Report: Browns told McCoy they wouldn’t take quarterback in round one

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Football wouldn’t be football if people involved in running football teams weren’t telling something other than the truth.

It happened in Cleveland on Thursday, when according to Adam Schefter of ESPN the Browns told quarterback Colt McCoy they wouldn’t draft a quarterback in round one.

The Browns picked Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall selection.

Though the Browns had to do whatever they thought they should do to make the team better, why say anything to McCoy about their plans?  Even if he was demanding an answer, there had to be a way to defuse the situation without lying to the guy.

While they may not care about what McCoy thinks if he’s now going to be displaced (and possibly traded or cut), there are other guys in the locker room who may now be less inclined to trust the coaching staff and/or the front office.

76 responses to “Report: Browns told McCoy they wouldn’t take quarterback in round one

  1. Yup and they said they tried to trade for RG3 too ! Grown men? Hey Browns fans, Baltimore could use another team. Your leadership has no morals.

  2. Shame on you Cleveland! Why not just tell McCoy he would be competing for the starting QB job? You would have a great backup if either had lost the starting job.

  3. Tough crap. Don’t feel sorry for any athlete making big money. Tough business. Go browns huge upgrade at qb

  4. If youre involed in sports or politics youre not suppose to believe anything ur told. Colt shouldnt be shocked or surprised. Its a business first then a sport. Theres no such thing as loyalty.

  5. Could the Browns have been any more Brownlike in this draft. Gave up 2 picks for nothing, and got a geriatric QB when he probably wouldve been there in the 2nd.

    Thanks for making the Julio trade worth it.

  6. Dallas should get him, trade with Jenkins and receive a 3rd, give up a 5th, pick Jenoris Jenkins. I think McCoy never got a chance and no WRs for the most part – Cribbs and Little are ok

  7. Who cares? They don’t owe McCoy anything. Things change. Some might argue Weeden isn’t much of a QB anyway. If McCoy played better it wouldn’t be an issue.

  8. Welcome to the NFL Colt McCoy. Always remember as soon as you arrive they are looking to replace you. It’s the way it works. Always has, always will.

  9. That’s why Holgrumpy threw a fit when Shanny got his best friend Fishy to make the deal early. Sounds like the High School prom to me…

  10. Gosh. NFL teams not telling the truth. How can that possibly be?

    If any player with any team believes they are irreplacable, then that player is a moron.

  11. “Colt … what we meant to say is that we won’t draft a quarterback in round one NEXT YEAR. Oh … you thought we were talking about the round one that we held yesterday. You should have asked us.”

  12. Good for Colt. This is his chance to get out of that career killing, perpetually sinking he11-hole-of-a-ship known as the Cleveland Browns.

  13. Assuming Schefter knows what he’s talking about or is he just fanning the flames.

    I’m tired of all these people worrying about McCoy’s fragile feelings.

  14. This guy received a huge bonus when he was signed as a rookie and you write an article feeling sorry for the guy because he was lied to. So f-ing what if he was lied to. Our bosses lie to us all the time about job security and we make a lot less than Mr. McCoy. Are you an occupy movement wuss? Because it sounds like it!

  15. Report: nothing on this site is original. It has already has been reported, anything reported here first, was just made up.

  16. The Browns didnt take a quarterback. The took a minor league pitcher from the Yankees.

  17. If I were a Browns fan, I’d be pretty stoked about TR, but pretty ticked about Weeden. McCoy isn’t a bad QB, he’s just never had weapons. They should’ve taken Zeitler, then a guy like Stephen Hill in round 2. As a Bengals fan, I’m glad they passed on Zeitler though.

  18. The kid comes in and plays for a lame duck coach. He is on a team with NO offensive playmakers. He got substandard medical attention in the Steeler game and kept his mouth quiet. And then they lie to him?

    You know they didn’t draft a 29 year old (hello Chris Weinke!) to not start. If I was McCoy I would fly up to Cleveland today and walk into Holmgrens office, throw the playbook in his face, give him a piece of my mind, and then tell him to call my agent whenever he’s made the trade because he DOES NOT want me around here talking to the press.

