Steelers take a chance on Mike Adams


Six years ago, the Steelers used a first-round pick with a former Ohio State player with some off-field red flags.  In 2012, they’re doing it again in round two.

The Steelers have selected tackle Mike Adams with the 56th overall selection.

That gives the Steelers two new offensive lineman in the first two rounds.  On Thursday, the Steelers took Stanford guard David DeCastro.

Adams reportedly tested positive for marijuana at the Scouting Combine.  Former Ohio State receiver Santonio Holmes had enough marijuana-related incidents in the NFL to ultimately receive a four-game suspension.

Still, Adams plays a position of significant need, especially if the goal is to reduce the amount of time quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spends running for his life.

48 responses to “Steelers take a chance on Mike Adams

  1. Fxxk yeah! I love it. The past two days have added 3 years to Ben’s career. Now we just need a decent CB.

  2. What ever happened to Ironhead’s kid? Didn’t Pittsburgh take him a few years ago? I remember him dominating the Sugar Bowl a few years ago against. Arkansas.

  3. larrybrown43 says:Apr 27, 2012 9:11 PM

    What ever happened to Ironhead’s kid? Didn’t Pittsburgh take him a few years ago? I remember him dominating the Sugar Bowl a few years ago against. Arkansas.

    In the time it took you to type that you could have looked it up for yourself. Turd.

    Go Steelers.

  4. Todd Haley is already having an immense effect as offensive coordinator. He obviously influenced Mike Tomlin and GM Kevin Colbert on these picks. Can you imagine what he’s going to do on the sidelines when he gets the headphones on? Ben, I don’t wanna see you on the ground anymore!

  5. larrybrown

    He was a rookie last year and saw a decent bit of time late in the season. With Aaron Smith retiring he and Hood are the next two to step up alongside Kiesel.

  6. Interesting factoid: mike Adams grew up in Farrell, pa, whose high school team name is the Steelers. Now he is a Steeler in Pittsburgh

  7. Can’t believe it!! It’s like every year Santa brings you great stuff but not quite what you want most. And now Santa has finally gotten me the top two things on my list–DeCastro and Adams!!!! I’m so happy!!!!

  8. nickp91 says:

    Does Mike Adams failed drug test at the combine matter to fans?
    It was pot, right? No, doesn’t matter to me. I don’t use or drink, but can’t think of anything more hypocritical than alcohol drinkers acting as though pot is some big, bad drug. Please.

    Adams will be expected to follow team rules. And let’s hope he’s smart enough not to tweet any plans to “wake ‘n’ bake.”

  9. Xavier46

    And in the time you replied, you could’ve provided a worthwhile, adult comment.

  10. Yes Ironhead’s son is on the STEELERS I went to Passaic High in Jersey with Iron (3rd in the nation that year1983 or 1984 state champs four years in a row) R.I.P. His son is gonna be a beast !

  11. Thanks Billobrien!!! I wanted feedback from a Steeler’s fan perspective; which you’ve provided.

  12. Aside from QB which is without doubt the most important position on the field you need blue chip studs on the offensive and defensive lines.

    I know it’s a cliche but aside from the QB play games are won in the trenches.

    Aside from the QB the O-line is what puts running backs and receivers in the Pro Bowl.

    The most dangerous offensive weapon is STILL the play action pass and the O-line makes or breaks it.

    I love these first two picks.


  13. @lennylyles …

    You’re worried about us? Awww … that’s sweet. Ours was the top-ranked defense in the league last season. And as long as our rivals still feel the need to habitually drop by and rag on us, I think we must be doing just fine 😀

  14. lennylyles says: Apr 27, 2012 10:23 PM

    Steelers defense got lit up by Tim Tebow. Yes there are no worries about the defense that Tebow lit-up and Joe Flacco shredded twice.


    Come back and talk to us when Tebow and Flacco actually DO something. Sorry I forgot Flacco won TWO SBs last season…

  15. Is it a risk? Absolutely. But I love the first two picks. The Steelers have been working with a patchwork offensive line for too long. In the last three drafts, Colbert has completely revamped the line. A great offensive line is absolutely key to becoming a balanced, clock controlling offense.

    I have to admit, I don’t know much about Spence, so I don’t have much of an opinion on the 3rd round pick.

