his issue but that works well for the Jets, it’s a match made in Rex Ryans’ hell; better known as the Jets.

  9. Cope is an excellent choice to add freakish ability to the front seven. Much better than Ellis who Billy Belly found out has nothing left.

  10. So let me get this straight this guy was top 10 talent on every draft board but the jets get him at 16 and he is gonna be a bust …please gimme a break lets look back in 3 years and see which of these guys is the best of the bunch

  11. Why is everyone saying jones is a stud? Lol the guy missed 4 games last year and multiple reports say he looks very unathletic and can’t change paces quickly… You New England idiots should do your studying before you start preaching to the choir

  12. @youdownwithjpp you must be a patriot fan coples will out play Chandler Jones watch who has more sacks at the end of the year Coples is a prototype Dlineman size speed wingspan total package.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @RexCanCoach

    It sounds more like a Jet fan praising the Giants!!

    That has to hurt, but I guess if your team can’t beat the Pats you start getting desperate

    Don;t worry there is always that Super Bowl win in September for your beloved Jets


    Wait…what’s that sound? Oh its the Giants beating the Patriots in the super bowl again!

  14. Ah – now THAT sounds like the Wrecks Ryan we all know and love.

    Promise a guy you’ll take him if he’s there when you pick at 16 – and then actively try to trade back

    Promise your starting QB that he is and always will be your starting QB – then actively try to court Peyton Manning and trade for the Bronco’s starting QB

    Promise the Jets fans you’ll win a Super Bowl two years in a row and then blame everyone else when he falls woefully short.

    I don’t think those words “promise” and “guarantee” mean what Wrecks thinks they mean.

  15. To pfi up top who loves the pats two picks and hates coples

    1. Not suprised to hear, as a pats fan, that you dont like coples. Although if pats drafted him youd be on here talking about how hes a beast. Point being, you have no clue who’s good and who isnt. I’ll defer to rex ryan (who is,a,great defensive coach and who worked coples out personally) over you (who presumably are not a great defensive coach and who saw 10 min of espn highlights)

    2. Im not suprised you think pats picks are 2 gods…here is some perspective. Jones had 4 sacks in the horrid big east. If he couldnt make an impact verse big east o linemen, what makes you think he’ll beat nfl lineman. at bama, Hightower was constantly on the field with ten guys who were better players than the 11 on the opponents team. He had linebacking lanes wide open all day. Lets ses how he does verse equal comp where n nfl lineman or tight end steps up to second level block him.

  16. Im not a jets fan, but are you serious truthhurts. Theyve won 32 games in last 3 seasons, u think theyll win 4 this year. Why are you wasting all of our timse postse with nonsense posts???

  17. They have an easy schedule tok..nfc west, bills x2, phins x2, jags come off top of my head..check their schedule, itll be hard for them to win less than 8

  18. Why are so many fans screaming bust? Other than the fact that he has Gholston 2.o written all over him and no motor at all? Maybe because ever since Rex has been the Jets coach, we have not had 1 pro-bowl caliber draft pick. Not even one to come close to being considered. When Sanchez and Greene are the best you have drafted, you have to start admitting, you are not doing a good job. We should have traded down or traded up for Richardson… was pricey but judging by many of the trades that happened (including Cowboys to Rams) I do not think it would have been as pricey as everyone thinks…

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