Mathias Kiwanuka gets a three-year contract extension

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A member of the Giants’ defensive front seven got a contract extension, but it wasn’t Osi Umenyiora.

The Giants have instead chosen to extend Mathias Kiwanuka, who has moved between defensive end and linebacker during his career with the team. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that it is a three-year deal that runs through the 2015 season. Kiwanuka’s now set to make $2.95 million in 2013, $4.375 million in 2014 and $4.775 million in 2015. No word on how much of the money is guaranteed and also no word on if his 2012 salary, which was cut from $4 million to $950,000, was converted into a bonus.

Kiwanuka rebounded well from a herniated disk that ruined his 2010 season to start 15 games at linebacker for the Giants in 2011. He figures to stay at linebacker again in 2012, unless there’s an opening caused by a trade of Umenyiora. It’s been bandied about in the weeks leading up to the draft with Umenyiora himself putting out a plea to teams interested in his services this week.

Given how long Umenyiora has wanted a new contract from the Giants, you might wonder how this Kiwanuka news would sit with him. Umenyiora professed no problem with the deal when Vacchiano spoke to him.

“He deserves it for sure with all he has been through,” Umenyiora said. “Don’t really know what that means for me, but I’m sure we will find out soon. The fact they took care of him first is OK with me. I’m not shocked by that at all.”

Umenyiora probably wouldn’t have signed the deal that Kiwanuka signed, so there’s not much different about the situation. Per Vacchiano, that could change if the Giants draft a defensive end in the second round with Clemson’s Andre Branch believed to be on their radar.

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  1. At this point, I’d rather they trade Osi anyway. Spend the money on someone who understands it’s more about the championships than themselves.

  2. If the Giants can get a 2nd and 5th round pick (that what they got for Shockey) they should take. Anything less, make him play, tag him next year and trade him for the best offer in 2013.

  3. Kiwi’s pretty much the epitome of what the NY Giants look for in a player/person.

    Classy, articulate and of high character off the field and a physical beast when he touches the field.

  4. yep, you are right. The Giants are very classy.

    That’s why they targeted Kyle Williams in the NFC Championship game due to his history of concussions. Oh wait…only the Saints do that….I forgot.

  5. cmb79 Why are you worried about another mans income, he feels he deserves more money for his job. when you want a raise at work does anybody tell you your crazy and they should just fire you? Just because you root for a team doesnt mean you should judge a player about anything other than his play. LET HIM GET PAID

  6. Everyone hoping that Osi gets traded (including my fellow Giants’ fans) should forget it. He’s making dirt in 2012 compared to lesser DEs and if he has a banner contract year, they’ll franchise him for 2013 at somewhere around 10M for one year. That would make him 33 by 2014. By then, he’ll never see the huge deal.

    The Giants have him by the short and curlies. They know it and so does he. Osi’s best bet for long term security is to check his ego, understand he’s not getting the 10M per, and accept something in the reasonable 4 yr 28 mil range.

  7. there’s some chatter that the titans and giants are talking about a deal. if they were to make the deal….assuming the titans second rounder….the giants could then draft a guy like branch and pay him less for his entire rookie deal than osi will make this year.

    its not all about keeping a great pass rusher like osi….its also about planning for the future as far as the cap is concerned. the giants have to pay cruz, nicks, and then jpp over the next couple of seasons…..osi isnt getting tagged by the giants in 2013….they wont be able to afford it.

  8. I’ll always remember him from the time he “sacked” vince young, let him go and young ran for like 20 yards or somethin.

  9. @ chopfinger

    yep, you are right. The Giants are very classy.

    That’s why they targeted Kyle Williams in the NFC Championship game due to his history of concussions. Oh wait…only the Saints do that….I forgot.

    I was thinking about going to the SF Gmen game. I think it’s week 6.

    But then I thought that getting stabbed wouldn’t be very fun.

    Williams is a choker so blah blah blah

    Whatever makes u feel better bud.

  10. “yep, you are right. The Giants are very classy.

    That’s why they targeted Kyle Williams in the NFC Championship game due to his history of concussions. Oh wait…only the Saints do that….I forgot.”

    Wahhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh… Little Kyle never got touched … wahhhhhhhhhh

    Keep crying, it makes it all the more sweet.

  11. “Why are you worried about another mans income”
    I’m not. What I am tired of is Osi’s habit to talking out of both sides of mouth; even when he says he’s not going to talk about his contract, what happens? He talks about his contract.

  12. jd – If Osi has another 12 sack year for the Giants, they won’t let him go anywhere. The tag is not as much as it used to be. Plus, Diehl and Canty’s big numbers will likely be gone next year. TV contract will increase cap too. Pass rushers are gold. Strahan whined about his contract as much as Osi and we kept him as long as he produced. Short of it…..don’t ebay your no. 72 just yet.

  13. Jake is the only one left, sorry dude, he’s an idiot, selfish, greedy, and it’s always, always, about him!
    To bad, his partner-mentor, Michael Strahan, who will present the G-Men 2nd rd pick tonight, will get cheers and real appreciation, Osi would get booed as he continues to whine on his media tour, instead of being a grown up, sitting down with Reese, and get a “reasonable” deal?
    A 2ND 7 a 5Th, NICE, lol CT GIANT.
    PS. Screw the niners, will do it again, sucker!

  14. ctgiant – Strahan whined just as much about his contract when he was in his early 30s just like Osi is now. I don’t see how you can call name call him especially since when after he came back from injury he roundly praised JPP and publicly stated that he deserves to stay in the starting rotation. The guy actually has been a good soldier except for the parts during every offseason where he is trying to simply get paid for what he does well. Can’t fault him for that. Being quiet doesn’t get you taken care of, it gets you taken advantaged of. Ask Ray Rice.

  15. Osi has been a good teammate, a mentor for the younger players, and a key contributor to two championships. He is hugely underpaid compared to equivalent pass rushers in the league and has a right to be upset about his contract. Yet he has kept relatively quiet this year and no matter how badly treated he is he will, like last year, play his heart out for his coaches and teammates if forced to play out the last year of his contract.

  16. If Osi was a more complete defensive end who could also play linebacker and didn’t cry about his contract 5 minutes after signing or whine about where and when he was playing, he’d probably have an extension, too. But in the end he’s just a very good and very whiny pass rusher.

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