  16. Flacco threw 84 times for 524 in 2 games not excatly shredding a defense ! And Tebag completed 10 passes 7 of the 10 were in zero coverage (no safety help) because they had no respect for him. And by the way that defense was ranked # 1 in the nfl in total and pass defense jack a$$. They only gave up over 300 yards passing once and only gave up 100 yards to receiver once all year

  17. “Come back and talk to us when Tebow and Flacco actually DO something. Sorry I forgot Flacco won TWO SBs last season…”

    Nah man, remember Joe Flaccid is the best QB in the league! LOL! Haters gonna hate! They know we just upgraded something that has had huge effects on the games.with them. Gonna be a different offense this year. Can’t imagine how Redman is going to do with these young linemen. Gonna be a fun year!

  18. Joe Checkdown…ehh hemmm.. I mean Joe Flacco has been outstanding I mean outstanding when it comes to throwing receivers. Ravens fans can say all they want about beating the Steelers twice last season. Steelers are 2-0 when it counts. (AFC Championships against Checkdown and the Browns..I mean Ravens)

  19. Totally stoked about these picks…Young blood on O-line coupled with finally getting rid of Bruce’s vanilla play calling is gonna equal a huge year for us. It’s just too bad “SevenBurgh” isn’t a bit more lyrical…

  20. I doubt it’s the pot teams care that much about but it is a bit of a red flag when a kid knows he’s going to be tested @ the Combine & still fails it. Also, it’s illegal so it could affect the kid’s gameday availability if he gets caught by police or tests positive too many times. Teams DO care about taking on players who may have habits that could limit their play time.

    Think when you fail it @ the Combine you are considered to have one strike against you in the NFL drug program also.

    Last “issue” guy Pitt took on was also from OSU and it appears they were the only ones who got any semi decent behavior out of him, and unlike his next team THEY knew when to cut bait (Hi, Jets!).

  21. Gee, another guy with “red flags” on a team that already has several guys with “red flags”?

    He’ll fit in just fine.

  22. @drumbug7

    100% false across the board…. Nice job.

    Adams grew up in Dublin, Ohio -went to Dublin Coffman HS and the team name is the Shamrocks….

    Well I guess you got the fact that he was drafted by the Steelers correct

  23. I am happy about Adams. Sounds like he understood he made a huge mistake, and hopefully he doesn’t make it again now that he has his opportunity of a lifetime. The guy is huge at 6’7″. And DeCastro is 6’5″. With him, DeCastro, Pouncey, Gilbert (who will hopefully be much better than last with with his experience), they have makings of a monstrous OL, FINALLY! If they jell, look out NFL and AFC North! The offensive has enough talent to score a lot of points if the line gives the needed protection and opens holes for the running game.

    The Steelers are doing what they needed to do to fix the main problems. HAPPY!


  24. tellmeaboutitbaby:

    Actually, “I grew up in Farrell, Pa., and when I was 4 years old my entire bedroom was Pittsburgh Steelers stuff. ”

    that is a quote from mike adams himself on pft from a more recent post. So nice job to you and even nicer job on being wrong when you chose to be sarcastic. Way to go!

  25. @CKL …

    Exactly. Santonio was a problem child, but look what we got from him! And then he started going over the top and it was time to let him go. But nonSteeler fans don’t realize he was in the last year of his contract and we wouldn’t have paid his asking price anyway.

    Like you, I’m more concerned with Adams foolhardiness at the Combine than the pot-smoking. But a fall to the late second round should have been a wake-up call. If it wasn’t, a heart-to-heart with his dream team will be. He grew up wanting to be a Steeler and they’ll ensure he understands the rules. The expectation for this o-line has just gone through the roof. If they fail to meet it because of any outside shenanigans, Adams will find the fans much scarier than the league 😉

  26. @steelersfanshaveobnoxiousblahblahblah …

    Obsessed much? Maybe you should cut down on the caffeine, dear. You sound a little edgy.

  27. As thrilled as I am with the Steelers taking two O-linesmen with their first two picks, couldn’t we find someone withOUT the off field drama? Why take a chance on these kids who have shown they can’t be trusted and can’t follow the rules? I hope he works out and plays well and keeps his nose clean, because he’s got a once-in-a-lifetime shot here. Time to grow up and BE SMART!

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