Osweiler becomes Denver’s quarterback of the future

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The Denver Broncos have selected a quarterback of the future.  Given the uncertain health of Peyton Manning, the future could become the present at pretty much any moment.

Quarterback Brock Osweiler has joined the Broncos via the 57th pick in the 2012 draft.

Officially at just under 6’7″ but listed during his college career at Arizona State as six-foot, eight, Osweiler will be groomed to succeed Manning, whenever Manning’s time in Denver ends.

Reports have been mixed on Osweiler.  Before the draft, NFL.com’s Gil Brandt pegged Osweiler as a first-round talent.  Others, like Charley Casserly and Mike Lombardi of NFL.com, insisted that Osweiler was a fourth round talent at best.

Reality roughly split the difference, with Osweiler leaving the board late in round two.

32 responses to “Osweiler becomes Denver’s quarterback of the future

  1. Bust written all over him. Accuracy and decision making issues. Manning better help him and fast

  2. Wow, Manning’s heir apparent? Strange pick instead of a receiver to get Peyton going again.

  3. baltimorons says:
    Apr 27, 2012 9:13 PM
    He’ll be starting week 1 after James Harrison knocks Peyton out of the game and league.


    typical steeler fan, idiot. how will he be starting week 1 when you say manning is getting knocked out the game by harrison? that would make manning the starter in week 1. you sir, are the moron. are all steelers fans this stupid???

  4. alstottwastheman says:
    Apr 27, 2012 9:12 PM
    Tebow is too much of a project. So trade Tebow for a 4th, then use a 2nd to draft another project. Great logic Denver.


    Osweiler is actually a QB, not a RB

  5. This pick tells you all you need to know about what Elway though of Tim Tebow.

    Not a Tebow fanatic but he was also a project QB like Osweiler.

    Only he was also a proven winner.

    Terrible draft Broncos.

  6. “Reports have been mixed on Osweiler. Before the draft, NFL.com’s Gil Brandt pegged Osweiler as a first-round talent. Others, like Charley Casserly and Mike Lombardi of NFL.com, insisted that Osweiler was a fourth round talent at best.”

    As if draft numbers or the opinions of sports “pundits” has ever been a reliable indication of greatness.

  7. @baltimorons

    “He’ll be starting week 1 after James Harrison knocks Peyton out of the game and league.”

    Harrison? Is he still playing the game? I would have assumed that old fart would have retired by now.

  8. I sure hope these guys (Elway, Fox, and Xanders) know something that the rest of the football people don’t! My opinion is a grade D at best thus far.

  9. Way to ignore your needs and take a project QB a few rounds too early. Elway is looking awfully arrogant after getting Peyton, hope he didn’t forget that team only went 8-8 and could use a young RB and help all along the defensive line and in the backfield. Oh well, Peyton or bust!

  10. Ok , let’s compare – Peyton is 6’5″, Osweiler is 6′ 7″ Maybe 8″, Tebow only 6′ 3″. Is this some type of height discrimination thing? Maybe Manning can’t teach a shorter quarterback his techniques. Anyway , Osweiler is a definite “upgrade” in the tall area over Tebow.

  11. After running the scout team he should check out getting part-time gig at Abercrombie & Fitch down at Cherry Creek Mall.

  12. Tebow Fan… GO AWAY… Seriously, has their been a worse fan in the history of sports. The guy is a great guy as far as we know. SO MANY of the Broncos players are SO HAPPY he is gone. He averaged about 123 Passing Yards.. Repeat… 123 Passing Yards!!!!!! That is HORRIBLE for a QB in a QB league. Tebow fan is so oblivious to how bad he is, because our DEFENSE kept us in games.. Champ was begging Manning to come to Denver. He cannot throw the ball!!! Anyone that is a realist knows how bad Tebow is. He is gone. Move on. Focus on Taylor Swift and Jockey Ads Tebow Fan. Good Pick Denver!!!

  13. Look at how Boise State stomped this kid. Guess which QB Elway SHOULD HAVE PICKED. This after dropping out of round one when Doug Martin was RIGHT THERE. Idiots.

  14. Brock has a decent chance of being a solid QB, especially getting a few years to watch how Peyton goes about doing playing QB and learning from what he sees. Osweiler in no way will be a second coming of elway but could be a solid QB that keeps your team relevant for a decade after Peyton retires.

  15. Elway needs to go back to selling cars, which he may well be doing this time next year after Peyton has a lousy season and the Broncos go 4-12.

  16. Who are we the Browns? I’m tired of dingbats talking about non-premium QB prospects like they’re anything but unlikely lottery tickets you basically wasted a pick on.

    Understand the math from NFL GMs’ perspective, if Andrew Luck has a 90% chance of success, RG3 a 65% chance, Tannehill like an 8% chance, then Brock maybe has a 1.3% chance. That’s what you’re getting for your pick. Nothing more, whether Elway likes him or not.

  17. Hey tebowmaniacs, let’s go over some facts, Newton, gabbert, dalton and ponder all threw for more yards than tebow. They completed more pass than tebow, wanna know what they have in common? All were rookies while tebow in his second year. They wenrlt threw the same lockout as tebow and 2 of the 4 started the season as backups. There is no excuse for tebow not showing any progress even with the lockout when you gad rookies who were in a more worst situation because not only did they have to learn new offenses, they also had to adjust to playing a much faster game than in college. Brock osweiler is better than tebow hell the only QB I think tebow is better than is curtis painter. Tebow is not gonna improve with the jets because he’s always gonna be a run first, pass later type of QB. Your second leader rushing should be your QB, he had more than half the total of magahee’s yards and 200 more than ball. And you say the broncos should have kept tebow, if you look at just his numbers and not his popularity, theres no way in hell he should have played the whole season and if it wasn’t for you fans, he would have been benched for Quinn. What have tebow done for the broncos besides managed a few drives in the last minutes that prater won with his foot. Im glad the broncos got rid of him because he was setting the franchise back and you fans of his just wasn’t seeing it, you’re too blind by the fact that he just can’t play QB, his stats says it all and it wont change much even with the jets. Why turn think they putting him as a punt protector and possibly special teams? They know it too and they’re just trying to give a spot on the team hopefully getting him to make a position change.

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