  19. I dont think Colt is dumb enough to believe that, they tried to get Peyton, and they even tried trading up to get RG3, and failed, so that should have been some clues that they probably will make a change at qb

  20. Did Coltie get his feelings hurt again?
    Growup. Another spoiled ex-Longhorn.
    This is the big leagues, Brownie. They are always trying to find someone better.
    It’s a difficult situation for the player and organization when a team is stuck with a QB who can’t make all of the throws.
    He should never feel secure, regardless of what he is told.
    Isn’t saying one thing/doing another part of the GM’s job description?

  21. As a Vikings fan, welcome to the Brad Childress era Browns…the OC that doesnt call the plays but can mold QB’s…the only time he’s not lying is when he’s not talking.

  22. dumb to take a 28 year old QB,who’ll be 29 in October,why not get the Talent for Mccoy? Dumb, Dumb,Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like this pick at all

  23. Anyone ever think that they said, “we’re not taking a QB in the 1st round” & left it @ that? I think when K Wright was off the board, they figured they’d take Weeden then..lots of trades, etc I think made them nervous about him still being there @ #37. It is what it is….Besides, what will the Browns get in trade for a QB they pretty much are saying is a career backup? A new Gatorade cooler?

  24. Some of the same people dismissing this were most likely giving the Jets crap for the Stanton/Tebow kerfuffle. Lovely, lovely hypocrites…

  25. I think the Browns were telling him the truth as they expected to take Kendall Wirght from Baylor with the 22nd pick. I think the front office choked big time when Tennessee snatched Wright and weren’t prepared with a fall back so they simply took the next guy on their list of wants, NOT the best player available. Having cut Pashos and Steinbach, they need help on the OL and DeCastro was sitting their. It would have been a perfect fit to replace the former Pro-Bowler, Steinbach with the best OG in the draft. Instead the reached for Weeden and let the Steel Town boys fill one of the biggest holes on their team getting superb value at 24. If I’m grading Heckert and Homgren, I am giving them a D. They overpaid Minnesota to go up one spot and reached for Weeden at 22. They may both turn out to be Pro-Bowlers but as it stands today, they gave up 3 picks when every other trade was basically 1 extra pick for a move up. I think they would have been better served filing other gaping holes and taking Weeden in the 2nd round or even waiting until next year to get Barkley (BARKley sounds like the perfect guy for the DAWG Pound) or Jones.

  26. I disagreed with this pick so damned much it is ridiculous. Iowa’s Riley was still there, DeCastro, also Cordy Glenn. Riley was a top 10-15 pick according to all the draftniks. Our right side got collapsed and we needed a tackle or guard much more than we needed a QB – especially a QB that could have been there at 37.

    I am highly disappointed. Add to it they gave up too much for the rights to the 3rd pick and this is the Cleveland Browns of old. We get fleeced like sheep. I am happy for Richardson, but we got another QB (like Couch) who has never had a playbook making calls in the huddle. This has bust written all over it.

  27. I really can’t believe that any fan is dumb enough to believe that the front office of any NFL club would ever tell any player that they weren’t going to draft someone!

    Move on with life or just keep drinkin until the next unemployment check comes it.

  28. Whoops.

    That giant leap you hear is McCoy headed over the cliff.

    Or leaping to avoid being thrown under the bus by big bubba Holmgren.

  29. They might as well just stick a knife in his back and finish the job. Just cause he makes a lot of money doesn’t make it okay to get screwed over. Every time I’ve seen him open his mouth, he has seemed like a nice kid, doesn’t have 9 kids he can’t name and isn’t getting DUI’s every other weekend.

  30. Cleveland receivers had the most dropped passes In the NFL {Dead Last}.

    Cleveland receivers that caught passes averaged 10.3 yards… which ranks 32 in the NFL {Dead Last}.

    Cleveland receivers with the ball in their hands only got to the end zone 16 times… ranked 27th in the NFL.

    Yet Colt still had 320 completed receptions… Which ranked 15th in the NFL and 6th in the AFC.


    Holmgren and Heckert (H2 Ohhhhh) are now..
    1 of 4 in picking QBs… Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace and Colt

  31. So there going to get rid of their college all-star, Big 12 Champ, Big Game winning QB, thousands of yards per season in college system QB for the exact same thing. The only difference between Colt and Weeden is McCoy made it to the National Championship before failing and Weeden never got there period. Neither guy has the ability to play the Steelers or Ravens in 4 games a year and last.

