Report: Patriots not interested in Janoris Jenkins


There’s a good chance that the Patriots will add some help to their defensive backfield on Friday night, but it doesn’t look like North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins will provide that help.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have no interest in adding Jenkins. Young doesn’t elaborate on the reasons for their lack of interest, but it presumably has to do with his off-field issues because his talent was good enough to have him in the first round.

Of course, there’s a decent chance that Jenkins won’t even be on the board when the Patriots are up with the 48th overall pick. There’s been talk about the Rams using one of their three second rounders, all of which come before the Pats go on the clock, on Jenkins and there figure to be some other teams willing to gamble that his game will overshadow everything else once he hits the NFL.

If the Patriots do decide to target a cornerback, Josh Robinson of Central Florida and Trumaine Johnson of Montana could be a little more their speed.

24 responses to “Report: Patriots not interested in Janoris Jenkins

  1. Not worth the trouble.

    As a Pats and Hokies fan I’d like to see them take Jayron Hosley out of Virginia Tech.

  2. I agree; just not worth the high potential headache. Most disconcerting, IMO, are reports that he kept doing the same knuckle-headed stuff at No. Alabama that got him kicked off of Florida.

  3. Dear Janoris
    Hope you sign a nice contract and play very well to earn a blockbuster 2nd deal, cause guess what?

    That’s right, you my baby’s daddy! And I want PAID!!!!!

  4. Wonder if the Pats would trade their later 2nd round pick to the Vikes for a bunch of later round picks? Otherwise the Pats are done picking tonight.

  5. NE or NYG are perfect spots for Jenkins. Both have great coaching and leadership in place. Plus, both will cut his a$$ in two seconds if he acts up. Some kids make dumb mistakes. As much as we think it happens, not every misbehaving cornerback turns out to be a Pacman Jones.

  6. This should come as no surprise to anyone, but the Patriots usually aren’t exactly forthcoming in the players they’re interested in, in the draft.

    In fact, the Pats organization tends to take the guy they least talk about, and who talks the least about the Pats in the media.

    While there are _certainly_ questions of character with Janoris Jenkins, his talent is pretty undeniable, and BB usually doesn’t put up with any BS. They may take a shot in the dark on him (provided they can trade up), since the 1st round went so well for them.

  7. It’s fanciful to contemplate his talent but the Pats are no place for a knuckehead. To wit: as soon as Randy Moss bitched publicly about his contract his days were numbered and of course, the emperor of all maladies, one mister A. Hayneworth, didn’t even last the year. Too bad because the talent is undeniable.

  8. Shame he has such a mass of off the field issues, seems to be a great talent. Hope he can sort it out, I’d love to watch him take on some of the big name WRs.

  9. Talk about disinformation. Everyone that is a fan of the NFL knows that teams share honest information about the draft even less than a politician tells you the actual facts. PFT might just have well titled this article, “N.E. has no interest in drafting anyone else.”

  10. The kid smoking pot isn’t the big problem. The fact that he’s been busted repeatedly and kicked out of school over it without quitting tells me he’s not very bright.
    That is a problem. Dumb people do dumb things. Over and over again…

  11. Until Jenkins is selected by some team other than the Patsys I won’t believe they aren’t interested.

    There’s an old adage:

    “How can you tell the Patsys are lying? Their lips are moving.”

  12. @Pleasantsurpriselefty: That’s exactly my point, thus far in the leadup to the draft, Jenkins has said he wants to leave his character issues in the past, and basically reset everything moving forward (I don’t care if he smokes pot, and anyone who says it’s a performance enhancer doesn’t know what they’re talking about).

    Randy Moss was supremely productive for one season, he maintained, behaved and contributed. Once that fell apart, the Pats kicked him to the curb, immediately. Haynesworth was actually an issue with productivity, namely, he didn’t have any, and when he appeared to basically give up during a game, that was it. And I think it’s kinda unfair to use him as an example, I mean, they got rid of him pretty quickly, so it wasn’t like they had to ‘suffer’ with Haynesworth, right?

    And look at Chad Johnson, look at well-behaved he’s been (even if he hasn’t been productive). Just because his season didn’t go his way, he still kept his mouth shut, said all the right things and remained positive…you know? Dunno, a place like NE might do Jenkins some good…maybe…lol

  13. If this is true, duh!!!!

    They like “character” draft picks!!!

    They are okay with maligned personality veterans because they already have been able to handle the NFL life while affected by money better!!! If a youngster is seeing money and entering the NFL for the first time, but maligned in character he could get more messed up because he could be a bigger brat or an underachiever!!!

    Just go ask Jamarcus Russell and Charles Rogers!!!

    Even though there are the Haynesworths and other free agent flops veterans know what the NFL is about better than rookies thus they’re less likely to self-destruct than the inexperienced who are finally encountering something that affects them more.

  14. sj39 says: Apr 27, 2012 2:45 PM

    No camera skills?


    None. However, NFL backchannels have confirmed that he studied extensively under Perry Fewell, Deon Grant and JacQuian Williams on INJURY FAKING to slow down opposing offenses.

    According to most draft experts, he’s a great fit for P. Master Faker Fewell’s Phony NYG CHEATING Defense…

  15. Not worth the headache. Especially since the Pats cleaned out the locker room cancers. Rather the go for Trumaine Johnson

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