Russell Wilson goes to the Seahawks

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One of the most intriguing players in this year’s NFL draft, Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, has landed in Seattle as the 75th overall pick.

The Seahawks decided they liked Wilson well enough to take a flyer on him in the third round, deciding to overlook his small stature and see if they can develop his big arm and athletic talent into a player who can help them win.

If he were 6-foot-2, Wilson easily would have been a second-round pick, and maybe a first-round pick. But when you’re a quarterback who measures in at a shade under 5-foot-11, there are a whole lot of coaches who think you’re just too small to make it in the NFL.

Wilson has said he wants to prove those coaches wrong, and show that he can play like Drew Brees, who’s not much taller than Wilson and has managed to have a pretty good NFL career. If Wilson is anything close to Brees, the Seahawks just got a steal.

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  1. Arguably the best QB in the draft. He does everything better than Luck and everything, but the long ball better than RG3. The career numbers and the game tape, bears this out. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do the overrated “height thing”. GOOD LUCK RUSSELL !!!

  2. I hate how automatic comparisons are. No offense to the kid, I wish him the best, but how’s about we give it a year before drew Bree’s comparisons. I mean the guy just destroyed the single season passing yards record. Are people calling Jared Sullenger the next Kareem? No, no they’re not.

  3. Matt Flynn is the Seahawk’s starter this season no doubt about that. He could fight it out with T-Jack and Josh Portis for the back up job………….

  4. Steal of the draft.

    VERY successful kid at Wisconsin. Makes every throw and is accurate.

    At Wisco he basically played behind a pro style, talent and sized offensive line and did outstanding. Why an NFL team would then feel he’s too small to play behind an NFL line doesn’t make sense. He already was playing behind one….

    Good pick up for the Hawks.

  5. im a bengals fan and a ohio state fan but ill say im a bit suprised that russell wilson slipped this far down i think the seahawks got a steal and hastleback shoukd be a rally good mentor for willson so watch out nfl he just coukd be the next tom brady you never know

  6. Being short is not a deterrent to success. Good for him. He didn’t spear too short to lead UW to the Rose Bowl.

  7. TJack is in last year of contract……..Hmmm…..Trade? Doesn’t seem to make sense to keep him now, unless you feel that Josh Portis will never be a good back up QB. Then he gets cut. This will be an interesting pre-season.

  8. I’m a very big fan of Wilson. However, he choked in big games for us. I think he’ll be successful at the next level, but let’s not get nuts with the praise.

    Good luck, Russell!

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  9. They’re makin the comparrison to Brees on size, and sayin he has to be as good as him to succeed, which I disagree with. This guy can go either way, but he had the tallest o-line in ncaa and did real well.As ESPN keeps sayin, there no longer is a prototype QB in the NFL. I hope this kid does good, cause I also believe the size kept him from goin #3.

  10. The reason no one is high on your precious Kellen Moore is because his arm strength conjures up visions of Danny Wuerfel. That, and his height. Wilson is only fighting 1 of those battles.

  11. Well john and pete have got us 5 pro bowl players in two years so i think their worth trusting in. i do think tjack will get traded now. Cant wait to see how russ plays in the pre season, him ,matt and josh.

  12. Everyone talks about size compared to the NFL, UW is known for having big linemen and one or two that seem to get drafted high every year or two.

    So I believe the concern about him throwing over linemen is pretty bogus.

    Thanks for a great season @ UW Mr. Wilson and good luck in Seattle.

  13. To the guy that said Hasselbeck will be a good mentor for Wilson, I agree. I think Peyton will also be a good mentor for Luck and RG3 is going to learn a lot backing up Joe Theismann.

  14. Great pick by Seattle IMO. I was hoping he would fall to the Packers 1st comp pick in the 4th round but I knew that was a pipe dream. He has all the tools needed to play at this level and the only reason hes still there at 75 is his height.

  15. FYI, Hasselbeck hasn’t been on the Seahawks for 10 months. I love the way JS and PC draft but they’ve been awful at picking QB’s (Whitehurst and TJive) we’ve signed Flynn thinking he’s at least the short term answer??? I know we’re on the rise but can a 7-9 team afford to spend a 3rd round pick on a back up QB?