  32. Agreed, Colt is a “nice guy” but he can’t make needed throws, has happy feet, doesn’t square around to make an accurate throw, and is on the small side. Colt McCoy to Dallas straight up for Mike Jenkins who they are shopping after getting Carr and Claiborne. Allows both teams to grab a guy at the end of their rookie contract at a position of need for both teams and would eliminate any “Quarterback Controversy” in C-Town.

  33. So what if they told Colt they weren’t going to draft a QB in round one? McCoy doesn’t run the team, and doesn’t make the decisions. In reality they shouldn’t have told him a thing. But if they did, it was only because Colt was whining about it.

    Get some wins Colt, and then maybe your insignificant opinion will be considered. Then again, maybe not.

  34. It depends on WHEN they said that(if they even did). They wanted Kendall Wright at 22, but Tennessee snatched him up. Their plan was to take Weeden at 37 or even move up a couple spots. Once Wright was gone, the plan changed. After missing out on rg3, they didnt want to risk losing out on Weeden.

    Anyone who thinks they would have been happy with Colt after offering three first round picks trying to replace him is naive. Of course they said so, because after the Skins got the #2, he was who they had. They arent going to go public and say “Colt sucks”.

  35. “Hi, Jerry Jones? This is Mike Holmgren. I’m wondering if you would be interested in a backup quarterback … And his father. I’ll make it a two-for-one deal, just for you. Anyway, call me…”

  36. And with another top 6 pick, I give you the Cleveland Browns! lol. This team couldn’t win a lottery of 5 people possible. Look at how they lost the Baltimore Ravens. They lose that team and they win a Super Bowl not shortly after. Sorry but I think the Browns are cursed lol.

  37. Holmgren has to be the most overrated football mind in the world.

    What kind of an imbecile drafts a 29 yo QB in the first round? At best, the guy’s career is 5 years long. And the owner pays multi-millions for this kind of stupidity.

  38. As a long suffering Browns fan, the thought of another opening-day QB is depressing, but so is the thought of yet another pittiful 3-5 win season. Who cares who said what to whom & when? This sounds like a gaggle of 3rd grade girls – these are theoretically all professionals, and they know (or should) that there is ONE objective: WIN!

    Colt was never envisioned as more than a project (3rd round pick, remember?). Weeden is capable of starting, is bigger, and looks to have more of a gun. I rather like the idea of keeping them both & purging Wallace for whatever we can get – I rather think he might draw more in trade value than Colt right now anyway. I am still surprised that Colt survived his first action in 2010 against the Stillers – him leaving the field in a body-bag would not have surprised me one bit. Colt is cheap to keep, so keep them both, keep a system in place for longer than one season, add some beef to the O-line (especially the right side in the 2-4th rounds tonight), add at reciever that has a chance to play in WCO now (if it’s not there in the draft, then trade for one that’s not a diva), and see what happens. If Weeden being old (I’d love to shave off 20 yrs & be 28 again) is really a negative, try this on for size: keep Weeden & Colt around for the next 10 yrs, quit changing the system/coaches/front-office, and see what happens. I think there will be steady improvement, but there needs to be both patience & a plan. This isn’t popular with all the impatient types, but it can work & it actually can win, and win now.

  39. Maybe Brad McCoy, Jim Brown and all the NFL scouts and GM that are busy commenting on this site today should actually sit in a draft room.

    McCoy had no talent around him but he also had no arm. Good quarterbacks make things happen no matter the talent around them. Colt didnt get it done. And didnt show he could get it done.

  40. I’m not surprised. When I saw him interviewed during the 2010 national championship game he looked fragile.

    I do not dislike the young quarterbacks of today, but when they come out for the draft or are poised to start I hate that they come off as boys instead of men!!!

    Colt sounds like a frightened kid whenever he talks. He’s not like Matt Ryan or like a 22-year Ben Roethlisberger!!! Those guys sounded like more mature people or grown up in comparison to Colt and the lack of a grown up personality in QB’s does scare me due to the possible inability of taking charge!!!

    At least the Browns are getting a real man when they decided to go with 28-year-old Brandon Weeden.

  41. pacodawg says:
    Apr 27, 2012 9:49 AM

    Tough crap. Don’t feel sorry for any athlete making big money. Tough business. Go browns huge upgrade at qb

    Yeah, you’re a badass. And Browns fans wonder why they can’t get free agents there. Gee, I wonder.