  16. I like this guy. When I listened to his interview on ESPN I see why Pete drafted him. Who knows if he beats out Flynn, but he will at least be the backup in 2013″

  17. @morgan

    Hasselbeck can’t be a mentor when he’s across the country playing for tennessee

  18. People are crazy if they’re calling him “the best QB in the draft.”

    He’s NOT an NFL QB. He’s a subpackage wild-cat guy, period. HE’S TOO SHORT, BY FAR.

    I love Kellen Moore, but he, too, is undersized for the NFL. The difference: Moore has the chance to be an elite backup (a coach is shoulder pads).

    Wilson might develop as a gimmick player. Might.

    With Cousins and Lindsey–both with more real upside–this was a horrible reach and a wasted pick.

    Sorry ‘hawk fans. Boise guy here, so while I’m a Dolphin fan I always root for Seattle in the NFC.

    But you’re kidding yourselves if you think this was a good pick…in exactly the same way us Dolphin fans kidded ourselves about Pat White.

  19. the concern isn’t him throwing over his own offensive lineman, its him being able to throw over defensive lineman that have a much easier time batting down balls against short QB’s.

  20. Wilson should have gone in the first round, certainly before Tannehill. Once again, Dolphins blew a QB pick. He would be Day One starter on the Bills, Phins or Cards.

  21. Russell has it all no matter his height this kid is a baller. Seattle just became the team to watch this off season. Going to be one hell of a QB battle. Can’t wait!

  22. There are legitimate reasons to question undersized NFL QB’s. Yes, can they see open receivers, but also can their bodies take the inevitable pounding from NFL sized rushers for any length of time? Maybe, but tight end sized QB’s like Rothlesburger seem a safer bet for most teams. That said, I like the Seahawk strategy of taking flyers on underrated players, hoping some will pan out and take them to the next level. Hit on some great DB castoff’s last year, and picked up Marshawn Lynch for very little. Chances are good there is value among Flynn, Jackson, and Wilson.

  23. As a Broncomaniac, I’d far rather we’d taken Wilson than Osweiler. Great pick for Seattle.

  24. He wasnt comparing himself to Drew Brees as the elite QB, but someone of a similar stature. Russell’a smarter than that. Good luck in the NFL, kid. Solid QB here. Flynn is a system QB and will fail in SEA…Tavaris will be, well he’ll be Tavaris.

  25. I wasn’t impressed with his little highlight reel that came up after he was drafted. His passes were all large, arcing, rainbows…they didn’t get where they were going anywhere quickly, that’s for sure.

    Can he throw the darts that need to be thrown 10-15 yards downfield? I dunno…wish they would have shown more than the rainbow passes.

    Past that, he seems like a smart, well educated, solid kid and wish him luck.

  26. matthewcarlson1 says: Apr 27, 2012 10:04 PM

    This dude goes in Rd 3 and Kellen Moore might not get drafted at all? I don’t understand this at all.

    I like Moore, but he has a rag arm and a slow release. First round brain, free agent arm.

  27. ESPN Analysts focus only on height, but should look at hand size. Quarterback’s whose hand’s are less than 9 1/4″ from thumb to small finger are unable to pass a football accurately in incliminate weather such as rain, snow, mud, or cold. It doesn’t matter how hard the QB works, he just can’t do it. Combine records show: Andrew Luck (10 1/4″), RGIII (9 1/2″), Ryan Tannehill (9″), and Russell Wilson (10 1/4″). I like Ryan Tannehill, but there’s no way he will do well outdoors in inclimate weather. Russell Wilson will likely be the starter when the season begins and don’t be surprised to see Seattle as a contender. As Pete Carroll said, Russell is a winner and a great person. Hand size is not debateable. All QB’s with large hands can throw in the rain, but they may not be good passers. The backup QB with the Carolina Panthers has 9″ hands. He’s from Notre Dame and look at his NFL record. Some pundits said he was the best QB in the 2010 NFL draft. They failed to look at his hands. He’s also a good person, but has small hands.

  28. If he was 6’2 he would be a 2nd rounder? What if Tannihill and Weeden was 5’11? If Wilson was 6’2, he would have been the 3rd or 4th QB taken. True story.

  29. If 6’2 he might be a 2nd or 1st rounder? How bout if he was 6’2 he’d be a top 10 draft pick!

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