    Holmgren’s really showing what a douche he is. No need to say anything to the guy. I hope he gets traded to a real team like GB.

  42. If your QB and his overbearing dad are going to throw a hissy fit and are unable to deal with their employer bringing in competition, then maybe he’s no mentally tough enough to play in the NFL. This isn’t college where these divas are coddled and have the leverage as stars that the coach won’t bring in more QB recruits in the same class.

    This is the pros. Take off those panties, Colt, stop drinking light beer (wussy beer) and man up.

  43. Ya know.. this is why the Browns are the one of the worst teams in football year in and year out. drafting QB’s in the early rounds of a draft only to pick another the following year lol. Quinn.. McCoy and now Tannyhill. Some good players were given to other teams because of the piss poor decisions of the Browns upper management. It is a joke and I am just thankful I am not a fan because I would be pissed off all year round. Mike Holmgren is terrible !! Much better a coach than a GM !!

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  45. blantoncollier says:Apr 27, 2012 11:17 AM

    Maybe Brad McCoy, Jim Brown and all the NFL scouts and GM that are busy commenting on this site today should actually sit in a draft room.

    McCoy had no talent around him but he also had no arm. Good quarterbacks make things happen no matter the talent around them. Colt didnt get it done. And didnt show he could get it done.


    So guys like Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, and the hosts of others that didn’t do squat with their first or even second teams right away show that your theory doesn’t hold water. The only QB’s that make things happen with limited talent are QB’s that run the ball….and then they get hammered and injured. You can bet Cam in Carolina will learn that before too long…the big hit is coming.

    Holmgren could stick any top QB in the game in Cleveland’s starting O and the team would still falter with that lack of depth and weapons they have. Not to mention, Holmgren couldn’t pick his own nose. Until they can shore up that team to compete in that division with those tough defenses, the Browns are screwed. Either way, Mike Holmgren is well past his prime and is a coach, not a GM. Cleveland is finding that out the hard way.

  46. Although I’m a Steelers diehard, I’d like to see the Browns competitive again because I miss our old rivalry. Yes, the coaches and personnel guys have to make the best decisions for the team. But Colt’s a good guy, and if this is true, lying to him wasn’t a great way to handle it. As a Bama fan, I’ve loved Trent Richardson throughout his college career. He’s very special to us. Just hope the Browns treat him well. He’ll leave everything on the field for you.

  47. Browns are operating in scattershot mode as usual.

    Give up picks to trade up ONE SPOT in the first, in a draft that has 6 elite players? Spazz move…you got played by Minnesota.

    Just wait at 4 and draft the best player left on your board: Blackmon or Claiborne. Plenty of good RB’s later.

    Draft the oldest player ever drafted in QB Weeden at #22 (would have been available at the top half of Rd 2) when players like DeCastro, Reiff, Hightower, Perry, Mercilus, Zeitler were available?

    Mislead starting QB to think the plan is to build around him, when the plan was to really to replace him?

    The head-scratchers keep on coming out of Cleveland.

  48. How is this ANY different from what happened with Dwight Howard?? Everyone called him phony for not publicly saying that he wanted his coach fired. Owners and coaches do it ALL of the time!!! And I DO know that this is a football site. I just bothered me that people seemed to pretend like D Howard did something NEW!!!

  49. @originalsteelcurtain …

    Thank you! Wondered if I was the only one who found that trade with the Vikes bizarre. Why give up later picks to move up one spot for Richardson? Considering that they already have Peterson and a rosterful of need, the Vikes wouldn’t have taken him.

  50. Is this post really asking why the browns did something stupid?

    That’s kind of their M.O. That’s like asking why is drew brees a whining sniveling punk… He just is man

  51. granadafan says: Apr 27, 2012 12:34 PM

    If your QB and his overbearing dad are going to throw a hissy fit and are unable to deal with their employer bringing in competition, then maybe he’s no mentally tough enough to play in the NFL.

    Where did you get information that Colt and his father were having a hissy fit about the Browns drafting another QB? Rob Lowe?

  52. The NFL is BIG business played in Billion dollar stadiums and these young men need to understand just how big it really is. In any business, management is prone to lie to keep their key employees. For all you who rail against McCoy’s father for interfering in his son’s career, I have one question: If it was YOUR son and you had any sort of in to further your son’s career, wouldn’t you use it?

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